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Mum transforms bathroom for £80 using budget materials like crates and hot glue

February 20, 2020, 12:00 PM
  • Joanna Annakin, 32, renovated her bathroom for just £80
  • Joanna sought out cheap materials from B&M, Ikea and B&Q
  • Crates, rope and hot glue were just some of the unusual products Joanna used

Bathroom renovations are seriously expensive, right? Think again: one clever mum managed to totally overhaul the look of her bathroom for just £80 using a series of inventive materials.

Joanna Annakin, 32, a mum of one and a stock controller from Wakefield, was bored of her bathroom and wanted to transform it on a budget.

Joanna decided to use budget materials such as B&M floor planks and £6 rope from B&Q to turn her bathroom from a dull room into an inspiring, stylish space.

Joanna told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: “I never liked my bathroom and since pretty much everything in my house is grey, I really wanted my bathroom to match.

"I changed my floor last year and put down grey B&M floor planks. They cost £7.99 a pack and I bought three packs - they were very easy to put down. I used to have horrible blue vinyl there instead.

“Ever since, I was scratching my head as to what I could do with the rest without spending hundreds of pounds.

"Then I spotted the B&Q grey Fairfield tile and paneling paint and thought 'I've got nothing to lose here’ so I started painting!

"Since I only got one tin and needed more to put the second coat on I went back to B&Q, and by accident I spotted the black LED lights which were discounted. I liked them a lot but had to come up with an idea of how to attach them.”

The second Joanna came up with the idea of using rope as a design feature, everything came together.

"I thought of the rope and everything just fell into place,” she explains. "I put knots in the rope, attached the lights, screwed into my ceiling and thought, 'I’ve got so much rope left, what else can I do?’

"I hated my bath panel since it was cracked so I hot glued the rope to it to cover it, and everything else just went with it, like the toilet roll holder and towel holder.

"I added some rustic crate boxes I got from ebay and used them as shelves.”

Joanna is delighted with how her bathroom has turned out, especially considering how she managed to transform it all for under £80.

"I'm just in love with my bathroom now,” she adds. "It's so relaxing and even though it's darker, looks much more elegant.

"I spent £40 on two tins of paint, £6 on rope, and £8 on LED lights. I've already had the boxes from few years back but you can still buy them on ebay for around £14 for a set of three. I obviously had to add my favourite IKEA artificial Fejka plant for £6 too.

"I would encourage anyone to try to bring their ideas into life. Pinterest helps a lot, and there are so many nice things people sell for cheap on selling sites or even Facebook Marketplace.

"Once you get the vision in your head you just try and make it into the reality. I love upcycling stuff!”

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, says: “Bathroom renovations have a reputation for being pricey and a hassle, but Joanna’s transformation proves you don’t need to hire an expensive contractor or buy tiles from a fancy place.

“Inexpensive B&M floor planks, £6 IKEA artificial plants and £6 rope from B&Q were the magic formula for Joanna’s bathroom, and it looks fantastic - I can’t believe it cost just £80!"

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