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Getting the best speakers for your setup will let you enjoy a premium audio experience. Once you get to know the available options in the market, you can definitely pick the perfect speakers for your home and budget. You can put together the DVD or CD player out there as well as the top-rated AV receiver, but if you don’t have the ideal speakers, your home theater or audio setup will not be worth much when it comes to its actual sound. The interface between the physical world and your audio system’s electronics is provided by your speakers in which sound is essentially played and getting the right set can make a big difference between muddy, cramped audio and crystal clear concert-hall sound.

You can buy cheap speakers for £20 or you can spend as much as £1,000 or more. You can get speakers as small as a baseball or as big as your TV. But the truth is, the right set of speakers will last a long time when properly taken care of. The key here is to make sure you have the right knowledge by doing a little research.

We’re here to help at Latest deals. Below is a simple guide to help you narrow down your choices and get the perfect speaker to meet your needs and budget. Also we have cheap wireless speakers, discount speaker deals, offers and discount codes from UK retailers such as Amazon, BT, The Works, B&M, eBay and more.

Individual speaker types

  1. Floor speakers. This type offers the majority of sound and effect by offering the left and right sound. It also provides a more realistic experience when you’re watching movies and TV shoes.
  2. Bookshelf speakers. This is just like floor speakers but offers less bass response. Its compact size also allows you to fit it in smaller spaces.
  3. Central-channel speakers. If you’re planning to build a home theater speaker setup, it is always recommended to start with a center-channel that comes with good quality and work from there. You place this speaker in a central spot just below your TV set.
  4. Surround speakers. This type offers even more ambient sounds that creates an immersive experience. If you love playing video games and watching movies, this is the perfect speaker for it.
  5. Subwoofers. If you’re looking for speakers that can deliver the bass that can make movie and TV show sound effects feel realistic, subwoofers offers a bass level that enriches music. You can also place this anywhere in your room but placing it in a corner produces more bass.
Complete systems and special-purpose speakers
  1. Packaged surround system. A speaker system is a good option if you already have a receiver and don’t want the hassle of comparing individual speaker components.
  2. Portable and dock speakers. For the ultimate on-the-go experience, a portable speaker is the best choice since it can fit into just about everything. It’s also lightweight and an easy way to add ambiance to any occasion.
  3. Wireless speakers. This type combine convenience and flexibility. It uses technology like Bluetooth, Wifi or AirPlay to receive an audio signal from a compatible gadget or device. Many wireless speakers are rather compact making it easy to place anywhere in your home.
  4. Soundbars. Soundbars one of the simplest way to enhance audio experience from your TV speakers. This type offers big cinematic sound but will not take up a lot of space.
  5. Sound base. This is just like a soundbar that you can fit under smaller TVs. It also delivers big cinematic audio and will not take up a lot space.
  6. Architectural speakers. This requires installation and eliminates visible wired. It is designed to blend into your room’s décor with paintable grills and flanges, in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that offers the surround sound experience you are after.
  7. Computer speakers. If you’re into PC gaming, this is the speakers that you may want to consider as a desktop system features a subwoofer and most people will get all the extra audio they want with just a satellite speaker place on both sides of the computer monitor.
ImageMini wireless Bluetooth speakerFeatures to lookout for
  • Portability. A lot of speakers today are capable of establishing a wireless connection. Rechargeable batteries are used to power these speakers which can last for a few hours.
  • FM transmitter. Bothe the docking stations and wireless speakers can be enabled with FM radio allowing you to listen to live broadcasts.
  • NFC or Near-Field Communication. Speakers with NFC have a touch point where you can simply tap your enabled device in order to establish a connection.
  • Bluetooth. This feature allows for digital audio to be wirelessly played between connected devices providing flexibility of being able to play and listen to your favourite music whenever you want to.
  • DLNA or Digital Living Network Alliance. This function will be built-in to some speakers or not supported at all. This is a standard in a wide range of industry for sharing media over a home network, so make sure to double check product specs before purchasing it.
  • AirPlay. This is Apple’s Wifi dependent platform enabling users to stream digital video and audio content to other supported AirPlay devices.

Where can I get cheap speakers?


Discount speaker deals at Tesco

If you’re looking for cheap speakers, amazing discounts and offers as well as voucher codes and promo codes to provide you with fantastic savings, our community of bargain hunters are always on the lookout to find the best possible deals on speakers. Here you’ll find daily discount speaker offers and price drops across online UK retailers. Everything posted is verified first to ensure you’re getting the real deal.

You can find cheap speakers at Amazon UK with a tag price of £5 to £50. They have a wide range of selection, so to narrow down your choices you can shop by category. Amazon Prime members also gets massive discounts ranging from £20 to £70 plus free delivery.


Cheap speakers at Argos

Argos speaker deals include 20% off on speakers. They have cheap wireless speakers on clearance sale where you can get save as much as £45 on selected device. You can also get cheap speakers here for under £10.

You can get cheap speakers and speaker docks at Currys with free delivery. Their discount speaker offer ranges from £10 to £30. Select speakers also comes with a 2 year guarantee and 3 months free unlimited music with Deezer Premium+ on online only exclusive deals.

Tesco has a wide range of speakers. They have more than 700 speakers from different brands that you can choose from. Their discount on speakers ranges from as low as £3 to as high as £50. They also have offers where you can save up to 20% on selected hi-fi and audio from Hughes when you purchase one of the speakers eligible for the deal.

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