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When you have the proper supplies, knowledge and tools, creating a salon-inspired style at the comforts of is both possible and attainable. Our team of savvy bargain hunters provides hair care deals, cheap hair care products online in the UK for men and women to ensure you find all the right tools and hair care products you need to achieve virtually any style without bending your budget. However, before buying any cheap hair care products or professional hair care products online, you need to determine certain factors like your hair type, as well as learn how to maintain and enhance your hair using both natural methods and store-bought products so that you will get a fresh salon-looking hair. In addition, we have a few helpful tips here on how you can find and buy cheap hair products online to ensure you will not just get the hair products you need, but also find great deals and fantastic savings on salon-grade products.

Where can I find cheap hair care products in the UK?


Here at Latest Deals you’ll find the cheapest hair care products in the UK from popular brands like Schwarzkopf, L’Oreal, Pantene, GHD, Bestope, Philips and Panasonic just to name a few. Get the best possible savings on everything hair care such as hair straighteners, hair curler, shampoo, hair remover, hair grower, hair dryer, hair mask and so much more. Enjoy free hair care product samples as well as massive discounts from the latest sale, offers and voucher codes from the following UK retailers:


Groupon hair care deals include 50% to 90% off on their wide selection of hair care brands like Watermans, GHD, TIGI, Babybliss, Toni and Guy, Remington and Wella. While you can discover a great selection of hair care products at Fragrance Direct where you can shop top brands at great prices. Save up to 65% off on their hair care selection from hair masks to hair treatment.

Explore Amazon UK’s range of hair care products from top brands like L’Oreal, John Frieda, Aussie, Babybliss, Herbal Essences and more. Browse their wide range of shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, hair styling products and tools. Save as much as 60% off with free delivery on selected products and get exclusive discounts if you’re an Amazon Prime member.

Shop haircare at FeelUnique from hundreds of brands including luxury haircare. Get great savings on their 3 for 2 deals on shampoos or enjoy a free gift on selected conditioners and shampoos. If you want the same great quality, freshness and choice you would find in store, buy hair care from Sainsbury’s. They have special offers on a wide range of hair care products wherein you can get a decent savings of up to £2 on shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes, hair oils and hair sprays.

Determining your hair type


One of the first steps to determine the right hair care product for you is to determine your hair type. Having the right high-quality shampoo, conditioner and styling tool will help maximize your hair’s potential. Selecting products should be based primarily on your hair type.

  • Dry hair. Some people’s hair are naturally dry, however chemical treatment, colouring, frequent blow drying and over styling can also lead to dry hair. If your hair is dry, the solution is to add the moisture back that styling and nature has depleted. Look for products that add moisture to hair for more balance.
  • Normal hair. A normal hair has a good and balanced texture. It is not oily nor too dry. But, this hair type can easily be thrown off balance with the use of wrong products. Buy for products that meant specifically for normal hair. Don’t buy those with extra-conditioning ingredients as it will leave your hair looking unclean and oily. While products made to reduce oily build-up can leave your hair too dry and even lead to dandruff.
  • Oily hair. If you hair is naturally oily, you need to frequently wash it to keep it looking fresh and clean. It is difficult to style oily hair and tends to fall limp if you often brush it. Opt for products that are designed specifically for oily hair that contains few conditioning ingredients. Some people with oily hair need little to no conditioning at all unless they’re about to colour or perm their hair. When using conditioners, only add sparingly at the tips of your hair and never the roots.

Control your hair with hair products

Modern styling products provide a wide range of options for transforming the natural look of your hair. Thanks to these styling products, you can totally change your look whenever the mood strikes by compensating for what Mother Nature may not have provided. People who like to change their hair style often may want to keep a selection of products on hand, to provide for a quick change without a lot of fuss. Here at Latest deals, you’ll find a great selection of styling product options for every type of hair with amazing savings such as:

  • Gel to give your hair a wet look or a spiky style.
  • Mousse to add volume to your hair and light style control.
  • Hairspray which you can apply to your hair after styling it to keep it in place.
  • Hair wax to achieve extreme styles that will last all day.
  • Pomade for a chunky look and to eliminate frizz, simply slick back you hair.
  • Styling lotion will protect your hair from the damaging effects of heat styling, relaxing while adding a silky sheen to it.
  • Texturizer is an alternative to relaxers and less potent but can provide some straightening of the curl pattern.
  • Curl enhancer can define your natural curls and eliminate any frizz.
  • Straightening balm protects your hair from damage caused by always using hair straighteners. It will kee your hair flexible and shiny and may control flyaways.
  • Detangler makes brushing hard to manage hair less painful and easier. It will leave your hair with an attractive sheen as well.

If you have allergies, always check styling product ingredients to ensure that they are allergen-free before making any purchase. A lot of products are made with special formulas intended for normal, dry or oily hair. This is another factor that you need to take into consideration when choosing the right product for your hair.

Styling tools


  • For curling your hair you can use curling irons and hot rollers. Soft rollers are an alternative to heat styling and you can even wear some while sleeping so that you will have a head full of curls upon waking up.
  • Use a flat iron if you want to create a sleek, straight and flat hairstyles. While use a blow dryer if you want more volume or combined it with a barrel brush to straighten your hair.

Remember that styling tools can be a big investment, so it is important that you take care of them as well to ensure a long-lasting and quality service.

  • Use cool down or heat mats. Do not lay a curling or flat iron on an unprotected surface.
  • Clean plates of your curling or flat iron after you’ve turned them off and had time to cool with rubbing alcohol or professional iron cleaner.
  • Always style clean hair to avoid any oil buildup on your tool’s surface.
  • Wrap cords loosely and never wrap it around your hair styling tool do avoid damaging its internal components which could lead to electrical shortages.
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