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Jewel Shaggy Rug

Jewel Shaggy Rug

The Jewel is an ultra-shaggy and beautiful rug with an extra-long 8cm pile combining thick and thin yarns that boast unrivalled softness and bounce, crafted with lustrous strands...Read moreDunelm deals
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29th Dec 2020
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Faux White Sheepskin Rug

Faux White Sheepskin Rug

Faux White Sheepskin Rug | M&W Add a touch of luxury to your home with the Maison & White White Faux Sheepskin Rug a modern plush soft rug with neutral colouring, which will...Read moreRoov deals
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25th Dec 2020
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Alaya Black/Grey Rug

Alaya Black/Grey Rug

Alaya Black/Grey Rug nviting textures and modern design come together in this rug with its stunning geometric pattern. With its minimalist appearance this rug will blend in...Read moreWayfair UK deals
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19th Dec 2020
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Hexagon Rug

Hexagon Rug

Hexagon Rug In 2 Colour Options – 150 X 180 Cm The contemporary appearance of our Hexagon Rug makes it an easy way to give your living space a geometric style spin. Measuring...Read moreVery deals
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10th Dec 2020
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Find all the best affordable quality rugs available in the UK!

About Rugs

Rugs have always been natural insulators. Thus, they have the ability to cut down on noise and give you a warming and comfortable feeling when you are barefooted. As compared to carpets, they are way easier to maintain since they are simple to clean. Hence, they would enable you to add colour and style to your room, most especially if it is neutral.

Rugs are available in a wide array of density, which may range from 30 knots per inch to 290 knots considered to be the very fine type, they will add flavour to your home for sure. There are area rugs which are typically used for centerpieces. They would set and decorate your place. Aside from this, machine made rugs are also not difficult to find. They are less expensive so you can get one even if you are in a tight budget. If not, woven rugs are also available. Most of them are created with weaving looms that can produce multiple colours of yearn that are sewn for backing material. These are just among the types that you can look out for.

It is never too late to transform your space. As you transform yours with one of the hand-knotted, hand-tufted, or machine-made rugs available in the market, you are taking your place to a whole new level. They would play a vital role in creating an ambiance to your room. Thus, providing texture, colour and shape. Just choose one that would complement the design of your humble abode and you are on the right track already.

Where Can I Get Cheap Rugs UK?

Amazon UK rug sale

Do you need cheap extra large rugs for your living room? Today, cheap large rugs for living room and any area of your home can be bought with the convenience of the internet. Discover the availability of cheap rugs online. Watch out for clearance sales on rugs and save a lot from your purchase.

Make the most of Ikea rugs or even cheap rugs eBay and you will find cheap wool rugs, cheap shaggy rugs and cheap purple rugs in no time. From wool, cotton, jute, sisal to silk rugs - we have exciting features waiting just for you.

Make the most of the price drops, discount codes, sales, freebies and special offers here in Latest Deals. You can get cheap rugs from your most reputable retailers including Amazon, B&M, Costco, Dunelm, Wayfair and many more.

With our team of money-saving experts and a community of bargain hunters who regularly update our members with affordable deals and offers on rugs, you can be assured that your are going to spare extra money from your transaction.

Best Sites to Get Cheap Rug

Cheap extra large rugs, IKEA rugs

Shop for the best rugs from the following retailers:

👍 ASDA. Make the most of the 20% off of this retailer for rugs. Most of the rugs available from this retailer are of modern designs and patterns. Do not get this wrong though because if you are into vintage ones, there are also selected styles that you may find useful. Check on them now.

👍 B&M. The clearance sale of B&M for rugs is absolutely one you should not miss. You will enjoy from its price reductions that may give you a rug for as low as £10.00. Discounts like this happen only once in a while. Grab its special buy before it is too late!

👍 Costco. Go to Costco and know its price reductions for rugs. Aside from this, there are also offers on rug accessories like cleaners that you can use as well. Hurry up and learn more about this before it is gone.

👍 Dunelm. Browse through the rugs of Dunelm and apply at least 20%, 30% to 50% off your purchase. Get from polar shaggy rugs, sheepskin rugs, wool rugs and many others. You can definitely shop by sizes, shapes, materials, patterns, types and brands.

👍 Habitat. Visit Habitat and get at least 70% off when you buy a rug from this retailer. Shop according to the size, colour, material, type and collection you like. There are features from Etch, Starfloral, Coates, Hurst, and many more that you may find useful in your selection.

How to Select the Best Rug

Cheap purple rugs, Dunelm

You have probably expected that there is an overwhelming number of rugs available all over the market. Since you have a sea of options, there is a tendency for you to get errors in buying. Thus, it is not surprising why others would want to know the best way to buy an area rug. After all, this has always been possible. You just have to remember a few things.

First of all, you can always start by determining the space you are about to put the rug. In here, you have to ensure that the size is going to fit well without any problems. Others may believe that everything is about the colour and style; however, these should be secondary concerns behind the measurement that they prefer.

The materials where the rug are made of also matter. The same is also true with the maintenance it calls for in order to preserve its beauty. You should all look at these before picking a kind for you.

Fortunately, you can always educate yourself about the different attributes of rugs available. When you are well-informed, it would not be a struggle to narrow down your requirements that may lead you to the perfect choice for you.

Rug Buying Guide: Tips for Choosing the Right Area Rug

Area Rug Construction

There are various construction techniques employed for the creation of rugs. While it is common to see manufacturers out there that utilise high-speed and accurate machines, the popularity of handmade rugs by craftsmen is still beyond compare.

  • Hand-Knotted Rugs. The creation of the base of this hand-knotted rug is done with the vertical running of warps on a loom. This may require a massive amount of manpower and labor. As a matter of fact, a large hand-knotted rug may call for a team of weavers on a year in order to be made. However, the quality of this has always been beyond match. Knots per square produce defined and intricate patterns all the time. Thus, they enhance durability that can translate to the most dependable material used.
  • Hooked and Tufted Rugs. These Tufted and Hooked Rugs are put together with a fabric base. In order to keep the tufts in place, the back of the rug has to be glued. What makes tufted and hooked rugs different in that tufted rugs would ask for the cutting of surface pile in order to produce a dense and plush file. On the other hand, hooked rugs would leave the yarns uncut so that their looped and rounded appearance may all be retained.
  • Braided Rugs. In most homes, Braided rugs are dubbed as universal in the early times. They are constructed with the construction of banded braid, cloth, flat and yarn. When it comes to braided luxury rugs, they are made of 100% wool and they would always offer an appealing thick look to many. Another unique feature of this type is that it is reversible. You just have to periodically flip it to prolong its use.
  • Flat-Woven Rugs. Flat-woven rugs, or sometimes referred to as the flat weaves, are built in various ways. Generally, the yarn would have to be tightly woven just along the foundation structure of the yarns. This is when the yarn becomes flat. You would not even see knots in them because they can cover the top and bottom of your rugs. This is when the flat-woven rugs become reversible. If you are into decorative rugs, this is perfect for you.
Rug Materials
  • Wool. This originates from sheeps, but there can be other sources too like Angora goats. The best wools are the ones which are from Argentine and New Zealand. As for top-quality area rugs, wool does not disappoint. It has the ability to retain its shape regardless of the crushing.
  • Silk. Silk is from the cocoon of silkworms. In order to make a product, processing and handling are both required. This explains why this material can be expensive. If you want a sophisticated and elegant rug, and then this material may contribute a lot.
  • Synthetic Materials. There are already synthetic materials available these days like polypropylene, polyester and nylon. For one, Polypropylene may be the most ideal substitute for wool, most especially when you use the rug as a damp or high-traffic area. It is also easy to clean.
Rug Styles
  • Traditional Rugs. These are the oriental rugs that showcase beautifully ornate patterns with animal, flowers, scrolls or medallion motifs. Expect for the palette colours to be extensive. They may range from soft pastels to rich blues, reds and golds. Indeed, this is a timeless piece.
  • Contemporary Rugs. These types of rugs are just so popular today. Their styles are of different colours and patterns which may include textural, solid, geometric and floral themes. Getting one may bring interest to your room most especially if you have traditional furniture.
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