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Cheap Mug Deals, Voucher Codes & Offers on Sale

Looking for cheap variety of mugs for your home or office, or maybe as a present for any occasion? Feast your eyes on the wide selection of mugs online! Whether you prefer ceramic ones, novelty mugs, magic mugs or those personalised ones, you can choose from the available top and latest offers shared by an amazing community of bargain hunters. Photo mugs from Snapfish, porcelain mugs from Argos, china mugs from Debenhams are just a few of the options. Get them at lower rates when you use discount or voucher codes or if you're lucky, have them delivered for free.

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Are You Childish Mug
A great and hilarious gift for your love ones or friends! Will make a great stocking filler or secret Santa this Christmas! Get these @ amazon for only £6.49.... Read more
3rd Dec
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Harry Potter Crests Mug Set
Branded gift box containing 4 mugs The ceramic mugs all feature the relevant house crest printed in vibrant colours to look just like the crests in the Harry Potter series... Read more
2nd Dec
Zavvi deals
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Plastic Mug
Elegant Fancy Design Standard Plastic Designer Party Mugs in 6 Assorted Colors https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01C7FZAGY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_UyCaCb3GN5KJG... Read more
30th Nov
Amazon deals
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Marvel Mug
Calling all superheroes. This Marvel mug is the ideal gift for all superhero fans. Be the envy of your family and colleagues when you share your afternoon brew with the Hulk... Read more
22nd Nov
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Self Stirring Mug
This would make a great gift! Currently with a 10% off coupon. Also take a look at the video demonstration on this mug further down the page to see it in action. Just enter the... Read more
21st Nov
Zaroxy deals
Get the best savings on mugs and mug sets with the latest mug discounts and voucher codes in the UK!

A mug is a kind of cup that is specifically used to drink hot beverages, such as soup, tea, hot chocolate, and coffee. Mugs have handles so that you can easily drink its content. It is much larger than a typical cup and holds a larger amount of liquid which is more convenient for many. A typical mug holds around 1-12 US fluid ounces or 350 ml of liquid. Its capacity is double the amount of what a cup can hold.

In the early days, mugs were made from bones, clay or wood. Today mugs are usually made from ceramic materials such as earthenware, porcelain, bone china, or stoneware. There are even some mugs that are made from Pyrex which is a type of strengthened glass. Some manufacturers also make mugs made from steel, plastic or enamelled metal most especially this that are used for travelling.

Travel mugs are insulated to keep its content warm and to avoid spillage. In this modern age, mugs are more dynamic because of the logos, images, and decals that can be printed on the item. This can make mugs personalised to show off the personality of the user.

How Can I Save on Mugs?

Cheap designer mugs on sale at Debenhams

Having a mug of your own is very important most especially for people who love to drink coffee or tea. Here at Latest Deals, we will provide you with the best possible bargains in the UK. Purchase personalised mugs that will fit your needs and lifestyle. You can get them from your favourite UK retailers such as Disney, Twinings Teashop, Truprint, Argos, Burton, and Sports Direct.

You can buy cheap mugs in bulk or in individual items. You can save some money if you buy mug sets. There are certain voucher codes for these items. If you want to buy designer mugs or travel mugs do not forget to use the latest discount codes so that you can save money on your purchases.

Our community of bargain hunters are always on the lookout for the best mug deals, clearance sale, discount codes and voucher codes which you can use to get some money off. We also have a team of money saving experts who always share tips and tricks on how you can save on your purchases both online and in store.

Make sure to bookmark this page to get updated on the latest sales from your favourite UK retailers!

Where Çan I Find Cheap Mug Deals in the UK?

You can buy all sorts of mugs at the comforts of your home these days. From personalised mugs to designer mugs, the selection online is massive. You don’t have to worry about breaking your bank account though as there are plenty of savings waiting for you here at Latest Deals.

Take advantage of as much as 80% off on mug sets, travel mug, plain white mugs and more when you use the latest discount codes and voucher codes you can find here. Plus you can even get free delivery on your purchases!

Here’s a list of the best UK sites offering some of the cheapest deals on mugs:

☕ Argos

☕ Amazon

☕ Debenhams

☕House of Fraser

☕ eBay

☕ The Works

☕ Ikea

☕ Dunelm

Different Kinds of Mugs

Cheap mugs on sale, Amazon UK
  • Ordinary Mugs – These are your typical mugs. You can purchase them almost anywhere and they are made from various materials, including enamel, glass and ceramic.
  • Thermal Mugs – These mugs are mostly made from a mixture of steel and carbon to keep heat from escaping keeping your drink warm for a longer period of time.
  • Travel Mugs – These mugs are very durable and have a lid to prevent liquid from spilling when you carry them for your travel or sports activities.
  • Chalk Mugs – You can write a message on this mug and you can change the message by simply washing it. These mugs are great to be used in the office or any workplace.
  • Self-stirring mugs – These mugs are battery operated which allows the contraption under the mug to spin and stir the liquid. This is great in increasing coffee crema making your drink smoother and bubblier.

Various Material Used in Making Mugs

Mugs clearance sale, Argos
  • Porcelain – It is a strong and insulating material. It has the capacity to withstand hot liquid. It keeps the liquid warm for a very long time. It is also easy to design, mould and paint.
  • Enamel - These kinds of mugs are not completely made from enamel. It is a mixture of powdered glass on ceramics or metal. Manufacturers do this to provide a high-gloss finish. This allows the mug to be scratch-, corrosion-, and shatter-resistant. These mugs are great to be used for camping and travels.
  • Plastic – This material is one of the most used in the world. Plastic cups cannot be smashed like ceramic mugs and they are also not metallic so it is corrosion-resistant. The downside of plastic mugs is that they are not good in the heat insulating your drink.
  • Steel – This material is used to make break-proof mugs. Today steel is utilized to make thermal mugs which is a mixture of stainless steel, carbon and chromium to make it unbreakable and corrosion-resistant. Steel is also a good heat insulator so it will keep your drink warm longer.
  • Glass – Mugs made from normal glass can shatter if you pour a hot drink to it but mugs today are made from treated glass. It may be not as strong as steel, enamel, or ceramics, but they are heat treated to reduce breakage.

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