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Google Stadia
71% off

Google Stadia

Stadia is Google’s gaming platform that lets you instantly play your favourite video games on screens you already own. Game wherever you have Wi-Fi or Ethernet...Read moreGoogle deals
19th Nov
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Free Stadia Trial

Free Stadia Trial

Get a three month trial of Google's cloud streaming service. Creating a revoult account is easy and you may need to top up 10 pounds but you can transfer it back for free...Read moreRevolut deals
22nd Oct 2020
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Important Facts About Google Stadia:

Developed by Google, Stadia has become a trendy gaming device. Google launched a progressive web application in 2020. It's iOS browser-based for enabling gameplay through Safari. The Google Stadia series has been upgraded for higher performance than ever. It is also supported by 4K HDR support.

One can enjoy playing exciting games with this premium display quality. This gaming device runs all games with crystal clear detailed visuals on computer sets. The users are required to purchase premium quality games while playing on Stadia. They can avail themselves of a Pro Tier subscription. Though the base service for streaming is absolutely free.

Things To Know About Google Stadia:

Stadia is an ambitious creation of Google. It is a beast of a gaming device. Stadia is conveniently accessible through hi-tech Chromecast Ultra gadgets. Stadia can be played in online multiplayer mode. No additional costs are required for it. It also features an experimental mode. This mode has support for those Android gadgets suitable for installing the Stadia mobile app. Publicly launched in 2019, Google Stadia is available in select countries. This device promises to provide the user with an edge to edge experience. Google has gone through a complete technological advancement in creating Stadia. It's deemed as a prime Google creation.

Features Of Google Stadia:

This hi-tech device has been developed with various unique features. Stadia has a screen resolution of up to 4K. It can be perceived at 60 frames/second. The developers believe that 120 frames/second at 8K resolution can be reached too. Google Stadia is a gaming device intended for providing cloud gaming services. It can be played on any supporting device. Though the device requires an internet connection. Chromium support is also much needed. At the launch, the cloud hardware utilized by Stadia was a hi-tech custom Intel x86 processor. Google has also created its own controller for the services provided by Stadia. The controller can be obtained in several colour schemes.

Benefits Of Google Stadia:

Google Stadia has several benefits to its credit. One can instantly play their preferred video games on it. All they would require is a compatible screen. The ever-engaging games can be played with many conveniences at any time. No need for installing or downloads & uploads. Google has also created its own controller for this hi-tech gaming device. People can enjoy high-quality game-playing with these trendy & hi-tech controllers. Stadia is also renowned for providing a marvellous screen resolution. It extends from 60 frames/section at 4K to its double quite conveniently. Users can avail themselves of a Pro Tier subscription for monthly premium gaming. A free variation of Google Stadia is also available.

Specifications Of Google Stadia:

The Google Stadia series has been upgraded for higher performance than ever. It is also supported by 4K HDR support. This gaming device is adaptable to several screens. Users don’t require buying another screen to avail themselves of its service. Stadia is also supported by 4K HDR support. It has a marvellous screen resolution of 4K - 60 frames/second. Stadia is forged on Debian Linux servers. Its graphics API is the renowned Vulkan. On this gaming device, one can play incredibly engaging games. The Google Stadia controller can be obtained in an array of different colours. This controller is absolutely suitable for hi-tech gaming devices.

What Makes Google Stadia Distinct From The Rest:

Google is quite ambitious about this creation. The several distinctive qualities of Google Stadia makes it extremely renowned. It provides an absolutely ideal gaming experience. This popular gaming device is acknowledged for its product quality all over the world. Games will get loaded real quick on supporting screens and run quite smoothly. The Stadia gaming controller created by Google is noteworthy. There are numerous other reasons for its adoration. In a short span of time, Stadia has become a crowd favourite. Google claims that each feature of Stadia is a result of attentive thought.

Advantages Of Google Stadia Over The Others:

Stadia is really stylish and has current technologies as well. The sleek & trendy design and durability is something that makes them stand out. Google Stadia proves that premium quality can be reasonable as well. This premium-quality gaming device is equipped with innovative features. Google states that consumers should expect top-level gaming services when they play on Stadia. Despite being low budget, this device doesn’t compromise with the features. Stadia's team is constantly monitoring trends. It is enthusiastically rebranding itself to achieve the same. The exquisite qualities are what keeps them ahead of their contemporaries. Google Stadia has become a prominent name all over Europe.

What Makes Google Stadia Useful:

Google Stadia is modifying itself according to the growing trends. This esteemed label has forged a loyal customer base. Their commitment to ensuring the finest customer experience is what makes them trustworthy. Through their years of expertise, Stadia has become an impactful force. They are extremely inclined to serve people. Their objective is to come up with innovative creations that would be engaging for people of every age. The premium gaming experience of Stadia makes it a prime choice amongst Scandinavians. This engaging hi-tech gaming device is also available at a low cost. Stadia focuses on committing wholly to its consumers. Their priority has been to fulfil customer expectations in every regard.

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