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Yankee Candle Sale — 25 Cheap Yankee Candle Deals

Where can I buy a cheap Yankee Candle? Get your Yankee Candle voucher codes here at Latest Deals.

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Yankee Candle 8 Votive Gift Set

Yankee Candle 8 Votive Gift Set

Gift some Christmas delight from Home Inspiration by Yankee Candle. This gift set contains 8 Votive Candles: 1 x Glistening Christmas 1x Holiday Magic 1x Cosy Up, 1x Pumpkin Chai...Read moreRobert Dyas deals
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Yankee Candle Cherry Vanilla - LARGE

Yankee Candle Cherry Vanilla - LARGE

Indulge in the delicious aroma of perfectly ripe plump cherries and rich, creamy vanilla with this Yankee Candle Home Inspiration Large Jar Cherry Vanilla. With a burn time of...Read moreRyman deals
25th Nov
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Yankee Candle Exclusive Gift Set

Yankee Candle Exclusive Gift Set

Yankee Candle Exclusive Gift Set A heart warming Gift Set to show how much you care. This inspiring range captures the essence of the season and will bring a smile all year...Read moreTesco deals
24th Nov
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Yankee Candle is one of the biggest American company manufacturing and selling scented candles, accessories and dinnerware. Their products are available in different gift shops across the UK through catalogues and in their online shop, and in about 50 countries across the globe.

Their product range include a wide array of candles or various scents and sizes, scented wax tarts, candle accessories, votive candles (samplers), votive candle holders, tart warmers, jar toppers (for use with the Housewarmer line of candles), reed diffusers, Electric Home Fragrance units (scented wall plug-ins), car scents, room sprays, Good Air products, and more.

Get the hottest deals, the latest vouchers and discounts on Yankee Candle here at Latest Deals shared by our community of bargain hunters! If you’re looking for Yankee Candle clearance in the UK or amazing Yankee Candle sale buy 2 get 2 free, we got your back.

Where is the best Yankee Candle sale?


Asda tends to sell Home Inspiration Yankee Candles

The cheapest place to buy Yankee Candles tends to vary between Amazon, ASDA and Very. There is often a Yankee Candle sale in Asda, which has in the past reduced large jars to just £9. This was on Asda George online. Medium jars have been £6 and there's also free click and collect.

Asda now tends to sell the Home Inspiration Yankee Candles. They have an average price of £14 for a large jar, but have been seen for less. Most popular from our bargain hunters are the Yankee Votive gift sets. These are the smaller scented candles, often in a pack of 5, 10 or as an advent calendar. Christmas discounts can often be found, reducing the price from £18 to £12, or even less on other retailers.

Yankee Candle Sale in Amazon


Cheap Yankee Candle gift set at Amazon

Amazon often has cheap Yankee Candles with the best prices. Large Yankee Candle jar £10 with Prime delivery. However, you'll have to move fast when you spot them. These deals are very popular with bargain hunters.

Similar to Asda, you can also buy Christmas gift sets and big packs of candles and tealights. We've also found Amazon has the largest collection of fragrances and scents available, second to buying direct from Yankee Candle. So if you're looking for the more obscure Red Apple Wreath, Snowflake Cookie, or Honey Clementine, have a look online here.

Yankee Candle Sale Boots


Boots often has a site-wide Yankee Candle sale

Boots, the high street retailer, is known to have sales often on Yankee Candles. In the run up to Christmas, it often has one-third off, reducing the price of large jars from an "RRP" of £23.99 to £15.99. However, savvy bargain hunters will spot this isn't the best price. It's quite common to find Yankee Candles for £14.99 anyway (large jars) and so discounting from the RRP isn't a good indicator on price.

It's still worth looking at Boots though, as sometimes you can stack deals together. For example, in the past you have been able to get 3 large Yankee Candles for just £23.98. This made them £7.98 each. Boots also sometimes does 3 for 2 in its sale, which is a slightly better offer. Plus, there's been 'Buy 1 Get One Half Price' which works out as 25% off. You can see Yankee Candles at Boots here.

Yankee Candles Sale at Clinton Cards


Clintons Cards has 50% off sale on Yankee Candles

Clintons Cards is known to have large online sales for Yankee Candles. In the past, the retailer has done 50% off all candles, as well as a 24 hour flash sale, 25% off everything in-store and online, and individual discounts.

When Clintons Cards did the 50% reduction, it made the large Yankee Candle jar £10. This was a price drop from £19.99. However, standard delivery costs £3.49 so make sure you are checking your total prices. It may work out cheapest to buy a Yankee Candle from Amazon.

What are the scents of Yankee Candle?

Yankee Candle comes in a wide range of scents from light to citrus fragrances as well as holiday-inspired spicy fragrances which are quite popular. Their classic scents are always available both online and in-store. They also offer limited seasonal scents which will be discontinued once their season is over, so if you love a limited seasonal scent, make sure to stock them as it’ll be hard to find them.

They also blend two of their popular scents to create Yankee Candle Swirls. These candles come swirled together in a jar offering a one of a kind combo of scents. These scents are chosen to ensure they complement each other and are often limited edition combination scents. On the other hand, their Treasure Fragrances is a collection of discontinued scents for a long time that the company brings back. This is a collection to lookout for if your favourite scents have been discontinued.

What are the types of Yankee Candle?


The company is known for their jar candles which they offer in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Every candle comes with an image label indicating their scent. You can also get most scents in various candle types.

  • Jar candles. These signature candles come in glasses shaped like a mason jar and are available in three different sizes: large jars which are 22oz and offers 120 to 150hrs on average of scents, medium jars which are 14.5oz and offers an average of 60 to 90hrs and small jars which are 3.7 ounces offering an average of 20 to 40hrs of scent.
  • Tumbler candles. These candles are contained in a straight-sided glass container featuring a silver-toned metal lid. They come two sizes and comes in the same fragrances as the jar candles. The large size is 22oz providing 85hrs of scent while the smaller size is 7oz providing 35 to 45hrs of scent.
  • Pillar candles. The shape of these candles are similar to the tumbler candles but only comes in one size. They also come with metal lids as well as removable labels if you want to display it simply in a clear glass. These candles are 12oz and burns for about 90hrs of fragrance on average.
  • Votive candles. Referred also as sampler candles since you can test new scents even if you’re not going to buy larger candles, these candles don’t come in any container and are ideal for votive holders available to purchase at Yankee Candle.
  • Taper candles. These candles which come in various scented and unscented colours are 8-in tall and great for romantic candlelight dinners. You can put it in candle holders that use tapers. On average, it burns an inch every hour.
  • Tea light candles. These scented tea light candles are the smallest in the company’s product line. They can be used in any tea light holders and can be bought in boxes of 12 and each offers an average fragrance of 4 to 6hrs.
How to get the best from your Yankee Candle
  • Safely burn it. Make sure to always burn your candles using on a surface that’s heat resistant and away from any overhanging fabrics and drafts. Also, ensure that it’s away from your kids and pets’ reach and do not leave it unattended.
  • Trim its wick. To avoid the candle “smoking”, make sure to trim its wick to about 3 to 5mm. Put out the candle if it starts to smoke, trim its wick and relight.
  • Let the wax pool. To avoid any candle tunneling, let the entire top layer melt and become a pool of liquid wax every time you light a candle. This will also help in releasing a strong scent.
Get the most enjoyment from your Yankee Candles by following these easy tips!
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