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Cheap Wine

The best wine deals, discounts and special offers

Looking for cheap wine? Our savvy bargain hunters share the best offers here to help you save. Wine from Aldi, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and more plus specialists such as Majestic. Every day we post the best wine deals and information about sales such as the regular 6 Bottles 25% Off at Tesco. You'll see award-winning reds, whites, rosés, prosecco and champagne. Our deals have been featured in the national press such as when there's a price glitch.

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Wall Wine Rack
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Jl Wine Glass Charms
Perfect for cocktails or wine this set of six wine glass charms adds a touch of glamour to a drinks party. They come in six assorted colours to ensure that nobody picks up the... Read more
16th Jan
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Wine Ottaman Feee Delivery
Our large fabric ottoman is soft to the touch with a smooth crushed velvet finish. It's perfect for storing spare bedding towels and clothes and it's also strong enough... Read more
30th Dec 2018
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Wine Bottle LED String
Original price:4.59~5.09 Discounted price:0.92~1.02 Material: PP Plastic and Copper Wire Power Supply: 3 x LR44 Button Batteries (Not Included) Cork shaped fits different wine... Read more
20th Dec 2018
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Wine Bottles Cork Lights,
4 hours left Easy to Install】Flexible copper wire is easy to be bent and shaped easy to make various shapes as you like, you just stretch it out a bit and slip it at the top and... Read more
19th Dec 2018
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Wine Glass Discount
www.mightydeals.co.uk/Home-Garden/Kitchen/National/Wine-Glass-Shaped from 10/12/2018 Deal ends in 3 days 1 hours, 48 minutes and 32 seconds Wine Glass-Shaped Wine Aerators worth... Read more
10th Dec 2018


You can find cheap wine deals here at Latest Deals. Whether you’re looking for a cheap wine or wine case deals, you can get a lot of vino for less ready for any occasion with the latest sales, offers, discounts and voucher codes posted and verified everyday by our team of bargain hunters. It is also important to do a little research first before stocking up in order to get the best deals possible as well as buy the right wine. We have information on the best wine deals on supermarkets on family favourites like Aldi, Morrisons, Asda and Tesco.

Best wine deals at supermarkets

Wine deals in Asda includes 6 bottles of wine for £25. Prosecco may not be included in the offer but Cava is so you can still enjoy a sparkling fill that will surely fit your budget. You can find really cheap wine deals here like their 2 for £9 and 2 for £3 on selected wine brands. Plus the retailer’s surcharge will only cost you £1 if you spend £40 or more. They also have rollback prices on brands like Echo Falls, Merlot, Kiwi Cove and Southern Point.

You can find amazing wine deals at Tesco, from wine case deals to Tesco wine offers 3 for £10. The retailer has wine offers 25 off to 50 0ff on where you can get as much as £66 on higher quality wines like Old Renwick, Faustino, Les Toches Blanches Pouilly Fume, Lelieur Champagne and more. If you want to stock up this early for the holidays, their warehouse clearance is a great way to get amazing wine case deals where you can get 12 bottles of wine for £50. Delivery is usually £4 but you can get it for free upon siging to Tesco Delivery Plan Saver Plan.


Tesco wine clearance

You can also get 25 off 6 bottles of wine at Morrisons. They also have a Buy 2 for £10 on selected JP Chenet, El Rastro, Turner Road, Cono Sur Merlot, Lindenman’s Winemakers and more bottles. You can also save £1 to £10 on Oxford Landing chardonnay, The Wanted Zin Zinfandel, Wm Morrison Pinot Grigio Rose and Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne just to name a few. Depending on the time you want your order delivered, delivery will cost just £1.

What are the types of wines?

🍷 Red wines

  • Cabernet sauvignon: It mixes herbal notes with cassis and dark berries.
  • Carménère: Its unpretentiousness will be loved by individuals who enjoy merlot.
  • Grenache or Granacha: It has that jammy red berry-flawour and most often with spicy varietal.
  • Malbec: A medium bodied deeply coloured red wine that’s fruity.
  • Merlot: This wine offers a mixture of wood and fruit aromas or herbaceous aromas aside from its usual spicy and dark-berry notes.
  • Pinot noir: A moderately complex but subtle wine.
  • Rioja: It is mostly blended from numerous grapes so it might come with each grape’s elements.
  • Syrah or Shiraz: It balances tannins, oak, fruit and acidity with a spicy, possibly wood and fruity assortment.
  • Tempranillo: This wine has plum and berries flaours and aromas as well as hints of leather and tobacco.
  • Zinfandel: A medium to full-bodied varietal that’s well-balanced but highly complex, slightly off-dry to dry and have a finish of medium to long.

🍾 White wines

  • Proseco: a less austere Italian sparkling wine with a more relaxed experience compared to Champagne.
  • Chardonnay: It comes in fruity-style with flavours like citrus, pear, apple and tropical fruits and its woody and buttery chards are emphasized with butterscotch or butter flavours as well as vanillin or wood notes.
  • Pinot Grigorio or Gris: A fairly simple white wine that’s dry with a light body.
  • Albariño: This Spanish wine is great when paired with seafood due to its tart fruitiness.
  • Riesling: A sophisticated dry bottle of white wine that varies in sweetness.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: A normally dry white wine on the acidic and tart side with citrus and tropical notes combined with herbal flavours.
  • Torrontés: A dry white wine with floral and fruity characteristics that goes well with spicy Asian foods, smoked meats and seafood dishes.

🍾 Other wines

  • Rosé: A wine made from red grapes but during the process it has minimal contact with the skin of the grapes making its colour lighter than red wines. Some are sweet with nice fruity flaours while some are leaner and drier with prominent acidity.
  • White Zinfandel: This wine is called blush or a pink rosé because it is made from red Zinfandel grapes and rosé wine and has a simple, soft, and sweet taste and the alcohol level is low. Great to drink with fruit salad and other lighter foods.

Wine labels


  • Vintage: The harvest year of the grapes.
  • Varietal: The type of blend grapes or grape that were used into the wine.
  • Region or Appellation: A reference as to where the grapes were manufactured.
  • Wine name, brand or producer: Some wines use a name or brand while others reference its producer like Robert Mondavi.
  • ABV (Alcohol by volume): Most wine’s alcohol volume ranges from 12% - 16% but there are others that can have as low as 5% or as high as 20%.

Choosing the right wine

Buying a wine is just like buying a book where you have plenty of different options to choose from. Your friend may come up with a suggestions, but not unless you get a real understanding of what to look for, you’re taking a risk on whether or not you’ll love sipping your selection. You don’t need to be an expert though to enjoy a glass of wine or partake in conversations about it. As simple as having basic knowledge or its varietals, vintages, types and tasting notes is all you need. This will allow you to have a closer look at wine list at a family or business dinner and know why a good choice is the

Australian Shiraz.

Choosing the right wine to buy is to opt for a wine that first and foremost tastes good, and secondly fits within your budget. Although, in reality it can be different especially when you’re faced with so many rows of bottles that’s either mysterious or unique, you can get pretty overwhelmed. So in order to help you get the right wine, here are some factors you need to consider:

  1. Flavours you favour. Varietal wines share some basic characteristics. For example, merlots have varying degrees of aromas of ripe fruits like black cherry, raspberry, plum and cassis combined with spiicy or herbaceous notes. However, even within its varietal, wines can also differ because of the characteristics resulting from its process. So do not write off a wine’s varietal just cause of some bottles you don’t prefer as you are yet to experience its range of quality or styles.
  2. Taste attributes. Same example of taste qualities are astringency and bitterness which comes from grape tannins that can depict the full effect of a red wine’s experience that may have an effect on your preference. A wine’s structure on the other hand is a combination of sweetness, alcohol, tannins and acid, which is a wine’s basic component taste creating a sensation in your mouth that’s three dimensional On the other hand, a finish is how long its texture and taste will linger after swallowing the wine.
  3. The food. Rich dishes are complemented with full-bodied wines, while grilled fish and other lighter dishes works well with wines that has a fruity style. Wines which are more complex complements or enhances a wide range of food flavours.
  4. When the wine will be consumed. Consuming a wine right away is fine. However if you will age certain red wines a year or two it could improve and soften.
  5. Expensive does not always mean high quality. A lot of expensive wines are truly outstanding but there are wines which are inexpensive that belongs to the best wines list. On the other hand, there are expensive wines that got mediocre scores on some reviews.
  6. Not everyone is consistent. Even the best of the best can’t produce a quality wine consistently so do not depend too much on consistency.

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