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Cheap Duvet Cover & Duvets

Get cheap duvet cover sales, offers, discounts and voucher codes with the help of our community of bargain hunters.

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Soft and Snug 7.5 Tog Duvet

Soft and Snug 7.5 Tog Duvet

Crafted in the UK this soft and snug duvet is ideal for giving you a cosy and comfortable night's sleep. Made from quality polyester with a hollowfibre filling, this duvet is...Read moreDunelm deals
2nd Dec
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Duvets are fluffy quilt filled with feathers or down that are protected with a lovely cover. These plush beddings come in a wide range of materials and styles so that you can purchase one that will suit the comfort you want and the style you need. This piece of bedding is warm and snuggly and choosing the right one will surely keep you sleeping cozily and soundly every cold winter nights while not being too heavy and hot come summertime. However, shopping for duvets can be quite confusing with so many choices both online and in-store.

If you’re on the market for a cheap duvet cover, cheap bedding sets online or looking for bedding sale clearance, you will find the savings you are looking for here at Latest Deals to keep your be comfy and cozy without hurting your wallet. We have bedding sets sale, offers and deals information from your favourite retailers such as Argos, Amazon, Laura Ashley, Dunelm, Asda, Wilko and more! Plus read on to ensure that before purchasing a duvet you have everything you need to find the perfect piece of bedding.

Where can I find cheap duvet cover and cheap bedding sets online?

You can wake up to a new look and stay within your budget with the bedding sets sale, cheap duvet cover deals and bedding sale clearance our team of bargain hunters have found out from retailers across the UK. We’ve got duvet offers in a variety of fillings and fabrics and a range of togs. So make sure to take some time before deciding which one is the perfect for your bed and budget.

Argos duvet covers


Argos duvet covers offers and deals

Argos has a great selection of bedding sale clearance where they have cheap duvet covers with the lowest possible price they could offer. Their online shop also offers cheap bedding sets double size where you can save from £2 to £45 or get a 10% discount on selected designs. Their cheap bedding sets king size deals can give you up to 50% off on selected styles. In addition, they have a 2 for £30 offer on their bedding sale clearance covering all sizes from double to king and 2 for £15 on single size. Plus you can get free delivery on selected items as well so you better make sure to check everything before confirming your purchase to ensure you’re only getting the best possible savings.

Christmas duvet covers


Christmas duvet covers king size deals at Tesco

If you’re looking for Christmas duvet covers by Primark you can check out the deals at Amazon.co.uk and at eBay. Amazon offers come with free delivery even if prices are a bit higher. On the other hand eBay’s offers are cheaper and includes postage but you have to bid on them. Although there are items that you can save on your wish list, you have to act fast if you really want the duvet cover since you’ll have plenty of competition. Just a reminder when buying from third-party resellers, ask for the real pictures of the items to ensure you’re getting the real deal.

For more Christmas duvet cover options, you can head on to Tesco. The retailer offers a massive selection on Christmas duvet covers king size and other sizes where you can save as much as £3 to £9 on selected designs.

Is there a difference between a duvet, comforter and duvet cover?

If you’re confused about these three terms, well don’t worry because you’re not the only one! Most of the time, these terms are used interchangeably, but actually there are a few differences between a duvet, comforter and duvet cover.

Duvets are usually solid white and filled with down or an alternative to down. They are used to to give your bed comfort and warmth. Though they are sometimes referred to also as down comforters, the term comforter be often times used with regards to warm beddings that are coloured or with patterns, instead of solid white. Comforters are sometimes filled with down as well but most of the time they are filled with synthetic materials.

On the other hand, duvet covers are what envelopes a duvet that comes in numerous choices of patterns and colours. They are sewn on three sides while the fourth side comes with big buttons, zipper or ties in order to close them and to easily insert or remove a duvet. Duvet covers are not essential to use but they help keep duvets clean and a lot of people like the decorative impact they give.

What are they types of duvet?


  1. Summer-weight duvet. With higher temperatures during summer months, you will not need much insulation, so you’d want a lower tog rating. Choose a duvet with a tog rating below 7 to keep you cool during this times to get a great deal of comfortable sleep.
  2. Winter duvet. You’d want to feel warm and cosy during this time of the year so opt for a tog rating of 10.5 or up to fight the winter chill.
  3. All seasons duvet. This two-in-one duvet caters for every kind of climate. What you’ll get is a duvet with a high and lower tog option that you can use during the summer and autumn and spring seasons. During the cold season, simply fasten the duvets together using the buttons feature to create a higher tog duvet.
What you need to know before buying a duvet
  • Tog rating. How warm your duvet will be will depend on its tog rating. A high tog rating means the duvet traps the heat better. Normally a duvet with a 4 tog rating is ideal during summer days while a 9 tog duvet is best for spring and fall and for winter a 13 tog will work well.
  • Fill material. Choose a fill material that you will feel most comfortable with and is within your budget. Duvets typical materials are either synthetic or natural fills. The synthetic type are the cheapest and is ideal for individuals with allergies. On the other hand natural fill are more breathable in general. Natural fill materials include wool, down and feathers. This will also the factor that will determine how fluffy or light the duvet will feel. Keep in mind that high-quality fill materials doesn’t guarantee warmth but it’s usually more comfy.
  • Size. Duvet sizes are twin, full or double, queen and king. You may need to buy one size larger than your mattress if there is no bed skirt in order to hide your bed’s sides.
  • Duvet covers. These covers will protect your duvet from grime, spills, stains and the usual wear and tear. They also gives you an option to change your bedding’s style to go along with your pillowcases and sheets.
What are the different duvet sizes?
  • Cot bed: 120cmx150cm
  • Single: 135cmx200cm
  • Double: 200cmx200cm
  • King: 230cmx220cm
  • Super King: 260cmx220cm
  • Emperor size: 290cmx235cm
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