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You Can Now Find Cheapest Prices on Facebook Messenger

April 17, 2018, 4:00 PM

You can now search for the cheapest prices for any product on the Latest Deals Facebook Messenger Bot.

How to start the price comparison tool

  • Join the bot by going to the Latest Deals Facebook Page
  • Press 'Send Message'
  • Then type 'Price' and press enter or send
Once you type 'Price' and press enter or send, it will then ask you a question

You just type what you're looking for, "Chanel No 5", and then it will show you some options:

It will point you in the direction of the cheapest prices

The price comparison tool is a work in progress.

Kelsey, your tech whizz, has been developing this for six months. You are at the forefront of deal-hunting technology!

It's rough around the edges but I hope you can see the vision and where it's going. Over time, it'll get better and better.

Give it a go in Facebook Messenger now

  • Type 'Price' and then press enter or send
  • Then type the product you are looking for, e.g. "GHD Styler"

The tool tracks the prices of 636,000 products from 2,000 retailers. It's a huge amount of stuff and you should think of this (at the time of writing) as a 'beta' version. That means you should expect some bugs and errors.

We're giving this to you for free and it's part of our Master Plan:

  • To be the world's best deal hunting community by -
  • Connecting the best deal hunters together
  • Creating the best deal hunting tools

It works best with specific products

Search for "nice fragrance for a Friday night dinner with friends" and you won't get much. Computers are very stupid.

Search "Chanel No 5" and you'll get much better results. At the time of writing, it's built for specific product searches.

Beauty products, electricals, technology, video games and more

It also works well with video games
Here you can see the price difference for a popular video game

The future plan is to integrate these prices into the Latest Deals website. You will be able to search for a product on the site and get the best prices along with deals found by fellow members.

To get started:

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