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Cheryl Edwards Shows How to Create a Statement Wall for Just £18

September 27, 2019, 8:10 AM
Woman creates statement wall for just £18 and here's how
  • Cheryl Edwards managed to spend £18 instead of £225
  • Cheryl, 50, made the mirror dupe using products from The Range
  • The area above her fireplace looks totally transformed

If you’ve got a wide open space in your home, such as an empty wall, you might be looking for a statement painting or mirror to fill the space.

One single mum of three, Cheryl Edwards, 50, from Norwich, came up with a genius way of filling the space above her fireplace without spending a fortune.

Cheryl, a barista, told LatestDeals.co.uk: “I’m currently slowly doing up our home on a really tight budget. I was looking to finish my lounge by Christmas, which only needed the fireplace wall painting and a mirror for above.

“The mirror I set my heart on was £225 and as I'm a single mum to three, I couldn't afford to buy outright so I decided to squirrel money away and save up for it.

"I still wanted the lounge finished for Christmas so bought other mirrors to see if they would do but I wasn't happy with them and took them down.

"I then ordered a set of three mirrors from an Instagram account that were square with inlays but they still weren't right!

"I've always loved the Moroccan-style pattern so I googled Moroccan style mirrors again. These came out quite expensive and then I saw The Range had some but were smaller.

"I thought about maybe grouping some together. At first I just put them straight in rows three by three, then I started playing around with possibilities and I thought 'why not put them into the shape of the individual mirror?’

“I grouped them together into a diamond and then bingo! I knew exactly how I was going to arrange them.

“I put them up using command strips and my 13-year-old daughter saying 'up a bit, to the left a bit’ until we got them right.

“The mirrors cost a total of £17.97, and needless to say this is now my statement mirror.”

The statement wall took two days for Cheryl to make, and she is delighted with the results.

“I took my time putting them up and it took two days as I wanted them to be perfectly placed, although you could use a tape measure to mark the exact distance between the mirrors,” Cheryl explains. "I measured the height of the wall and the height of the mirrors and went from there.

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"I love the wall and mirror art now and probably won't go with the £225 statement mirror as I think this looks stunning, modern and clean.

"I would advise people to look at the style of their room, what other accessories they have and what colour feature walls are - for example, if you put those mirrors on a pale, light grey wall it wouldn't have the same impact as those on a darker wall.

“Look for any small mirrors - they don't even need to be matching - and play around with them on the floor to see how they look together in different combinations and always think outside of the box.

"I'm always putting things together that wouldn't normally go together. I'm forever thinking of how to do things differently and most definitely on a budget!"

Tom Church, co-founder of LatestDeals.co.uk, comments: “If you see an expensive product you like, chances are that just like Cheryl, you can find a dupe at cheaper retailers such as B&M, ASDA or The Range. Pairing smaller items together, such as mirrors or paintings, can be a cheaper and more eye-catching look than buying one large product. Don’t forget to check out our deals page for The Range to make sure you’re getting the best value for money possible at https://www.latestdeals.co.uk/vouchers/the-range.”

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