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The best Hitman sale and discount codes from your favourite UK online retailers!

The Danish company, IO Interactive was the brain behind Hitman. Eidos Interactive and Square Enix published it initially. In June 2017, however, IO interactive had a complete management buyout of the game. That was the time it gained its independent status and retaining its rights.

Today, the series can be played on various platforms. It is available for Microsoft Windows and in different video game consoles such as GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and lastly, Xbox One. The franchise goes with two novels and a graphic novel as well.

The aim of every level is to destroy assigned multiple targets. There are also instances when there is an optional bonus, and in other cases, Hitman enables the player to complete tasks. As a player, you can go for a precise assassination to attain mission goals. But then, it is crucial to understand that the game has a subtle approach in terms of the awarding of special weapons. The same is also true with cash bonuses.

In 2007, Hitman was adapted to film based from the storyline of the game. The movie was such a hit (no pun intended) that a second one titled Hitman: Agent 47 was released in 2015.

Top-Rated Hitman Games

Ever since the year 2000, Hitman has formed a massive amount of following. Well, it cannot be denied that Hitman, also known as Agent 47, is a memorable video game character.

The developer, IO interactive, has assured that the game is released strategically. That led it to the launching of five core games. On top of this, there are also spin-offs that have been found in the market as well. If you are new to this game, these are the versions you have to know about:

  • Hitman: Codename 47 (2000). This version introduces players to the ever-remarkable Agent 47. This popular assassin strutting in a suit with a tattooed forehead is a third-person game that has birthed to classics. These are the Deus Ex and Thief. An exciting and tense stealth gameplay concentrates on silent killing. Hitman: Codename 47 is commended for its graphics.
  • Hitman: Snipper (2005). This spinoff is bound for smartphones and tablets. The concentration here is on the gameplay of Hitman - that is shooting through a sniper rifle. The narrative of this is limited. It only has Agent 47 travelling to a fancy neighbourhood situated in Montenegro. The idea is to kill high-profile aims. However, it is also possible to shoot those attending a party at the apartment.
  • Hitman: Absolution (2012). In the year 2012, this was a much-awaited game. That is not surprising knowing that Hitman: Absolution turned out to be a solid entry as far as the series is concerned. The focus of this version is on the story and the spectacle surrounding the assassination missions. Some of the features of this are linear. They can be slow in the motion shooting as well.
  • Hitman: Contracts (2004). The Hitman: Contracts was a follow up for Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. Many would like to believe that it is a solid follow-up. The game features a good mix of action and stealth that involve different assassination missions. It transpires in Romania to Rotterdam where Agent 47 has to deal with sociopaths, dealers and other corrupt noblemen.

Evolution of Hitman games

Beginners’ Guide to Hitman

Hit was only a bite-sized episodic format. However, that has changed already with its complete feature. Hence, getting a complete disc has never been this easy. It would not be named a favourite game of 2016 for nothing. You must try it as much as possible. If you are now ready to step on 47’s shoes. Here are some of the tips that you can ponder upon:

Know the way suspicion happens. This is the core of the game. Hitman is known as a stealth game. Thus, it is necessary to achieve good scores so that you can complete elusive targets. Aside from this, understand the suspicion. Ensure that you can comprehend this in details. If you have to repeat all the time, that should be fine too.

Utilise the different alert stages. Hitman is a best-case scenario. This may go wrong without seeing an alert stage. With that, deal with the situation. Do not worry because your current status will be around your map. This is a way for you to run down simply. These are some you should know about:

  • Suspicious. This status pops up whenever something is about to occur. For instance, there is an event, or maybe, an adverse impact is about to transpire on a level. You may be in a place that is not for you. Just be aware that suspicion expires. It will very quickly. Move away whenever you can because it can be aggressive.
  • Trespassing. Trespassing is a self-explanatory term. You can come across an area that does not work for your disguise. Somebody can be suspicious of that. There can be a point when trespassing is not the main focus for NPC. This occurs when there is panic in the level, or if a fire alarm has been pulled. Any of these can happen.
  • Hunted & Combat. These are joined together for they can be bad. Usually, hunted refers to revealing your identity. That signals to hide and move! Eventually, hunting will be compromised. Furthermore, combat is when your opponents are on you. The last thing you want are bullets flying on you.
  • Compromised. Among the many conditions, this is one you have to avoid. Literally, it means that your outfit is compromised because you are spotted. You can be crumbled on that. The guards will recognise you. They can spread information about you as well. To check this, you can go to “Hitman Vision.” Whatever you see highlighted in orange, that indicates the people who already know your real identity.

Focus on every opportunity and challenge system. When possible, look and use the ‘Opportunities’ system. This is useful most especially for newcomers and beginners. You can find this in the menus prior to and during the mission. Basically, opportunities are special paths in levels. They can assist you in your venture. Hence, they will enable you to master a level.

Throw blunt objects instead. This may sound strange but it is effective. Hitman actually discourages the employment of guns. Well, guns can be both loud and messy. In order to get rid of people, you can think about throwing objects instead. From soda cans, coconuts, wrenches and others - smash any to them.

Clean up yourself for more scores. While this tip is already obvious, you must be reminded that cleaning up yourself is the answer to higher scores. Apart from this, it can also eliminate suspicions. If you must hide bodies in containers or cupboards, concentrate on getting them out of sight.

Learn how to distract. In Hitman, proper distraction is the key. Make it on point. Get the guards out of the way. Divert the attention of the enemies. These are the works that matter. Use them well to your advantage. You can employ your coins here. They can thin the guards without the fear of being seen. Lure them so that they can be alone and vulnerable.

How to Get Cheap Hitman Deals Online

Hitman 2 PS4 price comparison

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