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Xbox One Digital TV Tuner
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Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

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Shared by Dread
7 months ago
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Lowest price around for this.

Enjoy your favorite local channels while you play, with the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner. Snap live TV right next to a game while playing. You can even pause and fast forward playback. And with the OneGuide, your top channels, gaming and entertainment apps, and movies are right where you want them. Simply connect your digital TV antenna or coaxial outlet, and never miss a moment of the action.

Why watch free-to-air on Xbox One?

TV Playback including snap mode

OneGuide: TV Listings

OneGuide: Favourite channels

Mini-guide overlay for basic channel information

"Live-pause" buffering with trick modes (Pause/RW/FF)

Full command and control with speech, Media Remote, controller or SmartGlass

Channel tuning by speech ("Xbox Watch ")

Full OneGuide on SmartGlass with ability to tune channels on Xbox

TV listings indicate which shows are available on demand from OTT providers

"Sling" support to watch TV on mobile or tablet while at home and while playing a AAA game

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AgnesFaludia month ago

9.99 now

Dreada month ago

Thanks Agnes


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