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Best student broadband deals

Are you a student looking for the best student broadband deals? Latest Deals is here to help you find the best broadband for you! Learn how to choose one, what is available at the moment and even how to split the bill with your roommates without any drama!

What is student broadband?


Student broadband is a type of broadband package designed for students. There are some differences when compared to standard broadband packages. 

Student broadband accommodates students' needs. Students are known to live in shared houses for a shorter period of time. 

First, student broadband is usually offered with a shorter contract. The most common length is a 9-month contract. This gives students the flexibility to move houses without stress. 

Second, student broadband speeds are usually faster, starting at around 35Mpbs. The standard speed in the UK is 10Mpbs.  This gives students a reliable internet connection shared between roommates. 

Finally, student deals usually come with freebies and extras, making these packages more interesting when compared to others. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Student broadband deals are not available all the time. Some broadband providers have specific sales for students around the start of the academic year. The only provider that has an on-going student broadband deal at the moment is BT Broadband. 

Best Student Broadband Deals

We research all available broadband deals. Below you will find a comparison table.

The student broadband comparison table is sorted by contract length. We find that students want as short-a-contract as possible, which is why we have prioritised this in our rankings.

ProviderTypeDownload Speed (Mbps)Contract (Months)Line RentalMonthly CostFees
DIRECT SAVE TELECOM BROADBAND Fibre - Copper Cable351Excluded£34.95£24.95
HyperopticFibre - Copper Cable501Not Required£26.00£29.00
HyperopticFibre - Copper Cable1501Not Required£32.00£29.00
HyperopticFibre - Copper Cable5001Not Required£42.00£29.00
HyperopticFibre - Copper Cable9001Not Required£52.00£29.00
Virgin MediaFibre - Coaxial Cable541Not Required£38.00£35.00
Virgin MediaFibre - Coaxial Cable1081Not Required£44.00£35.00
Virgin MediaFibre - Coaxial Cable2131Not Required£50.00£35.00
Virgin MediaFibre - Coaxial Cable3621Not Required£56.00£35.00
BTFibre - Copper Cable369Excluded£27.99£39.99
BTFibre - Coaxial Cable509Excluded£31.99£29.99
BTFibre - Copper Cable679Excluded£33.99£29.99
Now Broadband ADSL1112Included£18.00£0.00
Now BroadbandFibre - Copper Cable3612Included£21.00£0.00
Now BroadbandFibre - Copper Cable6312Included£21.00£0.00
John LewisFibre - Copper Cable3612Included£25.00£0.00
PlusnetFibre - Copper Cable3612Included£25.99£10.00
PlusnetFibre - Copper Cable6612Included£27.99£10.00
HyperopticFibre - Coaxial Cable5012Not Required£22.00£0.00
HyperopticFibre - Copper Cable15012Not Required£29.00£0.00
HyperopticFibre - Coaxial Cable50012Not Required£35.00£0.00
HyperopticFibre - Coaxial Cable90012Not Required£40.00£0.00
BTFibre - Copper Cable3612Excluded£24.99£39.99
BTFibre - Coaxial Cable5012Excluded£29.99£29.99
BTFibre - Copper Cable6712Excluded£31.99£29.99

Some deals are exclusively available for students. You may need a University email address to be eligible for them.

We have only included broadband packages with a download speed of at least 30mbps, but pay attention to setup fees.

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Why choose a student broadband deal over a normal broadband deal?


As just mentioned above, student broadband deals are not available all the time, except for the ones offered by BT Broadband. So, even if you want to choose a student broadband deal over a normal broadband deal you won’t be able to unless it’s the academic year

The best broadband deal for you, student or not, is the one that fits your needs. If you learn how to choose correctly, you will be able to get the best option at an affordable price. Learn more about what to take into consideration when choosing your broadband. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If there are more options available for student deals, it is always better to get them. You get the benefits of contract length, freebies and extras that providers tend to give to students. 

How to choose a student broadband deal? 10 things to consider when choosing yours


To choose a student broadband deal you will need to pay attention to some important points:

  • What speed do you need? 
  • What contract length suits you better? 
  • Do you want to get home phone and cable TV packages with your broadband? 
  • Is there a broadband deal available in your area? 
  • Are there any freebies or extras? 
  • How much does it cost? 
  • What is the type of broadband? 
  • Are there any upfront costs? 
  • Are there any cancellation fees? 
  • Do you want to have your credit checked? 

1. Speed


You need to make sure you get the right speed to be able to download and upload content to the internet. If you are going to do study work and streaming you need fast broadband. Also, if you are going to share your internet with roommates, you need even more speed. You will need a minimum speed of 50Mbps to be able to work comfortably with your broadband sharing with a person or two. The more people you are going to be sharing your internet with, the more speed you will need. 

2. Contract 


It will depend on how long you are planning to stay in that address. If you have a one year lease, it’s better to get a one year contract. Make sure you don’t get a contract that is longer than your lease, this could end-up in fees to exit the contract earlier. One of the biggest differences between standard and student packages is the possibility of getting a 9-month contract. This is good if you know you won’t be spending summer at your university. 

3. Bundle 


Are you going to get a bundle? If you are going to use a phone line to do international calls, it can be worth adding this to your student package. Also, if you have a TV and like watching live TV, you might want to add a cable package. This will be a cheaper option if you actually use the phone and watch the channels, otherwise, there are other options much cheaper. 

4. Availability 


Student deals are offered at the beginning of the academic year, so you need to be searching for a good deal in September. However, some providers are not available in all areas. You will need to check with your broadband provider to see if the package is available at your postcode. If you are looking for a place to rent, make sure you ask beforehand what type of internet service you can get at that location. 

5. Freebies and extras 


Student deals usually come with some freebies and extras, and you can take these into account when you are making your decision. 

6. Price 


Choosing by price is better done when you see the total value per contract. So make sure you add any extra fees and multiply the monthly value by the length of the contract. As a result, you have a better idea of how much you will be spending in total. If you are going to share with your roommates, divide the amount by the number of people sharing it. 

7. Types of broadband 


The best type of broadband for students is fibre because it’s faster and more reliable. But you can also choose ADSL, which is an older type of broadband and more suitable for a single person. You could also get mobile broadband, which is perfect if you don’t want to share it with anyone and move around a lot. We will talk more about it below. 

8. Upfront costs 


There are so many broadband package options that you can find a good one with no upfront costs or lower ones. The most common upfront costs are delivery and installation fees. 

9. No cancellation fees


If you see a deal that is longer than you want, check if there is a cancellation fee. If there isn't a cancellation fee, it can be a good deal. If there is a cancellation fee, see if you can afford it. 

10. Credit checks 


Most providers are going to run a credit check when you get a contract with them. If you don't want a credit check, you will need to choose a provider that doesn't do credit checks.

Mobile broadband: is this the best solution for students? 


If you don’t know how long you are going to stay at the same address and if you don’t want to share your internet with your roommates, the best solution is to get mobile broadband. Keep in mind that mobile broadband is not as reliable as cable broadband and you will need to get unlimited data to use it more comfortably.

Which providers offer student broadband deals?


Some providers, like BT Broadband, offer specific student broadband deals, others don’t. The best way to know when a student deal is available is by checking for deals during the right time. 

For students, this is at the beginning of university terms, when the schools are reopening to receive their students, usually in September, January and April. Make sure you mark these dates on your calendar to look for any sales. 

Most broadband providers have some good deals, regardless if it’s only for students or not. You will be able to find a good deal for you! Check out some of the best broadband providers in the UK below: 

BT Broadband 


At BT Broadband you can get a 9-month contract for an average of £30 per month. You can choose between Fibre Essential, Fibre 1 and Fibre 2. The internet speed will range from 36Mbps to 67Mbps. If you are going to share your internet with one or two other students, get 67Mbps. 

Sky Broadband 


Sky Broadband can be an excellent choice if you are looking to get a bundle that includes cable TV packages. Also, Sky knows that the competition is high, so at the moment you can find a great deal.

Virgin Media Broadband


Virgin Media has some exclusive deals due to its technology. With Virgin Media alone, you won’t need a rental line because they don’t use BT infrastructure. Virgin Media has its own cables and it’s more modern resulting in the fastest broadband you can easily get at the moment. If you are looking for accessible fast broadband speeds, this is the provider you want.If you are sharing these with roommates, it’s super cheap for the best in the market.

EE Broadband 


EE Broadband has some good options but for students who are looking for longer contracts. If you are 100% sure that an 18-month or 24-month contract is the best option for you, go for it. If you have a mobile phone with them, you get a discount. 

Vodafone Broadband 


Vodafone Broadband also has some good options, but like EE, its offer only works for students who want a long-term contract. If you have a mobile phone with them, you also get a discount. 

TalkTalk Broadband


TalkTalk broadband is only a good choice if you can commit to a longer period of time. If you are happy to get a 18-month contract or even a 24-month contract, you can find a good deal there. Make sure you get committed for the full period otherwise you might spend some extra money to end the contract earlier. If you have a mobile phone with them, you get a discount. 

Plusnet Broadband


If you are not looking for a fast broadband speed, you can find a cheap deal with Plusnet. If you are someone that is only planning to send and receive emails, to do online banking, to read the news, to write papers on Google Doc, to do basic internet research, to read books online, to do some online shopping, and to check and post on social media, this can be a great deal. Also, this is only suitable if you are going to live on your own or are not going to share your internet with anyone else. Plusnet is also well-known for its excellent customer service and reward cards.

Hyperoptic broadband


If you are a heavy internet user that loves to game, maybe this is the best package for you. This is one of the fastest internet available in the UK and at a competitive price.This is essential for a student house with gamers. Keep in mind that this is still very restricted to some areas. 

John Lewis broadband


John Lewis also offers broadband packages. If you are already a John Lewis customer, this can be advantageous. All packages come with a phone plan as well. 

How to get a cheaper student broadband deal? 


If you want to get a cheaper student broadband deal, you can use some of these tips: 

Tip#1 Get a package with unlimited data, otherwise, you could end up spending more money if you go over the data limit. 

Tip#2 Pay for your deal upfront, and you can get a good discount. Even more, if you are sharing the cost, having it paid totally can ease your mind. 

Tip#3 Go for paperless billing as some providers charge you more to send the printed bill. Make sure you create a shared email address where everyone can access and check the bills. 

Tip#4 The prices can go up after the first year of the contract. Then you know it’s time to haggle or to switch! Never pay more for the same service! 

Tip#5 If the cancellation fee is affordable, it can be worth it to get a longer contract. Always check for the cost by taking everything into account.

How to split a student broadband bill


If you are going to get a student broadband package with more students, you will need to split the monthly bill accordingly. To avoid problems in the future, we have some tips: 

  1. Pick the most reliable and organised person to have the contract under their name

 Make sure that the person that is signing the contract is reliable and organised, as you will be depending on that person to have internet access at the chosen address. If the person fails to pay, the internet provider might cancel the service and fees will be applied. 

  1. Get a shorter contract or go contractless

You never know if someone is going to change their mind and decide to move somewhere else. To avoid an unexpected increase in your share, get a shorter contract. This way, you know you can get a cheaper plan if anything goes wrong. 

  1. Get a prepaid card to do the payments 

You can use a prepaid card for direct debits. A way to be extra organised and make sure you have a piece of mind is to charge the whole contract upfront to everyone that is going to share. This way you are 100% sure that the bill will be paid and money is saved and protected in the card for all the debts throughout the contract. You can also negotiate with the provider if there are any discounts or extras if you pay in full upfront. Lastly, the person that signed the contract can get the prepaid card, then it's all in one name. 

With these three simple tips, you can avoid problems in the future and guarantee to keep the friendship with your roommates. 



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