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Important Facts About Toni & Guy

In 1963, the first-ever Toni & Guy salon was opened. Toni & Guy faced some good struggles during the ’60s. In the ’70s this brand started seeing some popularity. Their name was published in the National Press as well as in Trade Journals all throughout London. During this time they even shifted their business to one of the most eminent places in London, i.e., in the famous West Land. It was also during this time when the brand name became immensely popular and highly rated in South London. Immediately next, the world tour became a critical part of this brand. They traveled, they self-taught themselves and they showed off their talent to each place they traveled to.

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Things to Know About Toni & Guy

By the ’90s the number of owners of this brand increased in number as the children of Toni & Guy joined the business. After 40 years of constant business, Toni & Guy entered its new era in the 2000s. The grandchildren stood to be a gem for Toni & Guy’s business. Together with their modern viewpoint and different ideology they enabled the brand to rise. In 2010 Toni & Guy celebrated its 50 years of success. Through their years of hard work today, this brand stands out having cultivated a unique heritage of its own. Today Toni & Guy has become the leading hairdressing company Internationally.

Features of Toni & Guy

Toni & Guy features multiple hairdressing products. Whatever be one’s hair concern, this brand has exceptionally got the cure for the same. Today they have a huge stock of all things exceptional. This brand has got in store unique solutions for each and every one. Irrespective of your race and sex their hair solutions work for all. Toni & Guy exceptionally understand how wonderful it feels to have great hair. They also understand that both men and women love having great hair. Parallelly they have designed and curated their immense range of products. Coloring your hair and feeling glamorous without an iota of damage has never been this easy before. 

Benefits of Toni & Guy

One is guaranteed to get some exceptional benefits when they opt for this hairdressing brand. One can explore Tony & Guy’s range of exceptional hairdressing accessories. Toni & Guy has also got in stock a vast range of other brands and their great products. Over the years this brand has seen multiple phases and walked its way to success. The sole reason being the unique quality of their products. The customers have forever trusted this brand and chosen it over and over again. Thanks to the benefit that every Toni & Guy product offers from the very first usage.

Specifications of Toni & Guy

This brand typically has a wide range of hair care products. These also include numerous haircare electricals, accessories, and brands. Under the haircare range, one can get a good range of sixteen different types. These include Label.M, Label. Men, Kerastase, Nioxin, Redken, Sebastian, and Wella. The others are Moroccanoil, 72 Hair, 3D Hair, Shu Uemera, Pureology, and Source Essentielle. The men’s range typically comprises 4 different products. They are Nanokeratin System, 3D hair, Nioxin, and Label. Men. The electricals comprise straighteners, hairdryers, clippers, trimmers, tongs, wands, and irons. Under the accessories range, a wide variety of brushes, combs, hairpins, ties, and grips are available. Professional scissors, mannequins, mirrors, bags, cases, and spray bottles are also here.

What Makes Toni & Guy Stand Out from the Rest

Toni & Guy carries some outstanding features. For starters, the hair of an individual is first tested in a detailed manner. Next, they are served with the product that suits them accurately. For instance, Toni & Guy’s Kerastase range represents a range of luxury haircare. This range has alone set a new standard for professional hair care. When one uses this range they experience well-being and beauty. The solutions have been exceptionally curated for blondes as well. This range alone has produced 13 different types of combo products. Each type is a whole package for unique hair concerns. 

Advantages of Toni & Guy Over the Others

This international hairdressing brand is a lot more than just offering exemplary products to its customers. Toni & Guy delivers education as well. They believe that one must not blindly believe what they use rather wholly understand the reason behind it. For 50 years, this eminent brand has come up with multiple look books, videos, and DVDs that educate the customers. This process has forever enabled the customers to understand end-to-end about the brand as well as its products. Getting that Hollywood look or professionally styling one’s hair at ease has never been this convenient. 

What Makes Toni & Guy Useful

Toni & Guy stands out to take end-to-end care of one’s hair. From styling one’s hair to giving it life anew has never before been this easy. Coloring and giving a new life to one’s hair is only possible under the Toni & Guy brand name. Their hairdressing and hair care solutions are not only limited to women but extend to men as well. Each year they come up with a new line of products. This brand never stops improving. The group of passionate professionals only aim at offering premium quality products. Toni & Guy believes that every individual deserves to use their products and hence have priced them similarly. 

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