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Raeanna Harward shows how to do up your fireplace for £30

September 26, 2019, 12:00 PM
Woman transforms her fireplace for just £30 and here’s how she did it
  • Raeanna Harward, 24, was fed up with her fireplace
  • She transformed it with materials from The Range and B&Q
  • The whole project took her a weekend and cost £30

When one woman decided she was fed up with her fireplace, she set about finding a way to transform it while sticking to a tight budget.

Raeanna Harward, 24, from Hertfordshire, found that after changing the colour theme in her living room, her fireplace was looking tired and old.

Raeanna, who lives in Hertfordshire with her partner Michael and their dog Bella, told LatestDeals.co.uk that she set about looking for inspiration on Pinterest, and she ended up totally changing the look of her fireplace for just £30 using sticky adhesive from B&Q.

"I had recently changed colour theme and decor in my living room and the fireplace just looked really bland and basic,” Raeanna explained.

"It was bought second hand so had general wear and tear and I’d been doing my make up in the mirror so it had accumulated foundation stains and just looked quite tired.

"I was so happy with my new living room but the fireplace just put a dampener on it so I decided to do something about it that day and looked for some inspiration on Pinterest.

"I saw a mosaic pattern and loved it and knew straight away I wanted to do something similar. I knew I had to paint it because of the foundation marks and to just generally freshen it up so decided white would look brightest.”

Raeanna went on the hunt for materials that weren’t too expensive, finding the key at The Range and B&Q.

"The paint cost £9.99 from The Range and the grey I used was a tester pot for £1.50. I used a couple of different sizes of paintbrushes that cost around £3.99 from B&M.

"I had seen people use stick on tiles before so googled if the same could be done on fireplaces in a mosaic affect. I saw B&Q did a few that were heat and humidity proof so I went in store and picked out the style. I bought two rolls for £8 each."

However, the hard work was just about to start, as Raeanna says the job was rather fiddly.

"I cut each tile one by one and made sure to line them up perfectly,” she explains. "It took me around six or seven hours across the whole weekend to complete it. It was a fiddly job and I ended up having to recut so many pieces to get it perfect and properly lined up.

"I’ve never done anything like this before so it was kind of an experiment that just turned out great. In total the fireplace cost me just under £30!”

Raeanna found that she thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of the project.

"I really enjoyed doing it and seeing the gradual change,” she says. “My partner Michael had to keep telling me to stop and go to bed because I was working on it until midnight Friday night! it’s quite addictive especially when you see the difference. My dad's a painter and decorator so I just get it from him.

“My tips for other people looking to emulate the look would be to use Pinterest or similar sites for inspiration and ideas on up-cycling. Don’t be afraid to try something different!

"If you cut the tiles wrong don’t throw them away, but keep them to the side as you may be able to reuse them. Some I had cut wrong turned out to be the perfect pieces for the sides of the fireplace so they saved me hassle and time!

"Be patient and don’t rush it. When you feel yourself getting tired or agitated take a break because this type of detailed piece needs to be perfect. I wanted it finished straight away but I’m so glad I took my time!"

Need more DIY inspiration? Not sure where to start?

Blueviolethailover a year ago

Beautifully done

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