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Looking for cheap Hatchimals? Here, our bargain hunters track down the best prices from Amazon, Argos, Smyths, Toys R Us and more. After a tumultuous launch in 2016, Hatchimals have been on the Christmas most wanted lists ever since. The idea is to incubate the toy eggs by rubbing them and keeping them warm, watch the Hatchimal come out, and than interact with digital games. If you're finding stock hard to come by, you may also want to take a look at our Stock Checker where we update you on limited stock products.

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Hatchimals - Purple
Hatchimals - purple That's the title on Very I don't know the name of the hatchimal type but this is rather cheap considering the prices on Amazon and in stores!... Read more
1st Dec
Very deals


  • Hatchimals were my absolute worse nightmare the first Christmas they came out as I'm sure they were for almost everyone. I think it is an expensive toy for what it is and even the smaller eggs are very expensive even with online discount codes around. The kids also soon got very bored with them very quickly I think there was more hype with this toy that anything else. I also find there was so must wastage with the egg itself, maybe they could have designed it to open but also a way where it didn't fall to pieces and end in the bin so the child could have had some use for it as my little niece was quite upset she couldnt use the egg for the birds bed, just a thought. Really not a toy I would go back and purchase again. SRFMLY
  • Since Gremlins, the ugliest toys I saw in the market. I think the hatching is the most exiting about them and than kids do not play much with them. They are hatching before purchase on the shop floor, so I can see all of these ugly creatures. I would not spend so much on them, they are so expensive so make sure to search for voucher codes online if you're planning to buy one.bibolda
  • Big thumbs down from me. They are a complete waste of money. They are so overpriced and they were thrown in the toy box and forgotten about in a disappointingly short time. They are so hyped up but if you haven't purchased one yet I strongly advise you not to but if your kid wants one look for discount codes online to save some money! SandyRhodes

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