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Oral-B CrossAction Brush Heads 8 Pack

Oral-B CrossAction Brush Heads 8 Pack

CleanMaximiser technology Up to 100% more plaque removal and healthier gums vs. a regular manual toothbrush Oral-B's best for whole mouth cleaning (excluding Oral-B iO) Perfectly...Read moreOnbuy deals
21st Nov
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  • I truly believe that Oral B has great and good quality products for teeth. I remember I went to dentist many years ago and she recommended me to use Oral B for my teeth. Since then every time I buy Oral B products I think I make the best choice. I use their mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste. I do not always use only Oral B, I use others as well for diversity, but oral B for me is number 1 for teeth products and their products have affordable prices with good deals from online discount codes. themystery3
  • I was recommended Oral B by my dentist, I found it to be pretty good but not fantastic. I went back to my regular brand as I didn't think it left my mouth feeling as fresh for as long as the brand I normally use. I would stock up if it was on a particularly good offer or when there's a good voucher code online but definitely wouldn't buy it full price. The Oral B stages tube packaging appeals to my nieces & nephews as they can have their favourite characters on the front such as the Disney Princesses and Star Wars & anything that encourages them to have good oral hygiene is fantastic. SandyRhodes
  • Oral B is fantastic, I have their electric toothbrush which I asked for Christmas! It came with an Oral B toothpaste. I have found using the electric toothbrush very good, the charge life is fair and it does what its suppose to. the toothpaste is fine, I wouldn't rave about it as it doesn't have a strong nice flavour compared to others on the market but it is fine to use. The prices on their products are fair and they do some good offers at times from online voucher codes on sites like Latest Deals which is handy. I have used their mouthwash as well but again it was nothing to write home about, just average. I love the fact that their packaging is always made to stand out and appeals to both adult and children as they do special ones for them which I think is fantastic. Overall they have some brilliant products and some that are just average, so it all depends on personal tastes. zararoberts86
  • I have an Oral-B Electric toothbrush and think it's fantastic! Been using it since Christmas time and really noticed the difference. I bought it for a great price too. Also bought the heads for a great price too. (It'll do for a year). My partner was so impressed he asked me to buy him one too. We both use the toothpaste and leaves your teeth, like you've been to the dentist. I'll never use a manual toothbrush ever again! If you want some money off on Oral B products make sure to search for discount codes at Latest Deals. Thanks Tom for doing my idea 👍ScotsChick
  • I have an Oral B electric toothbrush and it is brilliant. Every time I go to the dentist they say my teeth are great and I think this is all down to the toothbrush. It was expensive but you can change the heads so you only need one for the family and you can always find deals from online discount codes. It charges in about 5 hours but you can use it on less charge. Oral B are a well trusted company they also do good quality toothpaste. Freebiesarefun
  • Hands down the best for a decent priced quality electric toothbrush. Their prices on electric toothbrushes are of such a wide range that everyone can afford one. Meaning we should all have electric toothbrushes thanks to Oral B. Plus the warranty means you can rely on it. Also, this is the only toothpaste I buy because it helps with my gums and is dentist recommended. Oral b is a brand I would describe as a trusted brand. Their customer service wasn’t amazing but it was okay, suppose it just depends who you get on the other end of the phone really as the second time I rang back my issue was resolved. Plus you can also get savings from voucher codes available on sites like Latest Deals. AniMoh
  • I’ve had my Oral B electric toothbrush for 3 years now and love using the toothpaste too. It cleans my teeth good never had a problem, the toothpaste you can get at a reasonable price if you look toothbrush have come down in price there’s so many on the market as well bargain deals from online voucher codes. The removable heads are good too get a pack of 4 for a good price too. DawnBailey

Your oral health is important not only for your mouth, but also for your overall health. However, it is alarming that there are individuals who do not realise this sooner, until they are already suffering from bad breath, gingivitis and tooth cavities. The truth is - it does not have to reach this point. You can always practice a good oral care routine to free your mouth from tooth decay, mouth infections, gum disease, oral cancer and other kinds of diseases.

The maintenance of your oral health should not be complicated. As a matter of fact, it starts with the very basic – your toothbrush. Your toothbrush is that one cleaning tool you use every day. There are just instances that you are so used to it; you almost don’t notice its impact in your life. It should not be neglected your choice of brand may affect you. This is why it is never too late to stick to the most trusted brands – one of which is Oral-B.

Oral-B is popular for its oral hygienic products such as toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes, dental floss and electric toothbrushes. It has been a part of the industry since the invention of the so-called Hutson toothbrush way back in 1950. Its years in the business makes it a reputable toothbrush brand.

Where can I get cheap Oral-B deals UK?

Are you looking for budget-friendly Oral-B products including cheapest Oral B toothbrush heads, toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes, dental floss and electronic toothbrushes? You have come to the right place because Latest Deals got you covered! We have the latest Oral B discount codes, voucher codes, price drops, sales and special offers from your favourite UK retailers.

With a team of money-saving experts and a community of bargain hunters who are always on the lookout for Oral B toothbrush deals, our members will surely enjoy a big amount on discounts from ASDA, Wilko, Amazon, Argos, Superdrug, Boots and more.

Retailers that Offer the Best Deals on Oral-B Products

Oral B toothbrush deals, ASDA

Here is a list of retailers that offer the best Oral B toothbrush deals online:

Amazon. Save up to 50% off on their wide selection of Oral-B electric toothbrushes including models like Oral B pro 2000 and Oral-B Pro 600 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable. Amazon Prime members also gets exclusive discounts and free UK delivery.

Asda. Lookout for George Asda’s Rollback sale on Oral B products where you can save as much as 60% off on Oral-B toothbrusch, electric toothbrush heads and toothpaste.

Cheap Oral-B electric toothbrush, Argos

Argos. Feel what it's like to transform your oral health for less with an Oral-B toothbrush and Oral-B toothbrush heads on sale in Argos. Check out their whole range of Oral-B electric toothbrushes where you can save as much as £60 on select models.

Home Bargains. You can always get top brands at bottom prices here. Buy discount deals on cheap Oral-B toothbrushes, toothpastes and dental floss online at Home Bargains and save as much as £40 on select products with home delivery of collect from store options.

Superdrug. Shop Oral B electric toothbrushes, refills, toothpaste, trizone 5000, as well as other Oral B oral care products and enjoy saving of up to 50% off on select models and items.

Is this the toothbrush of the future?

Choosing the Right Toothbrush

According to many dental professionals, you should change your toothbrush at least every three months. This is a must because the bristles lose their effectiveness when they are already frayed or worn out. As an effect, you may get diseases if you will not use a new one. Indeed, to change your toothbrush is inevitable. This is one of the reasons why you must know how to choose the right brush for you.

When it is time to replace your toothbrush, you should look for the following:

  • Comfort – When you select your toothbrush, comfort is necessary. This starts from handling. Basically, the head must fit between your teeth and cheek. It should also be capable of reaching the back of your molar. People have varying teeth sizes. So, no one can tell you that a toothbrush provides utmost comfort other than yourself. When you are still not sure, the safest choice is the smaller size. It rarely disappoints.
  • Bristle – This is a crucial consideration when picking the best toothbrush for you. You can go with soft to medium bristles. This may only change though if your dentist has a different recommendation for you. A hard-bristled toothbrush is not advisable because it may damage the enamel of your teeth. It may also destroy your gums.
  • Type – Going for a battery-operated or a manual type of toothbrush is just about a matter of preference. Regardless, please understand that there is no much difference between the two just yet, as far as cleaning power is concerned. They may only be distinct in price. Of course, the battery-operated kind is more expensive. It is really up to you at the end.

Steps to an Optimum Oral Health

At the end of the day, your oral health goes beyond brushing. While it is the start and the prevention, you just cannot simply rely on it.

To promote long-term oral health and prevent diseases, here are the simple steps you can practice:

Keep your mouth clean

Many experts in oral health recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice a day as the minimum. If possible, clean it every after meal. It is not rocket Science that regular brushing wards off dental problems such as gum-related diseases, tooth decay and so on. Not only this, oral bacteria may also affect your kidneys, heart, and other important parts of your body if you will not be careful. With this said, do not forget to use toothpaste with fluoride. Regular flossing may also contribute. There are studies that show how flossing prevents strokes and heart attacks too. Do not disregard this.

Follow a healthy diet

Following a healthy diet may have a role in your oral health. People who have improper food habits are most likely to get gum diseases that can also be the reason for severe health disorders and even tooth loss. Since that is the case, it would always be vital to reduce the intake of acidic foods and sugar because they bring dental problems. Just a tip – if by any chance you cannot brush your teeth after meal because of certain circumstances, you can chew a sugarless gum to loosen up the pieces of food from your teeth for the meantime. This should do temporarily until you can clean your mouth properly.

Visit your dentist regularly

If you suddenly grew cavities, you will have no other choice but to visit your dental hygienist or dentist for consultation. However, when you see yours regularly, the dentist will ensure that you are at your maximum oral health. This is also a way to prevent other dental problems such as tartar formation. Oral cancer exists and with the knowledge of it, it can be avoided. This should be included in your health priorities. If possible, you can also obtain an insurance for dentist visitations so that you can practice the routine on a regular basis.

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