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Working Tesco Vouchers and Promo Codes for November 2019

Enjoy Tesco shopping for less. Here is the latest Tesco voucher code found and shared by our community of bargain hunters. Save on your groceries, your online shopping as well as Tesco Direct. Tesco sells everything from food to electricals, DVDs to clothing. Here are coupons, promo codes and discounts codes you can use to get an extra saving. Plus, find a free delivery voucher to stretch your budget even further.

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£1.00 Off
Loctite Liquid Superglue 3G£1.00 off any Loctite SuperglueEnter the code GRT47J at the online groceries checkout at tesco.com/groceries... Read more
£1 off
Home & Garden
13th May

How to redeem Tesco vouchers?


  • Select the voucher of your choice here at LatestDeals.co.uk and head on to Tesco.com
  • Sign to your account or register for one in order to begin shopping
  • Select the corresponding offer for your voucher and click "Add". You can also shop for other items you want.
  • When you're done shopping, click the "Checkout" found at the top right corner of the page to proceed to the checkout process.
  • Choose your delivery option, fill in the required information and then click "Checkout".
  • Review your details and click "Proceed to payment".
  • Enter your parment details.
  • Just below you will see "Use Clubcard vouchers and eCoupons" and a box where you can type in or paste your voucher code. Click "Use code" and your total will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Click "Confirm payment" to finalize your order.
  • Enjoy your discount!

Other information

  • I used to shop in Tesco a lot, then I went to the low cost rivals but I use them more now as I find there fruit and veg reasonable and it lasts longer than the cheap retailers. I've used a few washing powder vouchers, lady was more interested in chatting to my baby so she took them no problem. k54321b
  • My experience with Tesco is poor. After being a member of Clubcard for numerous number of years, I decided I am going to ditch Tesco. Their customer service is appalling, I complained once on three seperate occasions about out of date produce, and said it would be rectified. I then checked and hadn't. Their food qaulity is poor, and very short date. My local store always seems not to stock the value range, hence having to spend more money to buy an alternative or go without. This on average puts my shopping bill up by £10.
  • Perks used to be great, however they have become poor. The local stores are shoddy, nor very tidy or welcoming and my overall experience of Tesco is poor. I have tried many times to try to understand companies have issues, but when it becomes a regular basis and same issues occur even after speaking to customer service to resolve my queries. I feel they are not taking their customers opinions and matters seriously enough.
  • Only perks I find with Tesco is the Clubcard rewards even these now are poor after taking off the promotions they used to do. Mummyk
  • I shop with Tesco because I live close by with it's superstore. It open 24hrs and 7days a week. It has everything (almost) that I need. The prices are ok, and they send me money off vouchers. I usually received £4-6 off for purchase over £40 which is a great deal. I also collected the points for days out. I stop doing online grocery because the click collect is no longer free Apiapiaba
  • Tesco is one of the two supermarkets that I mainly use. It’s a bit further of a drive for me but I’ll often make the trip because of the prices. I like the majority of the own brand range and even prefer it to some branded products. The store I visit has large aisles which make shopping so much easier and it has a lot of variety including clothing. Service there has always been impeccable which does help towards encouraging a return visit. They send money off vouchers regularly (although I rarely remember to take them) emsterific
  • Tesco offers many choices of food, beverages, toys, stationery and much more. This is why I find Tesco so convenient. It’s a 25 minute walk from where I live and only a 5 minute drive so it’s easy enough. If you don’t drive, our Tesco in Mold has a Taxi office right next to it. Tesco also has click and collect and a pharmacy which is a bonus for anyone wanting an easy life. It’s open until late although our Tesco is not a 24 hour supermarket any more. My favourite thing about Tesco has got to be the Tesco finest meals! A main, side, desert and a bottle of wine (or other choices) for two people for only a tenner! You can’t possibly go wrong. Becky3012
  • To be honest I don't shop in Tesco much anymore I find their prices for a normal weekly shop too expensive. I do you them occasionally when they have deals on, i got my grandson a pram, highchair and travel cot for just over £100 so when they do deals they are great i saved a fortune, they are also good for Easter Eggs and chocolates too they run some food deals just to expensive for grocery shopping but I do like their customer service and click and collect they have always been great to me 🙂 ❤ SRFMLY
  • I used to do my main shop at Tesco but over the years I've found them to be more expensive than the rest. I still go in for special offers and my vegetables as they seem to last longer than other places. The club card rewards have gone down hill also as I use to save them up for Christmas when you use to get 4x the points. My view of Tesco now is it's over priced and only thinks about profit not there customers. ZoeTaylor
  • I love Tesco because I because shop both in-store and online, they have competitive prices, great offers and voucher codes. I have used vouchers and never had a problem. There is a wide range of products both store brand and known labels so you have a lot of variety to choose from. zararoberts86
  • I have been a loyal Tesco customer for over two decades. My local stores are so welcoming & the staff are a huge reason why it is so pleasant to shop there. They are always ready to answer questions & provide a positive shopping experience. Last year one of their staff even went to the trouble to drive 20km to my home in order to return my mobile phone that I had lost in their car park. I thought that pretty remarkable.
  • I find Tesco's own brand products (Finest & Everyday) great value & quality. They keep sugar & salt contents low on their own brands & the ingredients & nutritional labelling is very clear. The selection of locally sourced, fresh fruit & vegetables is excellent. All meat & poultry products are clearly marked as to source & there is an emphasis on stocking local producers. I often use Tesco gift cards in store & my only quibble is that I would love to be able to use One4All or other generic gift cards.
  • I tend not to buy many branded products so I don't have much use for the coupons booklet in my loyalty card mailings. I do use my loyalty vouchers to top up my phone credit. Their boost scheme provides great value & choice & is one of the best supermarket loyalty rewards schemes out there. GrainneNi
  • I have mixed opinions of Tesco. The vouchers are good but only the cash ones. All other vouchers are not useful to me and irrelevant to my shopping habits. The double up offers are good for day trips to merlin attractions. I had a Tesco Credit card for a while and that helped me gain a few more Clubcard points but as it was a fixed short-term interest rate I stopped using it. Tesco shop itself is very overpriced and generally I only shop in Tesco for branded products or if I pop in to a Tesco express as I prefer the prices in Lidl. LaurenScarlett
  • I can't say I have a bad experience with Tesco. I really like it I do shopping from Tesco sometimes gave a very good deal's and also like because I collect points that I can use for my Christmas gifts. Plus point is that I have 3 Tesco near me I'm lucky enough after 8pm when they really have the deal 😁 just love shopping at Tesco JoJoG
  • I tend to find Tesco fairly expensive. I Did go recently and the majority of the freezers were empty. No idea why as they were working as they had some bits in. I generally only do Tesco now at Xmas when I've saved up my club card vouchers which helps a lot. So Tesco for me tends to be for specific things. Which is a shame. I feel it's gone downhill from what it was. funwithlisa
  • Tesco - Customer Service has been pleasant and always happy to help. There's quite a few in my city and always love browsing through their clothes/homeware section. If I could I'd go to the big stores more often, but as it's the other side of my city (4 buses in total to get there and back), it's quite a distance. I don't do a full grocery shop as it's a quite expensive! ScotsChick
  • We don’t have a Tesco in town but we go to the nearest one when we have a £3 off £20 voucher or there is a good cashback deal. Mostly the staff are very pleasant, particularly the younger ones. We had a bad experience last time with a supervisor who would not let us use 2 Princes discount codes, even on 2 separate transactions as ‘she had seen us together’. I filled in the customer survey online and my comments were taken very seriously and I had an email from the customer service team, and then a phone call from the store manager. I was very impressed, as I was just making an observation, not a complaint. Grannyclock
  • Love Tesco been shopping for years now, I started using the app so I can check out the savings.. I’ve not had a delivery from them as our local one closed down but use a small shop near my home. They always have offers on and quite reasonable, but like receiving my vouchers through the post or on my app to use on my next shop. Counter service is good no trouble. DawnBailey
  • Im not a fan of Tesco I think compared to other supermarkets its quite expensive, I pop in to the local Tesco express and have a reward card but I don't earn many rewards as not doing weekly shop there. I find the staff knowledgeable and helpful and really friendly so makes my shopping trip a pleasure. sarahtwinmom
  • I shop at Tesco Extra a few times a month. I like that they have quite an extensive clothing range and how good the sale prices are on the clothes. The quality of the food is quite good and the staff on the counters are knowledgeable and helpful. The stores are clean and parking is always ample. However I am rarely impressed with their cafés. Cold food and unhappy staff on too many occasions means I tend to not stop for a coffee unless a caffeine hit is vital! Generally the staff are friendly and helpful, the click and collect is smooth and easy, Tesco Clubcard vouchers and promo codes are fantastic - I save them up and use them at Xmas to purchase things for the Xmas Eve boxes for my family. Overall I'm a satisfied customer. kellyknight
  • Tesco has a lot of great quality products, but it's just a shame about the price. It is often quite expensive compared to other supermarkets generally. Having said that, sometimes it can offer cracking quality products at low prices - I would just like to see more of it. I always find that the staff is friendly enough and are always willing to go the extra mile to help out. Just as customer service should be 🙂 I've also found that they offer great schemes, such as the old Orchard scheme and they're always looking for extra ways to help the local communities. MrJarrodNoonan
  • I have a huge Tesco extra at the bottom of my street so I go down most days and some nights too, I love there own brand items, I think they are mostly really good quality at a lower price, I have stocked my freezer repeatedly the last few weeks for only a few pounds as there reductions have been so good, I like there Florence and Fred range too the clothes wash well, wear well and are well fitting and stylish, there home-ware section can be great for picking up pretty much anything you need to furnish your home, there are always plenty checkouts open and the staff are friendly and helpful Nikki2017
  • I used to be a regular shopper at Tescos but they lost my custom as I found them to be getting very pricey especially on food stuff. Whilst those prices were going up I thought the quality of the meat especially left a lot to be desired and very over priced. Their toy sales in the run up to Christmas were very good value though. jacquis
  • I am a regular shopper at Tesco. I have attempted to use vouchers there on many occasions and have never had a problem. Their service is usually very good and if I ask for help I am usually helped in a friendly manner. My local store is quite small and doesn't sell a huge variety of items but staff are always on hand should I need anything. All vouchers are accepted and staff know exactly how to process them. I find Tesco to be competitive in price and sometimes deals are cheaper elsewhere, but overall I am very pleased with my shopping experiences with Tesco. ReviewerOfSorts
  • To me Tesco’s are ok , I feel that they could deduct more with their brand matching with other stores as I use the supermarket comparison site every week for my shopping and for past few months it’s actually been beaten by Asda by about ten to fifteen pound a time ! That’s a lot of money when u are not able to work due to disability , they do have a wide range of stock and pending on what type of store it is have a nice selection of clothing too. I do save the vouchers on my club card for xmas and use the odd vouchers they send when I haven’t been shopping for a while to entice me back. That’s the one up-man-ship that they have over Asda their club details. The staff are pleasant at mine and I must say there is rarely anything going wrong there. BerniBrennanAll
  • I like Tesco because of the great choice of items. Online click and collect is really glitchy and slow signing in is problematic and you wait ages for an item to be delivered to store. cathjg1978
  • Tesco is the shop I would use as a 'top up' shop, I do not do my main shop here as it is still pricier than other supermarkets. I do find they are good for household buys however such as small electrical items & household cleaning products. I use Tesco direct often to purchase clothing as they frequently do sales and you can get some excellent every day wear for reasonable prices. I find Tesco staff to be friendly on the whole & the stores wherever you go always appear to be very clean & tidy. The cafe is a little overpriced so I do not use it often. SandyRhodes
  • I mostly order online from Tesco, though I do pop in to do a top up shop now and again. It’s very quick to find what you want to add to your shopping list. The delivery charges are reasonable and sometimes they put them on for bargain prices if you don’t mind your shopping arriving at 11pm. The delivery drivers are always polite and friendly. In-store my local one has a good selection of clothes, toys, homeware and of course food. They do yellow sticker reductions and this is great for saving some money. Staff at the checkouts are very helpful and click and collect is quick and easy. I will continue to use Tesco regularly. Freebiesarefun