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Cheap Playmobil Deals, Discounts and Voucher Code

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Playmobil is the classic toy kids love to play with. It is often on sale in the Argos 3 for 2 offer, but you can also find it in the Debenhams toys section, and on Playmobil's own website. If you're looking for a Playmobil deal this page lists the cheapest offers available.

A Staple In Every Family Household

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Playmobil is a line of children’s toys that are manufactured by Brandstatter Group. The company is headquartered in Zirndorf, Germany. They are well known for making human figure toys that are approximately 3 inches tall.

Aside from human figures they also have a wide range of toy products including vehicle, animals, buildings, and accessories. This type of toy is produced in individual figures and themed series of sets. The company developed new products and they also sell older sets that are discontinued in production.

The company manufactures toys in limited quantities which increased the number of collectors. But it did not stop there. Collector activities also extended beyond freeform play. It also includes miniature wargaming, photo stories collection, stops motion decoration, and customisation.

The toys were developed by Hans Beck who is a German inventor. He was a hobbyist who loves to create model airplanes which he proposed to the Geobra Brandstatter. They asked Beck to create toy figures instead.

The development of the toy line Playmobil took three years. Beck came up with a toy that is 7.5 cms tall which fit the small hands of a child. The facial features were based on the drawings of children which comprises of a large head, no nose, and a big smile.

Benefits of Playing With Playmobil Toys

Playmobil toy products help improve the creativity of children. Almost all of the toy figures are unnamed thus allowing the child to use their imagination to invent the characters and give names to their toys.

Furthermore, most of the Playmobil sets require assembly which improves the child’s intellect in building the toys just like solving puzzles. It also gives the child a sense of accomplishment since it gives them a rewarding feeling once they have finished assembling the toy models.

The company also complied to the standard designs to prevent children from three years old and below from choking on the toy items. There are also lots of toy sets to choose from. Playing with these toys is also a great bonding time for parents and their children. It can also improve the social skills of the children.

Best Selling Playmobil Sets

  • Santa's House. This comes to no surprise since children love Christmas. They love to play out stories of Santa, the elves, and reindeer. Your children will enjoy the festivities whole year round with this particular toy set.
  • Children’s Playground. The new preschool series is very fun to play with. It is a model of a realistic playground that you can find at a kindergarten school.
  • Pirate Attack Ship. This a toy that will bring out the pirate in you. Run the R/C underwater motor to the pirate attack ship so that you can control its destination.
  • Covered Wagon. This takes you back to the Old Western times. There is also cool accessories for bandits and cowboys which makes a great shoot out scenario.
  • Tactical Unit Command Vehicle. This looks like a real Tactical Unit Command Vehicle since it makes sounds and lights up. You can also control it since its R/C compatible.
  • Giant Troll and Dwarf Fighters. Play with Shrek look-alike figures. The hulking troll is fun to look at with his large and spiky club.
How to Get Cheap Playmobil Deals Online
Playmobil sale, BrandAlley

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