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Playstation Icons Light XL

Playstation Icons Light XL

Maybe a great gift for a Playstation fan? This product is made using BDP which stands For breakdown plastic - an organic additive that helps plastic decompose at landfill without...Read more365games deals
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23rd Feb
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Playstation Icons LED Light

Playstation Icons LED Light

The icons that everybody knows from the original Playstation are featured on this PlayStation Icon Light. It illuminates the dark with a soft colourful glow. PlayStation Icons...Read moreAmazon deals
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9th Feb
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All the best PlayStation sale and voucher codes in the UK!

You Are Not Ready

PlayStation is gaming console brand developed by Sony. It comes with 4 lines of consoles, a line of controllers, a media center, an online service, and so much more. The first PlayStation was released in 1994 and was a massive hit worldwide. After 6 years, PlayStation 2 was released, followed by PlayStation 3 in 2006, and PlayStation 4 in 2013, which was all well-received by gaming aficionados in the UK and around the globe.

In terms of graphic quality, the initial release offered a major improvement in the gaming experience of the players in the early 90s. Games load faster because of the encoded CD-ROM and game environments have richer visuals. On the other hand, PS2 innovated game play and processing power by introducing a 66 million polygons per second capable CPU. It also featured a modem and USB ports allowing online play.

As its popularity continued to grow, Microsoft and NIntendo jumped on board with Xbox 360 and Wii. With competition growing strong, the brand released PS3 which came jam-packed with enhanced features including WiFi, Bluetooth, a Blu-Ray drive, a web browser, and so much more.

As technology evolves, so does the PlayStation with the introduction of the slimmer and lighter PS4. The biggest names of the gaming world can be played in this console from the all-time favourite Call of Duty to the iconic Star Wars Battlefront. You can also redefine your expectations immersion in gaming by incorporating the PlayStation VR which provides a gaming experience like no other. It lets you step into an amazing virtual worlds and intense challenges that lets your intuition take over.

A retrospective look back at the history of PlayStation, chronicling the creation of Sony Computer Entertainment and the launch of the original PlayStation console and the DualShock Controller.

Where Can I Find Cheap PlayStation Deals?

Pre-owned cheap PS4 console and PS4 bundle deals, GAME

Own the current PlayStation 4 games, gaming consoles, controllers and accessories without compromising your budget. You can easily find PS4 deals Tesco, PS4 Argos and other offers for PS4 bundle here at Latest Deals. With the fantastic deals, special offers, sales, price drops, price reductions and freebies you can find here, you can definitely own that PlayStation console that you’ve been eyeing.

We have a massive community of bargain hunters who are always on the lookout to find the most exciting gaming offers online. So whether you’re after a PlayStation 4 Pro from Argos, PS4 1tb bundle deals and other PlayStation bargain deal, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of money-experts, on the other hand, will provide you with essential tips and tricks on how you can save on your online and instore shopping.

Do not forget to bookmark this page and watch out for the latest discount codes, voucher codes and special offers from your favourite UK retailers and never miss out on any amazing savings!

Best UK Sites to Get Cheap PlayStation 4 Deals Online

PS4 bundle offer, Curry’s PC World

If you’re looking for the cheapest PlayStation deals online, whether brand new, used or bundled, here’s a list of sites you can check out:

👍 Argos

👍 Tesco

👍 eBay

👍 Currys

👍 Amazon

👍 Bargain Crazy

👍 eBay


👍 Hughes

You can find a wide selection of PlayStation consoles, games, controllers, and accessories here at everyday low prices. These retailers also often have clearance sale events where you can get some fantastic money off on select items.

The best time to shop for gadgets is during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale events in the UK where you can take advantage of huge price reductions on PS4 games and consoles. There are also exclusive bundle deals that can save you more than £100. Make sure to use the latest PlayStation discount codes here at Latest Deals for additional money off. You can even get free delivery on your purchases!

Best PlayStation 4 Accessories

Cheap PS4 accessories, eBay

Exaggeration aside, PlayStation 4 console probably has all the things you need. Getting started with it is really simple and easy. However, it would not hurt to add a number of accessories most especially if you want to enhance your whole gaming experience. While most of these are already included for convenience, there are other features you simply will not get from a gamepad and PS4 alone. This is when a number of PS4 accessories comes in.

☑️ EarForce. This is an amplifier you can attach between your headset and PS4 controller. It comes with a boostable base and as well as a superhuman hearing mode. If you are playing as a first-person shooter, this will be a great addition to your game. With it, you will also appreciate the surround-sound effects that are set virtually.

☑️ Steering Wheel. If you are a racing game fan, this steering wheel is perfect for you. This comes with pedals too which is normally available in Amazon, among others. Basically, there are just serious racing games out there and if you know a lot of them, then you might need a steering wheel set. Usually, this has motors so that you can pull it against your hands when you need to turn around the corners. It also has the ability to stimulate forces so you will feel as if you are indeed in a real car. Find one with a belt system.

☑️ Virtual Reality. The Virtual Reality of PlayStation is no longer brand new. But still, it is a basic that completes every gaming experience. Most units available are immersive and comfortable. They also have a pretty good library of games which you can find useful for sure. If you want to make the most of this, try on Resident Evil 7 and Superhot VR. Furthermore, if you are after a really full experience, you may have to secure move controllers and camera.

☑️ Wireless Headset. In terms of wireless headsets for your PS4, you should ensure that you buy a unit with exceptional audio performance, balance and mic sounds. Today, it is possible to find 3D audio support anyway which can create a hundred virtual speaker. This is responsible for the more immersive potential sound that you can achieve eventually.

☑️ Hard Drive. It surely is not your first time to hear about hard drives. Eventually, as you go along enjoying your PS4, you will realise that your 500GB is not enough. This is true most especially for many active players out there. If you see yourself needing game installations from time to time, maybe it is just right to have an extension for your memory. When you pop in a new hard drive, get at least the 2TB. That should be enough. Get these from your hard drive.


  • I have had all the Playstations over the years & I absolutely love them, I still enjoy playing classics on the PS2 but wow the PS4 is fantastic, you can play every genre of game from RPG to first person shooter. The graphics are excellent. For those who already have or are thinking about owning a 4K TV the PS4 Pro is the one to go for as there is more graphics power meaning sharper crisper images. The Playstation VR is a great addition to the Playstation console. While the games are expensive initially if you can wait a short while most of them drop considerably after a couple of months and you can always get discounts from voucher codes online. Playstation is a good all rounder, suitable for any aged family member. You can add all your entertainment extras such as Spotify, Netflix & Amazon prime video which means you can have everything in one place. SandyRhodes
  • Playstation have all the products you will need and good customers service.The support service is very good considering the amount of customers they have. There are some occasional offers and discounts from voucher codes online but the prices are much higher than smaller retailers. The website is easy to navigate but not my favourite layout.The troubleshooting section is very clear.I am generally happy with this company. They catch up with the current technology in other platforms too. KatherineSvenss
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