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Cutie Cat Alarm Clock

Cutie Cat Alarm Clock

Forget the snooze button and never sleep in again with this powder pink alarm clock featuring our sleepy Cutie Cat in a fresh white and sleek silver details. Purr-fectly...Read moreSassandbelle deals
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18th Jan
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Bear Mantel Clock

Bear Mantel Clock

Perfect for animal lovers this charming bear clock is perfect for adding some character to any space. Boasting a rustic look, this playful mantel clock offers a cute and...Read moreDunelm deals
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10th Jan
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Plum Pudding Mantel Clock

Plum Pudding Mantel Clock

Our gorgeous Plum Pudding Collection Mantel Clock will add a calming presence to any room in your house and is available to buy online today. A simply refined clock with a clean...Read moreDunelm deals
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8th Jan
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Floral Clock Grey

Floral Clock Grey

Also available in Cream https://www.dunelm.com/product/floral-clock-cream-1000181456 https://images.latestdeals.co.uk/c-4etCnmnp4.jpg This stylish quartz clock with a floral...Read moreDunelm deals
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6th Jan
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Ollie the Owl Gro Clock

Ollie the Owl Gro Clock

Introducing the Ollie the Owl Groclock a fun new twist on the award winning Groclock that is must have item for families all over the world. The Ollie the Owl Groclock uses fun...Read moreArgos deals
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1st Jan
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Here at Latest Deals, you can find deals on clocks with the help of the voucher codes, discount codes, price drops, special offers and coupons our massive community of bargain hunters have found. Big UK retailers such as Debenhams, Argos & Tesco offer a wide array of clocks you can feast your eyes on. In order to get extra savings on your clock purchase, feel free to browse through the tips, deals and techniques shared by our team of money-saving experts here at Latest Deals.

Best Sites to Get Cheap Clock Deals

Cheap clocks on sale, Amazon UK

Clocks can be purchased almost anywhere online, but what’s better is if you can browse through lists of affordable clocks. We always want to make sure that we get the best for less. Here are some UK retailers that are known for giving out the best deals online, even on clocks!

  • Wayfair. You have the option to turn your wall into the beaut it can be with Wayfair’s classy and timeless clocks. You can find simple to sophisticated designs on their wide range of clocks. You can get it delivered for free if your order is over 40. For orders less than 40, don’t worry, you can still have your clock delivered at just 4.99.
  • Tesco. Tesco has a huge array of clocks, from practical alarm clocks to eye-catching wall clocks. Browse through their selection of affordable clocks.
Cheap wall clocks and alarm clocks deal, Tesco
  • Argos. If you need that clock you’ve been eyeing online right away, you can purchase it through Argos and take advantage of their same day delivery option. Shop at their Home and Garden Department and be amazed of the savings you can get on their clock collections on clearance sale.
  • Debenhams. Whether you want to own a traditional mantel clock, a statement wall clock or an alarm clock that can wake you up from your deep slumber, you might want to check out the sale department of Debenhams. They offer clocks of the most elegant designs from The London Clock Company and more with savings of up to 50% off rrp.
  • Amazon. Amazon has almost everything on their online store. Rest assured you can find various clocks here. From wall clocks to desk clocks, shelf clocks to grandfather clocks, any choice of clock – they have it at Amazon. Get low prices on clocks with their regular sales and enjoy additional exclusive perks of Amazon Prime.
Cheap clock UK special offers, Debenhams

Best Quality Kitchen Clocks Under £25

Everybody loves dressing up his or her home – that includes the kitchen. Never lose track of time with a stylish wall clock. Here are some good finds on cheap kitchen clocks that can be bought online.

  • HOME Satellite Black Wall Clock, Home by Argos. If you are looking into purchasing a modern and stylish wall clock that can add that contemporary feel to the room, then this elegant black wall clock is what you need. The HOME Satellite Black Wall Clock is available for faster in-store collection and same day delivery from Argos.
  • Jones Cabin Wall Clock – White & Green, Jones Clock. A minimalist treasure. This modern clock features a pale wood effect case with a crisp green dial. This can surely add a splash of freshness to your room.
  • Aleah Flexi 31cm Wall Clock, Wayfair. This is one of the stars of the Orren Ellis collection. This clock is aimed to complement various subtle modern designs with its amazing sleek patterns.
  • Baggarly Elegance 23cm Wall Clock, Wayfair. If you want to add a hint of antique-look to your kitchen, you can never go wrong with this wall clock. You can really distinguish the artistry they have put into this piece with its sophisticated details. Now, you can achieve the classic charm of the English countryside with Baggarly Elegance 23cm Wall Clock from Wayfair.
Clock history and how they workTime Display Clock Methods
  • Analog Clocks. An analog clock indicates the time using different angles with the help of the moving dials or hands. It typically displays 12 hours in a circular scale that is used to distinguish 60 minutes and 60 seconds. The 24 hour analog dial is starting to become popular these days as well. Oh, the wonderful evolution of analog clocks from sundials to the complexed 24 hour analog dial.
  • Digital Clocks. The numeric display format is what that sets digital clocks apart from the others. It shows a numeric representation of time that makes it easier for people to read. Digital clocks mostly use LED or LCD display. Depending on the model of the digital clock, it can carry various useful features. Sometimes, it’s just more than just giving us the time as it has the ability to display dates, temperature and more.
  • Auditory Clocks. Auditory clocks present the time as sounds. This is very helpful especially to those who suffer from blindness. It can tell the time by natural language or by auditory codes, depending on how it was set.
Number of enterprises for the manufacture of watches and clocks in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2017, by turnover size band - Statistica

Best Features You Need to Look For in a Digital Wall Clock

It’s just not about displaying the time. Actually, there are various features you need to look out for in purchasing you next digital wall clock. And, who knows? You might just find these features useful.

  • Alarm Clock. It is ideal to have a built in alarm function to your digital clock instead of purchasing a separate alarm clock. This can be very helpful in reminding you of important stuff and to-do’s throughout the day, including waking up.
  • Water Resistant. If you plan to put up your wall clock inside your bathroom or near your porch, it is best to make sure your wall clock is water resistant. This can ensure that your wall clock is built to function even if it gets splashes from your shower or the rain. Most of the water resistant clocks are also made with anti-fog screens. A perfect touch to its very convenient feature.
  • Power Supply. Some clocks are purchased to be moved around by homeowners. If this is the case, it’s ideal to purchase clocks that are battery-operated. However, if you plan to set it up permanently on a single spot, a power plug feature can be very helpful.
  • Trend Indicator. This can help you plan your day and the days to come as it shows a weather temperature prediction.
  • Temperature Sensor. In order to get that perfect room temperature that you find comfortable, you can adjust either your air conditioner or heater accordingly with the help of the clock’s built-in temperature sensor.
  • Radio Controlled. If your clock is radio controlled that means that you don’t have to update it manually anymore. It automatically provides you with the accurate time and info on your specific time signal in the UK.
  • Calendar. This important digital clock feature will save you the time to pull out your phone calendar. This functions by displaying the date in a numbered format.
  • LED Display. If you decide to go with a LED display instead of LCD, then you can spare yourself from requiring a backlight. You will have the ability to see what your clock is displaying from almost any corner of the room.
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