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World's Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner

World's Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner

Get from Firebox
Shared by mojoshorthouse
7 months ago
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At last, you can clean your house like the rich and famous

Who are we kidding? You'll get one of your many servants to use it

Ideal for red carpets, yacht decks and stretch-limousine interiors

Shiny 24k gold plating – probably needs its own cleaner Who

cares about a discount if you can afford this you don't need one.

What do you think of this Firebox deal?
SteveMate7 months ago

Can anyone lend me a tenner? I'm a bit short.

mojoshorthouse7 months ago

Where would you like me to send it Henry Rules

Steph7 months ago


HolidayPirate7 months ago

Shiver me timbers! Fine booty! Hornswaggle ye way for this, tis the only way an old salt can get some

mojoshorthouse7 months ago

Yeah! I think I will stick with Henry

Deepak7 months ago

Wow - This is probably the most expensive deal we have so far :(

sunshinemum2 months ago

Product not available at the moment. Well, saves me £800,000 ;-)


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