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Malibu Rum 70cl

Malibu Rum 70cl

Malibu’s white Rum base is blended with natural Bajan coconut extract For an exotic twist serve it with pineapple juice and ice Great served with your choice of cola and ice...Read moreAmazon deals
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28th Mar
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Malibu Print T-Shirt

Malibu Print T-Shirt

Add cool Cali vibes to your summer wardrobe with this printed T-shirt. Made from a nepp cotton blend which adds texture and flecks of colour to the pale beige base this crew neck...Read moreMatalan deals
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25th Feb
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Malibu Rum 70cl

Malibu Rum 70cl

Description If you wanna make the best coconut cocktails then you need Malibu Original: the world's favorite coconut flavored Caribbean rum! Blend it into Summer cocktails like...Read moreAmazon deals
21st Feb
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The original Malibu Rum carried the traditional coconut flavor. Nowadays, a diverse range of malibu drinks of different flavors is internationally available.

They claim that the secret behind the exotic Malibu drinks is ‘Sunshine’. The past advertising campaigns of Malibu rum were labeled as ‘seriously easy going’. Since the year 2014, they shifted their advertisement campaign to ‘greatest summer ever’.

They wanted to spread the notion of having an easy-going lifestyle. The first Malibu drink was created to simplify the formulation of the cocktail Piña colada. This brand exclusively promotes responsible drinking.

Malibu’s range of drinks can be consumed for enjoyment, socializing, as well as for pleasure. Malibu has formulated its drinks refined to promote good care of its customers. All their trading activities are focused on the same cause.

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Things to Know About Malibu

The place or country of origin of this brand is in Barbados. The original Malibu Rum was coconut flavored. Today numerous other tropical fruit flavors are available. They include pineapple, banana, passion fruit, mango, and island melon.

Apart from this, they have also developed other blends such as Malibu Fresh and Malibu Red. The Malibu Fresh drink comprises a blend of fresh mints. The Malibu Red drink is tequila. All of Malibu drinks feature a maximum alcohol percentage of 21% except one.

The Malibu Black is a drink that features double strength. The alcohol percentage in Malibu Black is 35%. This drink has been formulated with the blend of Malibu’s original coconut flavor and dark rum.

This multinational and popular brand boasts of some attractive features and diverse flavors. Their drinks are available in bottles as well as in the form of cans. The drinks available in bottles feature 21% alcohol content.

The canned ones feature a lower alcohol content of only 5%. The top Malibu flavors available are Malibu Original, Malibu Pineapple & Malibu Lime. Malibu Passion Fruit is also parallelly well-demanded. The flavors available in Malibu cans are more diverse.

They include 3 additional flavors than the bottled ones. They are Malibu Pear, Malibu Pina Colada, and Malibu Cola. Another exotic Malibu Can drink is the Malibu Fizzy Pink Lemonade.

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Benefits of Drinking Malibu Products

This liquor brand offers its consumers with some good benefits. For instance, they have procured an immense and impressive range of flavors. Malibu is a very advanced liquor brand.

They are constantly improving and innovating new flavors each season or each day. Together with the change in customers’ demand, they are modifying their formulations too.

Malibu’s range of flavored drinks is boosted with good nutritional values. Each and every drink carries a good ratio of freshness in them. With a single sip, one can experience a mood lightening effect. Malibu drinks are an instant stress buster.

The flavors available are Pineapple, Original, Lime, and Passion Fruit. The Malibu Lime flavored drink is a new addition in their collection. The flavors in the Can collection are pear, pina colada, pineapple, and fizzy pink lemonade. The alcohol content in the bottled drinks is 21%.

The Malibu Cans carry an alcohol percentage of 5%. The Malibu Rum Bottles are available in packs of 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml. Bottled or canned they all feature some impressive nutrient qualities.

What Makes Malibu Stand Out From the Rest

Malibu carried some outstanding features. Their products are 100% free of any kind of allergen. Every sip of the Malibu rum is like enjoying a vacation at the seaside. The drinks are refreshing and they also carry a delicious smell or aroma.

Taking into consideration the alcohol content both men and women can enjoy it. These drinks are created to enjoy social gatherings and for spending some good times.

The Malibu flavored Rums can be used to make a variety of mouth-watering cocktails. The top 4 most popular Malibu cocktails include Pina Colada, Ray Breeze, Spritz, and Rose Spritz. 

Apart from being rich in nutritional values Malibu Rums also offers health benefits. For instance, their rum is good for the heart and it promotes a good and healthy heart. It can act as an efficient cure for the common cold. Consuming a small amount of Malibu Rum can instantly heal a sore throat.

Such a saying goes that consuming a tablespoon of rum on a daily basis can lower blood sugar levels. Consuming Malibu Rum in moderation can ease sore muscles. Malibu rum is considered as an effective antiseptic. Their drinks also keep scurvy away.

Malibu has been in good demand for its consumers for decades now. The reason behind their immense popularity is the usefulness they offer. This brand acts as a good choice for anyone who has just started drinking.

The Malibu Can range is for the young drinkers as they feature 5% alcohol. They are also available in a good variety of flavors to choose from. The bottles are also available in sizes of 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml.

The Malibu Drinks act as an immediate stress booster. Malibu is a good choice for making some of the most exotic rum cocktails.

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