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New 'Millennial' Railcard Announced - Everything You Need To Know

November 21, 2017, 12:00 PM
The UK Government has announced an new 'Millennial' railcard. It will save you money on the train. But how old do you need to be and how much will it save you?
The railcard will save money for up to 4.5 million young people. Image: Dan Rozier

Chancellor Philip Hammond will announce on Wednesday’s Budget an extension to the current 16-25 railcard.

The new card will be for ages 26-30, and has been dubbed the ‘Millennial Railcard’, which will be separate to the current one for ages 16-25.

Here are all the details to help:

How old do you need to be to get the new Millennial railcard?

People aged 26-30 will be applicable for the Millennial railcard.

This will benefit up to 4.5 million people who are in the age bracket, saving them money on their commutes, and aims to bring the cost of living down for young people.

When is the Millennial railcard available?

It will be available from Spring 2018, and is expected to cost about £30 for one year of use, the same as the current young persons railcard.

How much will it save me?

The card will give travellers a third off of their train fare, including on Oyster cards, however this does come with restrictions on what services can be used.

Similar to the existing 16-25 card, the discount won’t apply to season tickets, and the third off won’t be valid for on-peak tickets that are under £12.

Stephen Joseph, head of the Campaign for Better Transport, said, “Having a wider young person’s railcard would be welcome. But we need much more reform of the fare system than that- particularly this year when inflation is high.”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk said, "This is brilliant news for young people but frustrating for those unfortunate enough to have just had their thirtieth birthday.

"Rail fares are eye-watering in price and take a huge chunk of your income. Anything that can help reduce this is a welcome addition.

"However, the railcard seems to be a mere plaster on a bigger issue: the rising cost of living and the lack of wage increases. It helps some, but not all, and certainly does not address the bigger issues people and families face."

The news comes during Black Friday, when many travel companies are offering discount fares. Ryanair has reduced flights and Virgin Trains is giving cheaper tickets.

over a year ago

Hopefully you'll be able to do the same trick as the 16-25 year old rail card and purchase 3 years just before your final eligible birthday!

Ceebersover a year ago

There are some great savings to be made through rail cards for all ages. I was sincerely hoping for better from this chancellor.

over a year ago

What kind of things were you hoping for?

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