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eBay Cards Against Humanity UK Edition (FREE Delivery)

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Shared by BoganBattler
a month ago
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Great price for Cards Against Humanity UK Edition on eBay with free delivery.

Brand new (sealed), this seller is doing them for £16.99 with delivery.

At the moment Amazon is selling them £20.99 on Prime, so a fair bit cheaper.

I imagine many people are looking to buy this for Christmas. It's a sick game. In the best of senses haha.

Perfect gift and also loads of fun to play with friends and family over the holiday period.

Lots don't know this but Cards against humanity also has expansion packs (more cards / jokes) that cost about £8 each.

Take a look on eBay and see whether it tickles your fancy.

Toma month ago

Haha! I'm surprised this wasn't on LD already! If anyone would still prefer to buy Cards Against Humanity from Amazon rather than eBay here's a link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00DTXYCOU/

Kelseya month ago

Love Cards Against Humanity but worth getting the UK version - I've got a few of the American/generic expansions and whilst 90% of them are great I'm a little lost with some of the American references!

I've a soft spot for the BATMAN!! card :grin:


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