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Bargain Hunter Reveals eBay Secrets To Find MASSIVE Deals

30 November 2017, 9:00 am
  • Tom Church, "Britain's Favourite Bargain Hunter", reveals eBay secrets
  • How to use 'sniping apps' and find misspelt listings
  • Maximise your Nectar points
  • eBay’s little-known official outlet stores
Find some great deals on eBay in time for Christmas. Image: Getty

Tom Church was declared "Britain's Favourite Deal Hunter" by TopCashback in 2017. Here, on LatestDeals.co.uk he reveals his top eBay tips for bagging a bargain.


Search for local bargains with BayCrazy.com. You type in your post code and it reveals auctions within a close proximity ending soon.

It's always worth having a look and often there is no minimum letting you get items for just 1p.

Sniping Apps

Shoppers can download an app that helps them ‘snipe’ the best deals on eBay.

Sniping is when you swoop in at the last minute to grab a bargain, and is a great way to get a last minute deal.

Apps make this much easier and saves you time finding items which are about to end.

One of these apps, Lastminute Auction, pinpoints which auctions are ending within the hour as well as being under £1, so you’ll find the cheapest deals.

Users will have to take some time to sift through the listings to find what they want, but you can also search by keywords and your clothing size.

There is no guarantee that you’ll win the listing, but this gives you a good chance to grab some good bargains.

Another trick similar to this is to look for auctions that end in the weekday, rather than at the weekend, as less people will be online looking for a deal.

Get Nectar Points With Your Purchases

Shoppers can get points on their Nectar cards with their eBay bargains, which they can then spend in other stores to get other Christmas deals.

To do this, you’ll just have to link your card to your eBay account, and then you can use points earned in other shops, or on eBay vouchers.

Nectar have also done deals in the past, like offering 10 times the normal Nectar points on ebay, so shoppers should keep their eyes peeled for more offers like this.

Find Misspelt Listings

Shoppers can make great savings by searching for a listing with a spelling mistake in it, as it won’t come up in most people’s searches.

Sites, like BayCrazy, Fat Fingers and Auction Misspellings, go through thousands of items on eBay that have been spelt wrong in the listings, and therefore don’t come up in eBay’s normal searches.

The sites help you uncover these hidden gems, simply by typing in the item you’re looking for, and then they find you the ones that are spelt wrong.

Most people won’t search for these items, so you can get them cheap and with little or no competition from other bargain hunters.

eBay’s Outlet Stores

Did you know that eBay has official outlet stores from retail giants like Argos, Currys, and Dyson, as well as loads more?

Argos has an eBay outlet store selling refurbished and returned items. (Image: Getty)

Shoppers can find some great deals here, on products that aren’t always available on the retailer's website or in stores.

The items are generally left over stock from the stores, and can have huge discounts of up to 80%.

Shoppers also don’t have to worry about bidding in an auction for the deals, all the products will sell for the price set by the retailer.

Unlike many other eBay products, they are generally all brand new and in perfect working order.

The outlet stores also have sales on, this year brands like Argos and Currys took part in Black Friday, including on the eBay site.

As an extra bonus, products bought from these outlets will also contribute to Nectar card points, so you’ll be saving money instantly with your purchases, and in the future with the points.

Got any more tips for saving money this Christmas on eBay? Post them in the comments!

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LD Hunter
over a year ago

Some great tips here. Many thanks Tom

over a year ago

Great tools and tips 😃

overutopiaa year ago

I use Argos and Currys outlet stores on eBay all the time. Some cracking bargains to be had.

sarahpaton75a year ago

Great tips.. thank you

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Worth knowing, thanks

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These are some fab tips, I will certainly give these a go! Thanks for sharing 😊

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Well....lets see how many bargains we can get here today!! 👍😃

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Thanks, this is good to know

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Really nice of you to share these awesome tips .. much appreciated thankyou 👌

Eljay19878 months ago

Everything I purchase, apart from groceries it bought on eBay. I wish I found this post earlier 😤 better late than never, thanks 👍👍

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