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TSB Standing Orders Bounce as Banking Chaos Continues

May 2, 2018, 12:00 PM
  • IT meltdown began last week
  • Bank says orders are going through as normal- customers say otherwise
  • Those affected could face late payment fees
TSB customers have now had problems with standing orders. Image: Getty

TSB customers are facing more banking woes, as many are facing problems with standing orders not going through.

Despite the bank claiming that standing orders are going in and out of accounts as normal, customers are complaining that standing orders aren’t going through.

This is especially problematic, as it is the beginning of the month and the due date for many people’s rent and utility bills.

Those affected could face late payment fees from companies and landlords.


TSB has promised that no one will be charged for overdraft fees this month, yet it has not made a statement on what to do if customers standing orders don’t come out of their accounts.

The bank also hasn’t said if it plans on giving customers compensation for the problems caused.

If you’re affected by this, what can you do?

If your standing order had bounced back to you, try making the payments manually in a TSB branch or via telephone banking.

Make sure to explain that you’re doing this because the standing order has failed, so the bank can prevent the standing order going out later in the day as well.

If possible, go into a bank in person, as many customers have faced lengthy waiting times when trying to bank via the telephone.

If you can’t go get through on the phone and can’t get into a bank, keep track of what has happened with your payments, and submit a complaint to TSB with the details.

For those who think they may be late with payments due to the banking issues, contact the company or organisation that the payment is being made to and let them know the issues.

You may be able to avoid any late fees if you explain your situation.

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