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Mum creates incredible bouquet of flowers for just £12 using Poundland wool

March 24, 2020, 12:00 PM
  • Dulcie Avery, 51, made a forever bouquet for her mum using Poundland materials
  • The wool bouquet cost just £12 and Dulcie can’t wait to give it to her mum
  • Dulcie provides tips to do the same

If you didn’t get to spend Mother’s Day with your mum this weekend due to the lockdown currently enforced in the UK, you might be saving your present for the next time you see her.

And one craft-loving mum had the perfect gift for her mother this year.

Dulcie Avery, 51, a mum-of-one from Birmingham, decided to knit a forever bouquet of flowers for her mum that would always be as pretty as the first day she made it - and it cost just £12.

Dulcie, who works for Sainsbury’s, told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: “The idea just came to me when Mum showed me her latest bit of knitting. Mum loves knitting so I thought I would get her wool, but I wanted to give it to her in a way that's not boring.

"I bought the wool, held it in my hands and thought it looked like a bunch of flowers and that was the lightbulb moment: I could present the wool like a bouquet!

"I looked for tips everywhere and didn't find any so I went off to my crafting room and started creating."

Dulcie used budget items such cellophane, Poundland wool and paper leaves to make the flowers realistic yet affordable.

“For the bouquet, I used garden canes for the stems as mum has plenty of knitting needles but they can be used instead.

“I hot glued buttons on the end of sticks to keep the wool on and made paper leaves which I attached to some wire.

“I arranged like a bunch of flowers and tied the stems with wool. Once the bouquet was made and tied together, I covered the canes with ribbon.

"Then I wrapped the whole thing using tissue paper and cellophane, and tied it all off with a bow made from floristry ribbon.

“It cost about £12 for materials.

Dulcie says the bouquet has been a big hit and that she can’t wait to give her mum the gift after the lockdown is over.

"My work friends loved it,” Dulcie adds. "I have ended up making a few for some other mums!

"Sadly I couldn’t give it to my mum on Mother’s Day as she is in the vulnerable category and my parents live in sheltered accommodation. Because I work with the public it's not safe for us to visit. But I will share it with her once it's safe to visit.

“I spoke to mum on Mother’s Day on the phone as I couldn't visit due to her being in the vulnerable bracket. She said that she wasn’t going to break it down straight away and that she'd leave it as a bouquet for a while. I knew she would say that!

"I haven't seen any made like I have and I have looked a lot, so I’m going to make some different styles of baskets and boxes."

Dulcie also says that during these difficult times, getting involved in arts and crafts is a great escape.

“For the past 18 years I have worked for Sainsbury’s - it’s a very difficult time for us at the minute,” she adds.

"I have a very handsome son Samuel, who's 15. His dad - my husband - died suddenly 14 years ago. It was a very sad time for us.

"My crafting is my escape from life. It helps me lose myself in thoughts and calms me. I enjoy being creative and studied needle craft at school. I'll have a go at anything.

“As I work on the tills at Sainsbury’s, it helps me calm after a stressful shift.

"Crafting is a great way to keep you and your kids busy and learn new crafts while at home because of the coronavirus!”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, comments: “In these stressful times, it’s scientifically proven that indulging in a craft or doing something productive and creative can lower your stress and anxiety levels.

“As Dulcie shows, you don’t need to spend a fortune to create an amazing one-off piece such as this wool bouquet.

“Get all the kids involved to have an entire family break from Netflix!"

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audrienaylora year ago

Great Idea I would never have thought of going that. Well Done.

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