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Dungeon Keeper (Origin) For PC

Dungeon Keeper (Origin) For PC

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Shared by Dread
8 months ago
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Origin's Free On The House game this month is the classic Dungeon Keeper. Grab it while you can.

Being the Dungeon Keeper and all, this is your home, too. And it's your business to take these loathsome creatures of darkness and hone them into screaming, frothing, clawing forces of destruction. You lure them in with food and the promise of dank and fetid places to sleep. You keep them in line with the back of your hand and the threat of dire consequences. You pit their scaly hides against the best that the Forces of Good can muster, and they die for you as they rip steaming entrails out of the hapless heroes.

It's a degenerate and nasty job... And you love it. Yes, home its where you heart is. In a box. Packed in salt. That's right--Dungeon Keeper, Bullfrog's classic dungeon management strategy, gives you no extra credit for having any morals. After all, the underworld isn't black and white!

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