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Money-saving Mum Creates Kitchen Island For FREE Using Old Drawers

October 14, 2021, 1:00 PM
  • Kym Brookes, 30, really wanted a new island but didn’t want to splash out
  • Instead, she repurposed an old chest of drawers
  • Using DC Fix and wood glue, she got her island - and all for free

Splashing out on a new kitchen is one of the most expensive parts of doing up a house.

But one mum brought clever money-saving to a whole new level when she managed to kit out her kitchen with a new island - all without spending a penny.

Kym Brookes, 30, a mum of two from Staffordshire, really wanted a kitchen island - but instead of spending hundreds or even thousands on a brand new one, she decided to make her own using an old chest of drawers.

Kym told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: “I've always wanted a kitchen island but they are not in our budget at the minute.


“I had an old chest of drawers in the hallway that we stored shoes in. As I was starting a new position that required a working from home space, I thought I'd make use of the old drawers as the only space I could put a desk was in the hallway.

“I decided to cover the drawers with white DC Fix that I already had from when I wrapped my kitchen cupboards. I used wood glue and screws to secure my table top to the top of the drawers and added legs for extra support using the base from my dining table.

“To build it, I cleaned all the surfaces ready for the DC Fix to be applied. Once I was happy with that, I applied wood glue to the top of the drawers, placed weights on top and let it dry overnight.

“The next day, we used the base of our dining table to create the legs.

“I did have to saw a little off each as they were a little too long for the height of the island.

“Once we got them to the right size, my partner drilled two holes through the table top in each corner so we could incorporate screws for added support.

“I then proceeded to cover the table top and screws with the DC Fix I'd used on the drawers for a more seamless finish.

“My family love it - I sent my mum some pictures after I had completed it and she is now on the lookout for a set of drawers so I can create the same in her kitchen.

“It took two days to complete and it cost me nothing as I already had everything at home!”

Kym couldn’t be happier with her new island, and is especially pleased that it didn’t cost her a penny to build.

“I love it now it's finished and it makes my kitchen feel so much bigger. The island also brings the added bonus of extra worktop space for when I'm cooking for my family," she adds.

"When I was looking at purchasing a ready made island, I looked at kitchen stores, ebay and so on, and they all ranged from £250 up for a new island.

“So I was stoked that I had managed to create this for free as I had everything i needed.

“Even if you don't have spare drawers, have a look on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace, as you may be able to get some for free or at a very low price.

"I like to try and recycle as much as I can with furniture as we don't have the biggest budget to do up the house.

“We bought it three years ago and it's a slow process, so I think if you can make something you already have better, then what's the point in buying new?

“I'm quite a creative person, but don't worry if you're not - you can get all sorts of ideas from Pinterest or YouTube to help you with any DIY ideas you might have.

“I received lots of support for my creation when I posted it on Facebook, which made me love it even more!”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, comments: “A kitchen island is a sought-after piece for the home, but they’re certainly not cheap to buy or to install.

“However, Kym has found a genius way of reusing her old chest of drawers and making herself a brand new island - and all for free.

“Throwing away furniture isn’t just bad for your wallet, it’s bad for the environment too.

“Before splashing out on expensive new items, take a leaf out of Kym’s book and have a look around your home, or ask friends or family for old bits of furniture that you could repurpose.

“Not only does upcycling mean you’ll have a totally bespoke piece, but it’s also proven that DIY is good for your wellbeing, as it decreases anxiety, helps you disconnect from your devices and it also increases your sense of self-reliance. What's not to like?!”

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