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Broney Gadman dreamt of bringing the original American bagels to the UK. Thus, New York Bakery Co. was founded. He wished to share his passion for good food with numerous other English people. Gadman’s aim was to bring the flavours of New York to England. The bagels of New York Bakery Co. are given round shapes at the very first. Then they are dipped into boiling water. At the very end, the bagels are moved to the oven for the process of final baking.

 These bagels are baked on stones to give them a better crust and colour. New York Bakery Co. has the aim to bake the finest chewy bagels with soft centres. The Original New York Bagel is their prime product. New York Bakery Co. is passionate about bringing every bagel of theirs to the tables of people globally.

 They are ardent about baking authentic bagels that would be of exceptional quality too. The label wishes to provide its customers with lots of options. This would make them conveniently make a choice amongst these according to their taste. All over Europe, New York Bakery Co has become a respected name. 

Ranges to Consider When Buying New York Bakery Co. Products

Bagels. New York Bakery Co. aims to manufacture authentic bagels only. The Original Bagels in this range can be consumed with both sweet as well as savoury toppings. These are apt for breakfast. The soft and chewy New York Bakery Co. bagels are low in fat too. Both vegetarians and vegans can consume these. Their bagels do not have any artificial flavours or colours either. They are available in the taste of Cinnamon & Raisin and Red Onion & Chive. There’s also a Wholemeal Version of the bagels and another covered in sesame seeds. 

Bagel Thins. People who prefer thin bagels would love this range of New York Bakery Co. These bagels have less than 130 calories in each one. Thin bagels are also a good source of fibre. The thin bagels are absolutely suitable for those times when people are looking for a lighter lunch. The thin bagels are pre-sliced as well. These are available in the flavours Original, Soft Seeded and Tomato & Herb. 

Gluten-Free Bagels. New York Bakery Co. has also introduced a category of gluten-free bagels. These bagels are suitable for freezing. They have also been packed individually to be convenient for consumers. New York Bakery Co.’s range of gluten-free bagels is available as Original and Seeded. 

Deli Bagels. In this category, the bagels are inspired by the ones made in Delis. The specially made bagels in this range are available in the flavours of Sourdough, Deli Four Cheese and Deli Loaded Everything.   

Where Can I Get Cheap New York Bakery Co. Deals.

ASDA. ASDA is a widely popular UK-based chain of stores. One can get a great range of New York Bakery Co. products in various flavours here. Some of the most attractive ASDA deals, vouchers, offers, and discounts can also be obtained at Latest Deals. 

Tesco. Tesco is a retail company based in England. Their collection of products are vast as well. People can easily find New York Bakery Co. products amongst this huge collection.  Latest Deals has plenty of Tesco discounts, vouchers and deals.

Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury remains one of the top-most leading retailers based in the UK. One can get their preferred New York Bakery Co. bagel amongst Sainsbury's vast collection. Latest Deal also has plenty of top-rated Sainsbury discounts, offers, deals, and vouchers. 

Morrisons. Morrisons is one of the UK's famous retailers. People can spot a good variety of New York Bakery Co. products at Morrisons. Latest Deals also carries some of the most exciting Morrisons deals, discounts, offers, and vouchers.

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