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Asda Brussel Sprouts Ice Cream

Asda Brussel Sprouts Ice Cream

Get this festive brussel sprouts ice cream from asda for just 1.80 a tub !! Festive comfort food and you can just add to your basket with your weekly grocery shop...Read moreASDA deals
23rd Nov
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KitKat Ice Cream Tub

KitKat Ice Cream Tub

KitKat Ice Cream Tub Chocolate Ice Cream and Wafer Flavour Ice Cream with Chocolate Flavoured Preparation (11%) Milk Chocolate Coated Wafer Pieces (7%) and Wafer Pieces....Read moreASDA deals
13th Nov
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Play Doh Ice Cream Playset

Play Doh Ice Cream Playset

£12.50 Clubcard Price Magical Play-Doh Drizzle Topping - Drizzle a crazy sweet coating onto your Play-Doh creations with pretend chocolate and silly strawberry topping. It's a...Read moreTesco deals
12th Nov
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Nuii Coconut & Indian Mango Ice Cream

Nuii Coconut & Indian Mango Ice Cream

Coconut dairy ice cream swirled with Indian mango and passion fruit sorbet covered with white chocolate with coconut chips coated in coconut sugar and caramelised coconut flakes...Read moreASDA deals
11th Nov
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A Classic Favourite
Find your favourite ice cream flavour at very low prices!

Ice cream is a delicious sweetened frozen food. It is basically made from dairy products and is eaten as a dessert or a snack. Ice cream is often a combination of cream, milk, fruits, sugar, nuts, and other ingredients.

Ice cream manufacturers add colourings, flavourings, and stabilizers to improve the texture and taste of their products. The mixture is also stirred to incorporate air spaces and to improve consistency. This process also prevents ice crystals from forming.

The final product is a semi-solid and smooth foam. Ice cream comes in different packaging. It can come in cones, popsicle sticks, tubs, cups, and more. There are various flavours that you can choose from. There are also different brands that manufacture this delicious frozen treat.

Each brand has its own special selection of flavours. They also use various marketing strategies to promote their products. Nevertheless, ice cream is a delicious treat that many people love to eat.

Serve ice cream after eating delicious meals during special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, children's’ parties, and more. If you are lactose intolerant or if you are on a diet, there are also ice cream products that are specially made for people just like you.

What Are The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavours?

Every individual has his or her own favourite ice cream flavours. According to the recent surveys, the top favourite ice cream flavour is mint chocolate chip. Next is that all-time favourite chocolate flavour. Cookies and cream rank third followed by Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Rocky road, and Strawberry. Ice cream is a delightful treat that is enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Many people have a sweet tooth and they cannot get enough of eating their favourite ice cream. This deliciously sweet and cold treat is available at your nearest supermarket and convenience store. You can even buy them in bulk online where you can save a lot of money on ice cream product bundles. Choose from a wide variety of flavours available.

Ice cream expo UK Best Selling Ice Cream Products in the UK

  • Antonio Federici pistachio. This is a low-fat gelato which is made from the original 1896 recipe of the Federici Family. It is subtly sweet and quite thick which is pleasing to the tongue.
  • Ben and Jerry Phish Food. This is a chocolatey treat for ice cream lovers out there. This was first introduced to the public market in 1997.
  • Waitrose Devonshire clotted cream. It has a glossy smoothness into it. Let it melt in your mouth before swallowing it to experience its full-flavored taste.
  • Haagen-Dazs chocolate fondant. This is really overwhelming chocolatey goodness. It is a delightful mixture of brownies, sauce, and chocolate ice cream.
  • Rookbeare Farm pure Jersey vanilla. It has a bourbon vanilla flavour complemented with Jersey cream milk which provides an alpine taste.
  • Heston from Waitrose salted caramel popcorn. If you love sweet and salty foods then this ice cream is the one that you are looking for.
  • Yeo Valley Organic Greek yogurt and honey. This is great to be divulged by adults since it is suitable for their taste palate. This is softer than the regular ice cream because it is partially yoghurt.

How to find cheap ice cream

When Summer comes, ice cream beckons. If you're looking for cheap ice cream this page hosts all the latest deals from our bargain hunters.

Magnums are a classic. Those sticks of chocolate covered ice cream have an RRP of about £3.20, but you can often find them discounted in all the major supermarkets.

However, the best way to save money and get cheap ice cream is to buy supermarket home brands. Tesco, Sainsbury's, ASDA, Iceland and more all provide alternatives to Magnums (and others) that are cheaper. For example, Tesco's salted caramel flavour (box of 4) was £1.50.

How Can I Get Cheap Ice Cream Deals Online?

Tesco ice cream deals

There are lots of delicious ice cream products that you can buy online. You can even purchase an ice cream maker with a built-in freezer. Here at Latest Deals, we have gathered the best cheap ice cream deals and voucher codes.

Get only top-notch supermarket ice cream and spar sandwiches that will surely satisfy your needs and wants. Spend as much as the minimum amount required and get big discounts off the regular price. There are also voucher codes that can provide you with free shipping and gifts.

Choose among the different UK retailers on where you can get the best Ben and Jerrys cookie dough deals and bargains. There are plenty of ways to save on your purchases online. We have a team of money-saving experts who always share essential tips and tricks on how you can get low prices online.

Our bargain hunters have searched long and hard to give you the best Coop ice cream deals and special offers. You can pick the most affordable Cuisinart ice cream maker that is suitable for your needs. Voucher codes that can give you big savings are offered by various popular UK retailers such as ASDA, Amazon, Iceland, Home Bargains, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Very, Lidl, and Morrisons.

You should take advantage of the special sales where Iceland ice cream and Aldi ice cream are being sold. You can also purchase a cheap ice cream maker if you are looking for one. Here is where you can find excellent deals on cheap yet quality ice cream makers from various brands.

Cheap branded ice cream

I've always found Iceland supermarket to be the best for discounted branded ice cream. In the Summer months they have loads of promotions - partly because they have such a big selection. For example, at the time of writing, packs of 3 Daim's and Oreo ice cream were reduced from £2.50 to £1.25. The week before it was Haagen Dazs.

Free ice cream

Nothing beats a free ice cream and when Summer comes there are plenty of freebies to be found. Our Facebook group is full of pictures of free ice cream.

One timeless opportunity is at Toby Carvery. This restaurant chain, similar to Harvester, gives you free ice cream if you sign up to its newsletter.

Sign up and you get an email with a voucher for the next time you go in. This is great if you have kids and want to take the family out for a meal. In the past, bargain hunters have also found you can get free ice cream on your birthday.

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