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Looking for Jack Daniels special offers. Grab a bottle or two of this delicious alcoholic drink for your party.

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All the best Jack Daniels on sale available in the UK!

The Taste of Tennessee

Jack Daniel is a known whiskey producer situated in Tennessee. Today, it is an understatement to say that the liquor created and produced by the said brand is one of the best-selling alcohols all over the world. As a matter of fact, it even became the choice of the famous rocker, Lemmy.

This whiskey is popular because it provides consumers with a wide array of choices. Thus, the brand has the ability to produce tasty and flavourful drink which many individuals love. Jack Daniels’ square-shaped and black-labelled bottles are truly iconic.

It was the rich history of Jack Daniels that makes it a regular among many fans across the globe. The 140-year life of Jack Daniels is almost synonymous to best-selling whiskeys which embody an old-fashioned brand combined with effective advertising and savvy salesmanship.

Needless to say, it is not surprising why many would turn to this smooth whiskey with a hint of smoky sweetness, aromas of vanilla, caramel and butterscotch, no wonder people always keep on coming back for more.

How Can I Get Cheap Jack Daniels Deals in the UK?

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Where Can I Buy Jack Daniels On Sale?

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Best-Selling Jack Daniels Products

Jack Daniels 700ml and 350ml offers at Sainsbury’s

In the whole world, Tennessee whiskeys are really popular. Thus, the style has always been very specific which can only be produced by two distilleries in the mentioned state. It is not surprising how it dominates the tight market which leads to the famous brand - Jack Daniel’s.

Do not confuse Bourbon with Tennessee. Most Tennessee whiskeys go through a tedious step and process which is dubbed as the Lincoln County process. This is how a new whiskey is created as it drips through a charcoal so that smoothness is ensured.

These are the four common Tennessee whiskeys Jack Daniel’s produces:

  • Jack Daniels Black Label. There are instances when this is dubbed as the Old No. 7 or just JD. Hence, Black Label became the iconic flagship whiskey of Jack Daniels and it remains to be the same up until now. A liquor shelf would not be completed without it. When it comes to age statements, you would not see any from Jack Daniel. According to the distillery, the bottle is ready once the taster is prepared for it as well. From big vanilla to the licorice flavours, the Black Label has one in store for you. It is not surprising how Black Label became a remarkable product of Jack Daniels.
  • Gentleman Jack. Gentleman Jack is considered to be the more refined and sophisticated brother of Black Label. It was launched primarily way back in the year 1988 which was a first from the brand for a couple of decades. What makes Gentleman Jack different from Black Label is that it was mellowed twice, which brought a sophisticated and eminently sippable whiskey. This is a drink is not just for men, but also for women. This is made of 40% ABV with an 80 proof.
  • Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select. For most whiskey connoisseurs, Single Barrel is commended as the perfect and top pick for followers. It was introduced in 1997 and it was used to be the single barrel whiskey from Tennessee which was made available during that time. Unlike the first few types of Jack Daniel’s, this liquor was aged on the upper floors of the house with the use of a drastic temperature. This in turn adds up to the flavour of the whiskey with a 94 proof. Many would definitely agree that this is a whiskey that sips even if it goes with an ice or not. Any drinkers of Jack Daniels Black Label would find Single Barrel Jack a treat and even a surprise as well. This may serve as a fusion of bourbon and whiskey with a 47% ABV and a 94 proof.
  • Jack Daniels Green Label. Looking among the various Jack Daniel, Green Label can be called a cult classic. Liquor hunters and enthusiasts would absolutely agree to this. This is also derived from the bottom floors of the aging house in which the mentioned liquor is barreled from, making Green Label not easy to find. They are elusive, which is the idea, thus making it a favourite among different whiskey collectors out there.
London bartender, Nathan Shearer heads off to Lynchburg, Tennessee to show you the Jack you don't know.Benefits of Drinking Whiskey
  • Aids healthy brain function. There was a study in the year 2003 which discovered drinking whiskey moderately to be effective in the reduction of Alzheimer’s development. The same may also be true to any forms of dementia. Just know your limits and you can definitely make the most of its benefits.
  • Helps avoid weight gain. Far from the usual mixed drink and beer that you might be accustomed to, whiskey is known to being low in calorie. It has a low-sugar choice which you can depend on. Have a shot of whiskey after your work and do not stress yourself of needing to hit the gym after.
  • Safe option for diabetics. Anyone who has diabetes may enjoy a couple of shots without worrying about doing so. This is fine because whiskey is low in sugar. This only shows that you can indulge in it without thinking of your blood sugar level all the time.
  • Encourages the health of the heart. Yes, there are lonely alcohol drinks that may be good for your heart and they include wine, dark beer and of course - whiskey. This claim becomes possible because of the high levels of antioxidants you may find in whiskey which would later in turn reduce the occurence of heart attack.
  • Combats cancer. Do not get this wrong though because excessive alcohol consumption may bring greater risks of cancer. However, when you drink moderately, you may be helping yourself to stop the cells from getting close to carcinogens and other toxins that are responsible for mutation. Thus, they may also protect your body from the ill side effects of chemotherapy.
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