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Holiday Costs Drop in 40% of Popular Destinations

January 16, 2018, 8:00 AM
  • Strength of the pound means holidays will be cheaper
  • Package holidays expected to be more popular this year
  • Long haul destination costs fall while Europe gets more expensive
  • America is the most cost effective holiday destination
Brits will find that their holidays will cost less this year. Image: Getty

Holidaymakers will see the prices in popular holiday destinations are cheaper compared to last year, as the pounds grows in strength against other currencies.


According to data from the Post Office Travel Money, Uk holidaymakers will see lower costs on things like food and drink in 40% of popular holiday destinations.

The fall is driven by the pound’s year on year gains against 70% of currencies in these destinations.

Long haul destinations were found to be the best value compared to staying closer to home.

Prices have fallen by 36% in Dubai, 31% in St Lucia, and 27% in New Zealand.

Excluding flights and accommodation, Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach resort was found to be cheapest, followed by the Japanese capital Tokyo as the cheapest long haul destination.

Elsewhere in Europe, prices rose by 17% in Nice, and 42% in the Costa de Sol, making them the most expensive European holiday destinations in the survey.

In America, the pound has strengthened by 9.4% against the dollar, making in the most cost effective this year compared to last.

If you're booking flights with Ryanair, make sure you're aware of its' new rules on hand luggage.

Andrew Brown, of the Post Office Travel Money, said, “This year’s results are a mixed bag.

“Holidaymakers planning trips to long haul destinations will benefit from big price falls that will help their travel cash to stretch further.

“The Far East looks great value right now- especially Japan, Vietnam, and Bali- as well as several Caribbean Islands.

“The clear message is to do your holiday homework before booking to be sure of a good deal.”

Research also suggested that this year will see a big increase in the numbers of people booking package holidays.

Almost two thirds of consumers will book, or will consider booking, a package holiday this year, citing convenience and ease of budgeting as the main reasons.

This is an increase in package holiday booking from 2017, when less than half, 45%, of holidaymakers booked this type of holiday.

Package holidays are generally cheapest when going to traditional holiday locations, and staying for seven, ten, or fourteen days.

If you are planning on booking a package holiday, here are some tips on how to get it cheaper:

  • Book last minute- the best bargains on holidays can be found when you book in the last few weeks before the holiday dates. Companies will offer huge reductions to try and sell spaces on package holidays. Although this will save you money, there will be a more limited range of flights and hotels on offer than booking in advance.
  • Book early on- if you want a bigger range, book as early as you can ahead. TUI (previously Thomson), First Choice, and Thomas Cook all do early bird discounts on package holidays, so look out for these if you’re booking your summer holiday.
  • Shop around- Once you’ve found the package holiday that you want, check other travel agents and websites to see if they will do it cheaper.
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