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Cheap Play Doh

Cheap Play Doh Deals, Voucher Codes & Offers on Sale

Find cheap Play Doh. Hours of putty fun for your kids. Play Doh deals and discounts from toy stores and online, shared by our community of bargain hunters. These special offers are both online and in-store. When clicking a deal, look out for the 'in-store only' label. From Argos, Amazon, Tesco, Sainsbury's and more, save money. Also read: How to get cheap toys

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  • Well Play-Doh love the stuff unless you forget to pick some up or don’t put the lid on properly and goes really hard and u cannot use it! Otherwise I love the stuff, my kids are entertained for a few hours. I buy wherever it is cheap and whenever there's a discount code bargain deal online, last lot was from Argos and previous to that Tesco. It seems more playable that other products i have bought. I do think it can be a pain when all the colours mix too and it turns into something that doesn’t look very pleasing. gul786
  • Kids love Play-Doh. They are very creative and sell lot of different sets with cutters. And a huge variety of colours. They also have plenty of available voucher code offers online. Only thing that they can not play it alone, because kids mix up the colours and it become ugly brown together, so the parent needs to get involved, rather than that, it is a great game. Has wonderful scent, like a piece of cake and I think it is made for kids so it is safe to eat too. I am not sure about the science behind, but that is what is on the box. If you do not put the lid back properly, these products dry out fast and end up in the bin. I think it can be great for some of the kids who understand colour mixing. They can make different creatures.. etc. Oh, I saw online a lot of their products makes kids to create cakes, ice creams other foods. I do not think it is a good idea, when we want to prevent them to eat it. I think if they change some of their product a bit, younger children could use them too. bibolda
  • My kids love Play Doh they have had a few different sets over the years. They seem to have Play Doh in every character or theme imaginable, we have had the Play Doh sets that you can make the characters have hair and minions. The tubs of Play Doh are quite reasonably priced, you can always find online voucher codes for some savings and in plenty of different colours. The only problem we have is if the lids are left off they go dry. I think play doh is very good for hand/ eye coordination, building their imagination and improves the pincer grip. HayleyReevesHec
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