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Cheap Pillows

Get cheap pillows and sleep comfortably every single night. Purchase quality but cheap pillows by the bulk and save more money.

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Silentnight Airmax Pillow

Silentnight Airmax Pillow

Have a cool fresh pillow all night long with the Silentnight Airmax Pillow. The mesh wall panels give greater air circulation, which improves coolness and breathability to...Read moreArgos deals
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14th Jan
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Luxury Bath Pillow

Luxury Bath Pillow

Luxury Bath Pillow | M&W After a long day of work nothing quite beats running yourself to a hot bath ready to relax, but have you ever laid back only to be met by the cold...Read moreRoov deals
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6th Jan
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2 Pack Pillow Protectors

2 Pack Pillow Protectors

Click & Collect: FREE Sleep easy with this set of two soft pillow protectors. Quilted in design and featuring a handy zip these pillow protectors can be removed with ease. Made...Read moreASDA deals
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5th Jan
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Where Can I Find Cheap Pillow Deals in the UK?

Latest Deals has the best sales, special offers, discount codes and voucher codes from online UK retailers verified and posted by our generous community of bargain hunters for our members. Buy affordable pillow that you need without compromising quality. Just look for the right deal to get you started. It does not matter what kind of pillow you need – feather, down, memory foam, microbead, buckwheat, sleep apnea, neck, body, and more. Save money and make the most of the exceptional offers from your favourite UK retailers such as Amazon, ASDA, Debenhams, Dunelm, eBay & more.

With our team of money-saving experts and a huge community of bargain hunters online who regularly look and share the best affordable deals for pillows, you can avail one that suits your budget for sure.

Where Can I Find the Best Deals on Cheap Pillow Online?

Here is a list of retailers you can check for cheap pillows and more:

Pillow deals, Argos
  • Argos – Nothing can be more relaxing than sinking into a soft pillow at the end of a long and stressful day. With pillow Argos, you may choose from a full range of types – from one which fits everyday styles to personalised pillows. This retailer also features a memory foam pillow which has the ability to mould to your shape, which can give you extra support while sleeping. Enjoy up to 50% off as you purchase from Argos. Keep looking for vouchers here at the Latest Deals and get free delivery too.
  • Debenhams – Sleeping perfectly is made possible from the best pillows of Debenhams. The right mate is just within your choice. There is a collection of feather and memory foam pillows that may suit your preference. This retailer also has anti-allergy pillows that are offered in partnership with leading brands, ensuring that you only get the best without hurting your budget. Get at least 10% to 20% discount as you use promo codes. You may even enjoy a free delivery as you find the right voucher for you.
Pillows on sale, eBay UK
  • eBay – eBay has top-rated pillows that you will be glad to select from. When it comes to pillows on sale, this retailer never fail to open choices for its customers. Upon shopping, you will get the chance to pick according to the size that you want – standard, queen, king, euro and body. There are also various types you can be specific with such as body, foam, down, maternity and wedge pillow. On top of this freedom to go for what you prefer, you may also use promo codes and enjoy 10% to 20% off.
  • GoGroopie – A good night’s sleep is the goal of GoGroopie. From firm pillows, memory foam pillows to fogarty pillows, you will be excited with where this retailer can take you without spending so much of your money. GoGroopie is a way to find cheap deals on pillow cases and covers as well where you can get as much as 80% off on selected items..
  • Tesco – When it comes to the best pillow UK, Tesco is one of the best retailers to look out for. It does not matter whether you prefer a firm or mattress pillow, Tesco has a collection of pillows coming from the most trusted brands such as Homescape and Slientnight. It does not matter whether you will use the pillow for a luxurious day or for an ordinary one, you can get yours that will have an ultimate neck support.

Pillow Talk: How Do You Choose the Right Pillow?

What is so difficult about buying a pillow is that you are not given the opportunity to try it. You will not be able to do it even if you are in shops already. As this is the case, it is crucial that you select the best pillow that fits your needs. What should you look for in here? You may have to consider – firmness, type and size. Further, there are simple steps that you would have to take into account for a perfect night sleep. Here are some of them:

Filling. Getting the right filling, without pun intended, is important in buying pillows. Natural feathers and down have been a trendy choice for many. This combination adds support and bulk to pillows. However, you must be aware that as they mature, the waterproof and protective feathers would replace the soft and light texture of the pillow. This is why it is ideal to look at the right ratio for the sleeping position that you desire.

Aside from the natural option, synthetic is also popular. Its firmness and support vary of course because it is composed of man-made fibers that are solely manufactured through thickness. Among the other kinds of synthetic pillows are microfibre which is a fine synthetic strand, hollowfibre which is a thick synthetic strand and memory foam which can take the shape of your head as you sleep. Overall, synthetic pillows have always been comfortable and worth the value of your money. They are also easy to maintain.

Support. As a buyer, you must know how you sleep. If you sleep on the side, you should go for a firmer orthopedic pillow so that your neck will not be taking all the weight of your head. This is what neck pillows are for. On the other hand, when you sleep at your back, natural fillings including cotton and wool would be the best inclusion. The same may also be considered for feather and down if you are more for a synthetic fill. Even the microfibre or the hollowfibre may work just fine too.

Lastly, if you are one who sleeps on your stomach, you can go for either a flatter or softer pillow. Just take note that you have to raise your head slightly. The best composition for this are the natural fillings including pillow or silk with a ton of down in it. Even the soft microfibre is another choice you may want to look upon. Always monitor the softness of the pillow you are eyeing for.

Standard bed pillow size in the UK

Pillow Size. This is probably one of the easiest decisions to make when you are going to buy a pillow. Basically, it is pure aesthetic. Your preference of size may depend upon the size of your bed, if you use a single or double size bed, you may go for a standard size pillow. If yours is a superking or king size bed, and then you may have a superking pillow. The most important thing here is that there would not be any gap as you make your bed.

Construction. A chamber pillow comes with a central chamber of firm filling intended for neck and head support. These are surrounded by layers for comfort. In order to achieve this, feather and down fillings are necessary. As this is the case, it would be vital that you know how your pillows are constructed.

3 things you need to know before buying a pillow

Top Rated Pillows in the UK

According to reviews and ratings, these are the kinds of pillows that earn the best scores as per usage. These are compiled based on the average review scores done for a hundred of pillows. Consider the following:

  • Down, standard, or hollowfibre pillows received better feedback than that of memory foam because the earlier are way cheaper. Meaning, most people are not very particular with comfort but instead, cost.
  • According to a big test, most people are happy with the following kinds of pillows, arranged in descending order: down pillows, latex pillows, hollowfibre/ microfibre, polyester pillows, water pillows, feather pillows, microbead pillows and memory foam pillows.
  • The top rated pillows most prefer are Fogarty Wool Medium Support, “J” by Debenhams, Soak and Sleep Ultimate Goose Down Pillow, Julian Charles Anti-Allergy Pillows, and Feather and Black Duck Down Super King Pillow.
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