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How to save on BT

Do you want to save on BT? Latest Deals has gathered all the information you need to save money on your next or current BT package. From broadband to cable TV and home phone, you will learn how to save the most!


What is BT? 

BT is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the UK and the world. BT controls the UK’s landline network, which provides both ADSL and fibre internet. Virgin Media is the only other company which also has its own infrastructure.

Advantages of BT 

  • BT claims to have the most powerful wifi router in the UK, called Smart Hub. 
  • With BT you can get Complete Wifi, this is a wifi booster giving a stronger signal. You can get more than one booster to place in different rooms. 
  • You can get reward cards to spend on high street shops and online when you sign-up for a new deal with BT. 
  • BT also has five million wifi hotspots available for customers, helping them get online wherever they are. 
  • BT comes with virus protection software.
  • BT’s customer service has positive reviews, so you know you will have an easier time when you are haggling in the future. 
  • BT has created some great Cable TV packages, which are perfect for existing broadband customers.
  • You can get access to BT cloud storage to back up your files at a reasonable price and sometimes it’s even included in your BT package for free.
  • All BT broadband packages come with unlimited broadband. 
  • BT cable TV packages can be more affordable than other providers. 
  • BT has a Stay Fast Guarantee, if your internet speed is lower than the guaranteed one, you can claim back £20. BT has its own broadband speed checker, which you can use to keep track of your internet speed. 

Disadvantages of choosing BT 

  • BT Broadband speed is not the fastest. You will get a range of 29Mbps to 51Mbps, lower than Virgin Media and Sky. 
  • BT cable TV packages come with mandatory broadband. You can’t get a cable TV package without getting broadband on BT. 
  • BT landline plans are expensive compared to other providers, which can add to your monthly bill. 

What does BT offer? 

BT offers broadband in two types, ADSL and fibre. BT also offers cable TV with BT Sport and many other channels. With BT you can also get a home phone and a mobile phone. 

Broadband Packages at BT 


At BT you can get both ADSL and fibre packages. We recommend getting fibre broadband, you can learn more by clicking here. BT also gives you the option to have a landline telephone. At the moment, this doesn't change the prices. 

BT fibre broadband package options 

Fibre EssentialFibre 1 Fibre 2 
Speed guarantee29Mbps 41Mbps 51Mbps 
Price£24.99 per month£27.99 per month£29.99 per month
Contract24 months24 months24 months
Set-up fee Zero (usually £9.99)Zero (usually £9.99)Zero (usually £9.99)

How fast is BT broadband?

BT broadband provides a guaranteed speed ranging from 29Mbps to 51Mbps. If you are not sure if this is fast enough for you, read our article “How to choose the best broadband deal for you” and find out if you are a light, moderate or heavy internet user. 

Broadband packageAverage download speedAverage upload speed
Fibre Essential 33 - 36 Mbps8 - 9 Mbps 
Fibre 146 - 50 Mbps8 - 9 Mbps 
Fibre 2 59 - 73 Mbps 17 - 18 Mbps

Gig1 Fibre with BT

At the moment, BT is not offering Gig 1 Fibre. You can get this type of internet with Virgin Media. Check out more about what Virgin Media has to offer here. 

Cable TV Packages at BT 


You can get six different cable TV packages with BT. Classic Entertainment, Sport, Big Sport, Entertainment, Big Entertainment and VIP. The problem with BT cable TV packages is that you need to mandatorily get broadband with them as well. 

You also get landline rental with pay-as-you-go calls. Keep in mind that you will need to pay for a TV licence as well when buying these packages. Learn more about them below: 

BT cable TV package options 

ChannelsFreeview, BT Sport Channels and more 
Broadband SpeedYou can choose between Fibre Essentials, Fibre 1 and Fibre 2 (this will be added to the price)
Price£18 per month
Contract24 months
Set-up fee£41.99
Big Sport
ChannelsSports package + Sky Sports Channels 
Broadband SpeedYou can choose between Fibre Essentials, Fibre 1 and Fibre 2 (this will be added to the price)
Price£43 per month
Contract24 months
Set-up fee£41.99

 IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you check our article on How to save on Sky and BT TV to see what is the best option for you when it comes to sports channels. Both companies have monthly passes, so depending on your watching habits, they could be a cheaper option. 

How to save on Sky Sports? 

The cheapest way to get Sky Sports at the moment is by buying a Now TV monthly pass, for £34.99. You don't have a contract and you can cancel anytime. 

How to save on BT Sport? 

The cheapest way to get BT Sport at the moment is by buying a monthly pass, for £29.99 You can get this monthly pass via Now TV and in other places. You don't have a contract and you can cancel anytime. 

ChannelsFreeview, Sky Entertainment Channels, Now TV Entertainment Pass and more 
Broadband SpeedYou can choose between Fibre Essentials, Fibre 1 and Fibre 2 (this will be added to the price)
Price£20 per month
Contract24 months
Set-up fee£41.99
Big Entertainment
ChannelsEntertainment Package + Sky Cinema Channels, and Now TV Sky Cinema Pass 
Broadband SpeedYou can choose between Fibre Essentials, Fibre 1 and Fibre 2 (this will be added to the price)
Price£30 per month
Contract24 months
Set-up fee£41.99
ChannelsBig Sport Package + Big Entertainment Package + everything in full HD
Broadband SpeedYou can choose between Fibre Essentials, Fibre 1 and Fibre 2 (this will be added to the price)
Price£76 per month
Contract24 months
Set-up fee£41.99

Home Phone Packages at BT 


BT offers three different options for landline plans. If you are getting a cable TV package, you automatically get free landline rental to pay as you go. The other two options are charged extra with your broadband if you choose to have landline rental or cable TV + broadband. 

BT home phone package options 

Landline packagePrice Line rental 
Pay as you go£26.35Included
700 minutes £34.35 per monthIncluded 
Unlimited minutes £44.35 per monthIncluded 

Going contractless with BT: how does it work? 

At the moment, you can’t go contractless with BT, you will need to get a minimum contract of 24 months. 

What is the cheapest way to get BT?

The cheapest way to get BT is by getting the Fibre Essential package as your broadband option and the Classic Entertainment package as the cable TV option. In total you will pay £24.99 + £10 = £34.99 per month. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: this comes with a pay-as-you-go landline package for free. 

Is it worth getting a broadband deal with BT?

It depends on what broadband speed you are looking for. If you don’t mind not having the best broadband speed available on the market, it’s worth it. This is even more true if you are planning to get a cable TV package with BT as well. 

Is it worth getting a Cable TV deal with BT?

Yes, but only if you are getting broadband as well. This is because they come together. BT has some great cable TV packages for anyone looking for BT Sport channels and the same channels Sky offers. 

Is it worth getting a home phone deal with BT?

Not really. BT landline packages are expensive and can add a considerable amount to your monthly bill. If you are someone that likes talking on the phone, you can get a cheaper deal with other providers. This is only worth it if you are getting a cable TV package which includes a pay as you go landline package for free. 

How to save on BT? 7 tips to haggle with BT


Tip #1 Only pay for what you need 

It can be very tempting to get more channels, broadband speed or landline minutes than you need. Make the most of what you are paying for. Before calling BT, check what you have been using. If you haven’t been using everything you are paying for, you can ask for a cancellation. You never know if they can give you these extras for free for a period of time. 

Tip #2 Make sure you have all the information you need before calling BT 

You need to gather as much information as possible before calling BT to make sure you know what you are talking about and to negotiate. The more detailed you are, the better. They will see that you have done your research and you have more chances to persuade them.

Tip #3 Be aware that BT’s contracts are for 24 months

If you are planning to get a new BT package, you will have to commit to 24 months. It will take you two years to be able to haggle for a better deal. Before you sign-up for anything, make sure you are 100% content with your choice. 

Tip #4 Try to haggle before signing-up for a new package 

As mentioned above, you will be tied-up with BT for 24 months. This is a long-term commitment and because of that, you MUST haggle before signing-up for a new package. This is the best way to make sure you are getting the best deal you can. Gather your information, compare with the competitors and negotiate. 

Tip #5 Be careful with changes in price after a certain period of time

Please note that some BT packages prices change after a certain period of time. You need to take this into account before signing-up for a deal. If you sign-up for a deal initially on sale, you won't be able to negotiate a better price. It may be better to try to get a fixed price throughout the whole contract period, then you know what to expect. 

Tip #6 If you can’t pay less, try to get something for free 

You've already spent your precious time calling BT’s customer service, so if you can't get any discount, try to get something for free. You could say you want to try some of BT’s other services. You can ask for more channels, more speed or more minutes, for example. The more specific you are, the better. This will show you know what BT has to offer and are really considering expanding your packages in the future. 

Tip #7 Make sure you are using all the BT’s resources to complain when you have a problem 

The more you complain throughout the contract the better chance you have to get what you want. BT has a page where you can send complaints. Make sure you are registering all the problems you experience, it doesn't matter how small they are. Do the complaints online, then you can keep copies and use them in the future for haggling. 

If you liked these 7 tips, make sure you check How to save on BT’s article to learn more about how to haggle as a new customer and existing customer. 


How do I contact BT? 

The best way to contact BT is by this free phone number: 0800 917 0510. This line is available from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. You can also reach out via email address depending on the type of query. Access their contact page for more detailed information. 

How do I reduce my BT bill? 

BT gives you the flexibility to reduce your BT bill. It’s important to keep in mind that you won’t be able to cancel your contract, but you can get a cheaper package. The best way to reduce your BT bill is by getting the basic packages. As mentioned before, you can get the Fibre Essential package as a broadband option and the Classic Entertainment package as a cable TV option, in total you will be paying £24.99 + £10 = £34.99 per month.

Depending on your situation, you might be able to cancel your cable TV package and only stay with your broadband package. If that’s the case, you can just invest in paid streaming services or watch online movies and TV series for free. To reduce your BT bill as a new customer, you can try to get an active voucher for BT deals at Latest Deals. 


How do I cancel and leave BT? 

You can cancel and leave BT at any time after your contract is expired. If your contract is still active, you will probably need to pay an exit fee. To cancel and leave BT, reach out to their customer service. See above for the customer service number.

When does my BT contract end? What should I do then? 

You can find out when your BT contract expires by the confirmation email you received on the day you got your deal. It’s important not to delete this email. If deleted, you can also access your BT account and check from there. When your contract is about to expire or expired, you need to haggle for a better deal. Use some of the tips we gave you above. We also have an article with more tips on how to save money on BT. 

Are you tired of BT? What to do if you want to switch providers? 

If you tried to haggle and nothing happened, you can potentially find a better deal by switching providers. To switch you will need to find first another provider. Read our article “How to choose the best broadband deal for you” and pick the best one that will attend to your needs the best. If this new provider is Virgin Media, you will need to contact BT to cancel your plan. If your new provider is any other than Virgin Media, you won’t need to cancel with BT. Your new provider will do the process for you. It’s easier than you think, all you have to do is to find a better deal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: this process is easier if your contract is about to expire or expired. If you are still under an active contract you might need to pay an exit fee. This will depend on your situation. 



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