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All the best Jacob’s deals and discounts in the UK!

Ireland’s Number One Biscuit

Jacobs is a brand name of a product line of crackers and biscuits. This brand is very famous in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The brand name is operated and owned by Jacob Fruitfield Food Group which is a part of Valeo Foods. They produce delicious snacks for the Irish market. Their brand name is under United Biscuits, part of Pladis in the United Kingdom.

The Jacobs brand started as a small biscuit bakery which has a name of, W & R Jacob. The small bakery was founded in the year 1851 in Bridge Street, Waterford, Ireland. This was possible because of the efforts of William Beale Jacob and Robert Jacob his brother. They then moved to Bishop Street in Dublin, Ireland to open up a factory. They also opened one in LIverpool.

In 1922 the company have separated into two branches and they once again merged in 1990 and beame the Jacob's Biscuit Group. The companies Groupe Danone and United Biscuits announced that they will acquire Jacob's Biscuit Group and in 2004 it beame formal. Valeo Foods then was established in 2010 because of the merger of Batchelors and Origin Foods.

Because of their acquisitions, United Biscuits and Jacob Fruitfield Food Group have battled in court over the use of the Jacob's brand name. Nonetheless the Jacobs brand is still one of the most recognisable biscuit and cracker brands in the UK.

Where can I get cheap Jacobs deals in the UK?

Jacobs deals, Tesco

You may be interested to have a delicious snack. If you are then you should try snaking on Jacobs products. They have a wide variety of delicious biscuits and cracker that will surely stimulate your taste palate including Jacobs cream crackers, crispbreads, cheeselets, kimberley biscuits, butter puffs, biscuits for cheese, Jacobs crackers selection box, and Jacobs crackers tin.

If you want to save money on your purchases use the best cheap Jacobs voucher codes at popular UK retailers including B&M, ASDA, Morrisons and Poundstretcher. This will enable you to save as much as 40% on selected snack items.

They have biscuits that are cheese flavoured and there are plain ones for those who are on a diet. When you buy these snack items online, rest assured that all the items that you will get are fresh and high-quality. The manufacturers made sure that they only use the best ingredients and their biscuit making process is carefully monitored.

Choose the best Jacobs deals for you

Jacobs crackers, ASDA

Jacobs snack products are tasty treats that you and your children will enjoy snacking on. We will provide you with some tips on how you can save some money when you purchase Jacobs snack foods. When buying online don’t forget to use the best cheap Jacobs voucher codes to get big discounts on your purchases. You can purchase Jacobs products at affordable prices when you buy at Poundshop, Tesco, and other UK retailers.

It is highly advised that you double check the expiration date of the products that you are going to buy most especially when they are food items. Jacobs snack products are made from fresh and quality ingredients. Their snack items also have a long shelf life. Get great value for your money and only buy original Jacobs biscuits and crackers.

History of Jacob’s Bakery

Jacobs Classic Crackers Product Varieties

  • Classic Cream Crackers. You can choose from a jam or butter and cheese or ham. This snack is made with only the finest ingredients available . It is also freshly packed for crispy goodness.
  • Cracked Black Pepper Crack. The same great and outstanding flavour as your classic cream crackers with a special bonus. It is a perfect base for your favourite topping.
  • Snap Wheat Crackers. Baked to perfection with wheat bran. This is a snack that you can eat any time of the day. Every bite is heavenly because of its taste and crispiness..
  • Cream Crackers Light. If you are looking for a lighter alternative then this is the snack for you. Don’t worry because it does not compromise its flavour.
  • Cream Crackers Snack Packs. They are packed in individual packs that are very handy for a quick snack. Take this with you anywhere you go.
Jacobs Light Lunches Product Varieties
  • Multigrain & Seed Rice Cakes. It is their very famous rice cake that has a delicious taste and a kick of crunch. It is very satisfying to the palate with its lovely seeds and multigrain.
  • Sesame Crisp Toast. Take a bite of this delicious snack. It is bursting with toasted goodness that is balanced flavour which is perfect for any topping or dip.
  • Multigrain Crisp Toast. This is a great snack in-between or right after work. Enjoy it with your friends or co-workers. If you are fond of eating toasted treats then this one is definitely a must-try food snack.
  • Crisp Bakes. It is really for people with an appreciation for crisp snacks. You can have this with your favourite coffee or tea. This is a favourite of children and adults alike.
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