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How to save money at Aldi

Do you want to save money on your next visit to Aldi? It doesn’t matter if you are shopping in-store or online, Latest Deals has gathered all the information you need to make the most of your Aldi shopping experience. Learn how to save money on your Aldi grocery shopping with 10 ways and much more.

What is Aldi?


Aldi is a German discount supermarket chain with more than 10,000 stores in 20 countries. The chain is owned by two German families. The brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht founded Aldi in 1946 after taking over their mother's store. In 1960, Aldi was separated into two groups, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd, which controls different parts of Germany and countries. Aldi Süd also owns Trader’s Joe, one of the most popular supermarket chains in the US. 

Where is Aldi? 


You can find Aldi in Europe, the United States, China and Australia. 

How many Aldi stores are there in the UK? 

Aldi arrived in the UK in 1990 and today you can find more than 800 stores spread out all over the UK. Aldi wants to keep growing in the UK market and by 2025, Aldi expects to have more than 1,200 stores around the UK. Aldi has also plans to grow its online shopping. 

Where is my nearest Aldi?

You can find your nearest Aldi by its store finder here. 

Aldi Opening Hours


What time does Aldi open? 

Most Aldi stores open around 8 AM during weekdays and on Saturdays. This can change depending on the location or if it’s a national holiday. 

It’s very common for supermarkets in the UK to open later on Sundays, usually, around 11 AM. 

Most stores are different so check with your local branch first.

What time does Aldi close? 

Most Aldi stores close around 11 PM during the week and on Saturdays. This can change depending on the location or if it’s a national holiday. 

It’s very common for supermarkets in the UK to close earlier on Sundays, usually around 5 PM.

Most stores are different so check with your local branch first.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most stores are different so check with your local branch first.

When planning your next Aldi visit, take these opening times into account. Especially on Sundays, where you can find the doors closed at different times.

How to save money at Aldi? 10 ways to save money on your Aldi shopping 


Do you want to save money at Aldi? Latest Deals has selected 10 ways to save money on your Aldi shopping: 

  1. Specialbuys, Specialbuys and Specialbuys 

If you don’t know about Aldi’s Specialbuys you are missing out on great products with even better price. Every week, on Thursdays and Sundays, you get a chance to buy products on sale within the same theme. This works similar to Lidl’s Middle of Lidl. You also can find out about them weeks ahead, so you can get organised. The best part is that most of these items are available online, so you don’t need to leave your house to enjoy Aldi’s bargains! Read more about this and find out what are the next products on sale here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can get notifications about these products via app. You can download Aldi UK’s app here for Android and here for iOS. 

  1. Super 6 & Super Weekly Offers (12 new offers every week)

Every week at Aldi, you can get 12 new offers on vegetables,fruits, meat and fish. This can be useful if you are meal planning for the week. Make sure you go online to check them. 

  1.  Apply to join Aldi’s wine club 

If you are a wine lover, you can apply to join Aldi’s wine club. Every three months, Aldi selects 30 people to join its wine club and receive free wine at home, three bottles, to test and to review on their Twitter’s personal account with the hashtag #AldiWineClub. You can find more information about this here.

  1. Shop online and enjoy the free delivery

If what you are looking to buy is sold online, make sure you get it online, it will be cheaper than going to the Aldi store. You avoid the stress of parking (and spending fuel) or taking public transportation. Most of SpecialBuys are available online and many other products which you can buy in bulk, such as alcoholic beverages and coffee pods. 

  1. If you are trying to eat healthily, Aldi has some of the best options 

Aldi is full of healthy food options. The best range for healthy food is the Foodie Market, where you can find nuts, seeds, dried fruits and more. You can also get nut butter, healthier snacks, quinoa, couscous and healthier kinds of pasta. 

  1. Look for the reduced stickers 

At Aldi the reduced stickers are red and you can get 50% off the marked product. Just like Lidl, you will have better luck if you go early in the morning. They put the stickers out at 7 AM. Make sure you are early to enjoy some bargains! 

  1. Aldi is famous for its dupes, so look for them 

Aldi has some of the best dupes - cheaper alternatives to expensive branded items. For example, its beauty brand called Lacura, which has “copied” some of the most famous products you find at Boots or Superdrug, for example. You can also find many food and drinks items and even Jo Malone-style candles! 

  1. Sign-up for Aldi’s newsletter 

Like Lidl, Aldi has also a newsletter that gives you access to exclusive deals. Make sure you sign up today. You can find more information about this here. 

  1. Plan your meals with Aldi’s recipes and save more money 

Aldi’s website is full of recipes and this can be handy if you are shopping there. Most of the time, we spend more money on food, because we don’t know what to eat and end up ordering in. Check out more than a thousand recipes here and plan your next week of meals. 

  1. Check Aldi’s reduced section online 

If you go to Aldi’s website, you will find a tab called reduced, you can access it here. There you will find more items on sale and even select them by price. This little trick can help you to save money if you need to buy an unexpected gift for example, and don’t want to spend too much money.

How good are Aldi stores?


According to Which?, Aldi has a 7.1 grade (out of 10) regarding the overall quality of its physical stores.

Aldi is considered the best supermarket when it comes to value for money, getting 5 stars out of 5. 

Which? Reported that the overall quality of its own-label products and fresh products is average, it doesn’t lose anything for the competition but it’s not the best one.

Aldi still uses a lot of plastic for its packaging, but the company is trying to change that in the future. Read more about its corporate responsibility regarding recycling and sustainability here. 

Which is better, Lidl or Aldi? Which is cheaper, Lidl or Aldi? 


Lidl was created to copy Aldi, and last year in the UK, it was awarded cheapest supermarket in the UK by Which.co.uk. Therefore, at the moment, Lidl is cheaper than Aldi. But Aldi has a better evaluation than Lidl (via Which.co.uk), so Aldi is better overall. Aldi also invests more to bring different food and drinks products, for example, its vegan range. Read here our guide on How to save money at Lidl. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: These two supermarkets are good and you can find some good deals on both. We recommend visiting both Lidl and Aldi to make the most of their products and prices. 

Aldi’s Own-brand Food Ranges


At Aldi, almost all products sold are own-brand. When they aren’t own-brand, they are from a brand that’s only sold there. At Aldi, you can find fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and poultry, fresh and frozen food, food cupboard, bakery, drinks and much more. We have selected some of its food ranges: 

  • Foodie Market Wholefoods Range

We mentioned above that Aldi can help you with a healthier diet, and the best range to buy from is the Foodie Market. If you see this label, you know that you are getting a wholefood product and you will be able to make a nutritional meal for much less. 

  • The Pantry 

If you are looking for affordable baking supplies, Aldi is the place to go! You can find bread making kits and cake mixes. You can also get healthier sweeteners and much more! 

  • Aldi’s Vegan Food — Plant Menu 

Aldi has invested a lot to bring a good range of vegan food. There you can find lots of different vegan products and the best part is that they are all less than £2 each. You can eat a vegan diet without worrying about spending more money. The range is called Plant Menu and includes frozen options, ready meals and much more. 

  • Aldi’s Free From 

Aldi also has a free from food range with items free of gluten and dairy. Aldi’s oat milk is a highlight. 

Sales Dates at Aldi 


Aldi has its own sales dates with new offers every week. You can usually find new offers on Thursdays and Sundays there. 

When is Aldi Black Friday? 

Aldi Black Friday is usually on the last Friday of November. 

When is the Aldi Baby & Toddler Event?

To know when the next Aldi Baby & Toddler Event happens, you need to check Aldi’s website and social media channels. They can happen anytime and are found at the Specialbuys section in-store and online. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Aldi also has its own baby brand Mamia, where you can find some good products for babies and toddlers. Another good deal at Aldi, it’s its Online Toy Event.  

What Gift cards does Aldi sell?

Aldi sells customised gift cards, which you can buy online here. You can choose to gift from £10 to £500. You can also get Christmas Gift cards during the holiday season and charity vouchers. 

Alcohol at Aldi 


You can find an excellent selection of wines and spirits at Aldi, some of which has won awards. You can buy Alcohol at Aldi in-stores and online, which can be handy. 

What time can you buy alcohol in Aldi? 

At the moment, you can buy it during opening hours at the store you visit or anytime online. 

What time does Aldi stop selling alcohol?

If you shop online, you can buy alcohol at Aldi 24/7. If you are shopping in-store, you can expect them to close around 11 PM during weekdays and Saturdays and 5 PM on Sundays and Bank Holidays. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can find better deals when shopping alcohol at Aldi’s website, the delivery is free for orders over £30.

Ordering Online at Aldi 

Yes, you can order online at Aldi. Aldi’s delivery and click collect services in the UK are still restricted but much better when compared to Lidl that doesn't offer any online shop. 

Aldi’s Delivery 


Aldi has recently created a delivery service, different from Lidl, its biggest competitor. Although you aren’t able to buy everything online, only some products are available at Aldi’s website, usually household items. 

How much is Aldi delivery?

Aldi's delivery is for free if you spend more than £30 and choose the standard option. If you want next day delivery, you will need to pay £3.95. If you are ordering a large and high-value item, you will need to pay £6.95. If you are ordering less than £30, you will need to pay £2.95. For more delivery information, access here. 

What happens if I miss my Aldi delivery?

If you miss your Aldi delivery, the delivery company will try to deliver again after contacting you. Make sure you gave the correct phone number and email address.

 Aldi works with different delivery companies. Depending on which one has tried to deliver to your address, you will need to follow a different process. For more missed delivery information, access here.

How do I get an Aldi home delivery slot?

Due to the fact that Aldi doesn’t sell typical groceries online, it’s easier to find a slot there than it’s in other supermarkets. You just need to fill your cart and checkout. Then, a page with dates and time frames will be displayed. Pick the best one for you! 

Aldi’s Click and Collect


Aldi does offer a Click and Collect service. It’s very simple and easy to use. We explain how below: 

How does Aldi Click and Collect work?

First, you need to choose which store you want to collect from and what time. You will need to pay a £4.99 fee to be able to book it no matter how much you spend. Then, you can fill your cart and expect to collect the freshest options for your order. You can change your order until 11.50 PM the night before your collection slot. On the day of the collection, you will receive a confirmation via email and SMS. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately, Alid Click and Collect is only available for some areas in the UK, usually more residential and with bigger stores. You can check here if this service is available at your postcode.

How do I contact Aldi? 

  • Telephone number: 0800 042 0800

You can call Aldi, Monday to Saturday, from 8 AM to 8 PM. On Sundays and Bank Holidays, from 10 AM to 4 PM.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need more information about Aldi’s customer service, please check it here.

Aldi’s Social Media in the UK

Aldi’s Facebook Profile. 

Aldi’s Instagram Profile. 

Aldi’s Twitter Profile. 



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