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Space Hulk (PS Vita)

Space Hulk (PS Vita)

“WE ARE THE VANGUARD OF HONOR. THE CUTTING EDGE OF THE BLOOD ANGELS. WE BRING DEATH.” The legendary Space Hulk returns to the Sony Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita in this epic...Read moreebay deals
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29th Jun 2017
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Root Letter (PS Vita)

Root Letter (PS Vita)

- An intense murder mystery set in a gorgeous real-word, rural Japanese setting - Stunning Visual Novel artwork from the renowned Mino Taro - Increased Gameplay elements - search...Read moreBase deals
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24th Apr 2017
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About PS Vita
Exclusive deals on PS Vita!

PS Vita or PlayStation Vita is a handheld console that is developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. This device is the successor of PlayStation Portable and was released in Japan in December 2011. It was released to the other countries in February 2012.

This particular console is the major competitor of Nintendo 3DS. They are part of the 8th generation video gaming consoles. This is a 5-inch handheld device that features an OLED multi-touch capacitive touchscreen. It has two analog sticks together with front and shoulder push-button input.

This device supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. It also uses a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor and a quad-core SGX543MP graphics processing unit. Sony Computer Entertainment revised the original model and released the PS Vita series including the PS Vita slim which is smaller in size and has extended battery life.

The demand for the PS Vita console increased because of the release of their high profile PlayStation Vita games. These include Persona 4 Golden, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified, and more.

How to Setup the PS Vita for Beginners

Why You Should Purchase PS Vita Console And Games Today

The number of gamers all over the world is increasing and most of them are interested in getting a PS Vita console. It is like having a PS2 in your pocket which is very entertaining to play and convenient to bring anywhere.

There are lots of amazing video games that you can choose from. You can even get them at very prices most especially when you buy them in game bundles. PS Vita games are available instore and online thus making it more convenient for you to buy them.

They have games that are child-friendly and there are games that adults will surely enjoy. Sony Computer Entertainment made sure that there are games for every genre. There are even game series that will keep you interested. Try out the PS Vita games yourself and have a great time.

The Best PS Vita Games Of All Time

  • Velocity 2X. This is an action-packed and fast shooter game with a booming soundtrack. In this game, you can dodge enemy attacks, teleport through walls, and more. The controls are super easy and you will not get tired of this game.
  • Tearaway. This is an innovative adventure game that is perfect to be played for the PS Vita console. It is a papercraft world that you can explore. Be amazed by the landscape and be entertained with the characters in the game.
  • Guacamelee. This is a Metroidvania game that has lots of underground tunnels, cloud c0vered fortresses, and sun-soaked desserts. You will have lots of fun playing memorable characters, discovering secrets, and finding playing hidden challenges.
  • Odin Sphere Leifthraiser. This is an action RPG game that has all the aspects that will provide you with hours of entertainment. The combat sequences are easy to learn. The gameplay is fast and smooth which is really spectacular.
  • Dragon Quest Builders. This is not just your ordinary building game. You have the freedom to do what you want and remake the game world according to your wants just like Terraria and Minecraft. It is one of the most interesting buildings role-playing games today.
How to Get Cheap PS Vita Deals Online
Cheap PS Vita games and accessories, Amazon UK

You might be interested in purchasing Playstation Vita games and a PS Vita console. Here at Latest Deals, we will provide you with information about the latest cheap deals and offers. There are definitely many ways for you to save on your purchases over the internet.

Getting access to quality but cheap products online have been made so much easier. You can buy PS Vita products at the comfort of your own home. Take this wonderful chance to find what you are searching for and get them at very low prices. Save as much as 40% on selected Cex PS Vita game purchases.

Get only top-notch video games that will surely satisfy your needs and wants. Some UK retailers have seasonal clearance and PS Vita game sales. If you really want to save a lot of money, you should purchase products during special sales to get promotional discounts.

Here is a list of the UK retailers where you can get cheap PS Vita bargains and deals

Choose among the different UK retailers on where you can get the best PS Vita bundle deals and bargains. Our savvy money-saving experts will provide you with useful tips for you to save money. There are even retailers that have warranty offers on select items.

Stick to your budget when you use voucher codes from your favourite retailers to maximise your savings. You can get PS Vita console UK voucher codes to use on your next shopping spree and get access to great selection of items.

We will also provide you information about the PS Vita slim vs PS Vita reviews so that you can choose the best console for your gaming needs. Enjoy massive savings when you browse for quality selections from trusted retailers.

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