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What are the different products offered by Blaupunkt?

Car speaker. Blaupunkt offers various speakers that offer a magical experience. These include subwoofers, 2 or 4-way, and component or mid-range speakers, that starts from 30W up to 1800W max output power.

Car radios. The brand offers car radios suitable for buses, trucks, and jeeps so that can keep listening to music at the same level when being played in your car. Also, they have compact sized radios that provide great musical entertainment in your car.

Air purifiers. Blaupunkt's Airpure features 3-layer filter sterilisation, including pre-filter, HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. Moreover, they are built with Ultraviolet Germicidal lamp that helps to eradicate germs and bacteria in the air. An aroma holder for preferred essential oil is available within the filter.

LED lighting. Blaupunkt LED lighting was designed in response to the growing market needs in terms of technology, design, and energy autonomy.

E-bikes. These are available from 20 to 24 inches. Hence, there's something for everyone. These foldable e-bikes come in different designs such as modern bikes and practical city bikes.

Robot vacuum cleaner. Bluebot Xeasy can take care of dust, pet hair, and other dirt around your home. It comes with a HEPA filter and you can control it even when you're outdoors via a mobile app. Likewise, it works with Alexa voice control.


Aside from these, Blaupunkt also offers TVs, vacuum cleaners, kettle, a smart home alarm, built-in kitchen appliances, and so much more. On top of that, you can easily get savings when you use the top Blaupunkt promo codes here at Latest Deals.

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Are Blaupunkt car speakers good?

Bose in Germany makes Blaupunkt car stereo. It is pretty sleek, has a glossy finish, and you'll have fun playing around with all of its controls. The speaker is ideal for anyone who likes their equipment with plenty of buttons. However, you may have to browse through its owner's manual to find all the functions of the controls. Plus, it may take you some time to get used to all the buttons and its functions since not every one of them is necessary.

The Blaupunkt speakers can handle all various frequencies with ease. But its downfall is the front speaker which tends to fall short with bass. Nevertheless, both the mid and high tones provide a very natural sound, which allows for an excellent listening experience.

So if you're looking top of the line car stereos and receivers, Blaupunkt is a brand to consider since it does not compromise quality.

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