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CHOC SHOCK! Terry’s Chocolate Orange Now 36% More Expensive

November 29, 2017, 10:34 AM
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange 36% more expensive
  • Christmas choccies smaller than ever
  • Bargain Hunters reveal secrets to nabbing one for LESS than £1

Terry’s Chocolate Orange is now more expensive than ever, despite being 10% smaller than two years ago.

Supermarkets have increased the price to an average of £1.78, a comparison by LatestDeals.co.uk reveals.

It’s the latest “choc-shock” after Toblerone ruined its shape and Quality Street is 10.5% more expensive.

A price comparison using Comparasaurus finds Terry’s Chocolate Orange is £1.78 on average.

The official prices listed on supermarkets vary from £1 to a whopping £2.75 at Waitrose:

  • Tesco - £2
  • Sainsbury’s - £1.95
  • ASDA - £1
  • Morrisons - £1
  • Waitrose - £2.75
  • Ocado - £2

Shoppers have expressed their disappointment at supermarkets who are selling it for more than £1.

Sarah Jennings said, “I was in Sainsbury’s and they had a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in the Christmas aisle on sale at full price, £1.95. But if you went next door to Morrisons or Poundland, they had it at £1.”

Matthew Harding said, “It’s a bit stupid because Terry’s Chocolate Orange is one of those things you just know should be £1. When it’s not that price, it stands out like a sore thumb.”

The Grocer, an industry trade magazine for supermarkets, reported on the price hike but came to a lower average of £1.34. It seems they did not include Waitrose who has it listed online at £2.75.

Where can I get Terry’s Chocolate Orange for LESS than £1?

Superdrug 90p with Student Card Trick

Helen Dickinson, a member of the Latest Deals Facebook Group revealed a secret to getting Terry’s Chocolate Orange for just 90p.

She said, “Superdrug.. they are £1 and you can get 10% discount with a student card…”

To get this discount, you’ll need to combine it with the well known trick to get a student card even if you’re not in full-time study.

ASDA 90p with Price Guarantee

ASDA offers a price guarantee: “If we're not 10% cheaper than Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, or Waitrose on your comparable grocery shop we'll give you the difference. Guaranteed!”

Because both ASDA and Morrisons is selling Terry’s Chocolate Orange for £1, this means ASDA is not 10% cheaper. Therefore, they should give you the difference: 10p.

To get the money back in vouchers, you have to enter the barcode of the product on the ASDA Price Guarantee page.

NOTE - In order for your shopping to be eligible for the Asda Price Guarantee, you need to have purchased at least 8 different items, of which at least 1 must be comparable to the above competitors. You’ll also need to have an ASDA Groceries Home Shopping account.

Aldi 99p in-store

SharonB, a member of LatestDeals.co.uk, found Terry’s Chocolate Orange for 99p in Aldi

Discount supermarkets Aldi and Lidl also sell Terry’s Chocolate Orange in some stores. Bargain hunters have spotted them for just 99p.

Lidl 99p in-store

Julianemec, a member of LatestDeals.co.uk, finds Terry’s Chocolate Orange in Lidl for 99p.
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Despite the rising costs of treats such Terry's Chocolate Orange, people are still splashing the cash for Christmas.

Shoppers are buying beer and "paw-secco" for their dogs and spent over £1.4 billion on Black Friday.

However, total Christmas spending is set to drop. For the first time in 5 years, VISA has predicted a fall in consumer spending of 0.1% over the Christmas period.

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Ceebersover a year ago

I always used to receive a Terry's Choc Orange every Christmas without fail. I think they may have got somewhat smaller, but that said I wouldn't turn one away!!!

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