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Post Office to Launch CHEAPER Digital Passport Check Service

19 February 2018, 0:00 pm
  • Passport prices to rise in March
  • Will be cheaper to apply online rather than by post
  • Service will be launched later in the year
The Post Office will launch a digital in-store passport application service, which will be the cheapest way to get a new passport. Image: Getty

The Post Office has confirmed that it will offer a new online passport check service, that will make applications cheaper than by post.

At the beginning of February, the Government announced that it would be putting the cost of passport applications up from 27th March.

The cost of an adult postal application will rise from £72.50 to £85.

But if you want to have your application checked by the Post Office beforehand, this will now cost £94.75, up from £82.25.

However, the Post Office is launching a new service that will cut costs to just £75.50, which is cheaper than a postal application.

Later in the year, the Post Office will start to offer an in-branch digital service, so customers will be able to save money by filling in their application in person at a Post Office.

This will mean that if you use the in-store digital application service, it will only be £3 more expensive than it currently is to apply for a new passport.

A spokesperson for the Post Office said, “The Post Office will be able to charge the lower digital fee for our own digital passport transaction, which is due to launch later this year.

“More information will be given in due course.”

The new digital check and send service will be available at selected Post Offices, and is designed to help reduce the chances of an application being rejected, by making sure that the forms of completed properly.

Although passport prices are rising, the value of the pound has got stronger compared to other currencies, so you can save money when you’re on your holiday.

The changes to passport application pricing means that for the first time it will be cheaper to make an application online than applying by post.

This is because it’s cheaper for the Home Office to process digital applications than postal ones.

There are ways to beat the price hike though.

If you’ll need to get a new passport before the Post Office introduces its’ in-store digital service, there is a way you can do so without having to pay extra.

You can renew your passport at any time, and the time left is added on to your new one, but there is a maximum of nine months.

So if you need to renew your passport in the next nine months, do it now before the price hike, and you won’t lose any months.

There’s also good news if you’re planning on flying with Ryanair this year, as it’s changed its compensation policy to be easier for customers to claim.

Will you use the Post Office’s in-store digital service? Let us know in the comments!

What do you think of this?
asjsgmsover a year ago

When is this coming into play? When they hike up the cost of passports?

stephenwilesover a year ago

Which stores will u be able to use this service

Ceebersover a year ago

What a great idea. So many services are offering consumers cheaper and more efficient services online. All sounds very sensible and will cut out me waiting in a long queue at the PO!!!

vivh2017over a year ago

Glad to hear that, I tried doing paper one last year & gave up! To get it in store & checked should be good. Price hikes are never a welcome thing, sadly.

GillMorrisonover a year ago

Have to find a post office first, ours has just closed!!!

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