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Stitched Canvas Belt

Stitched Canvas Belt

A relaxed cotton canvas belt with contrast stitching and buckle fastening. Width approx. 4 cm. Sizes = length in cm. MaterialImitation Leather Cotton (Canvas), Metal Available...Read moreBonprix deals
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26th Dec 2020
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Amazing savings on affordable quality belts for men and women from top brands in the UK!

The Evolution of Belts

Belts are considered part of male clothing since the early ages. Belts are also decorative and utilitarian part of the uniform of the military. They are worn around the waist to support or hold weapons such as sabers and guns. They also provide support so that their pants will not fall off.

This accessory can be constructed from various materials such as leather or nylon. These items come in various price ranges depending on the material used to make it. Aside from aesthetic, belts are very functional since it is used to hold a person’s jeans or shorts in place. Basically, that is the main purpose of wearing them. Purchase a belt that will suit your needs and style.

How To Save On Your Next Belt Purchases

Cheap designer belts clearance sale, House of Fraser

When it comes to purchasing belts, you can get them at very affordable prices from your favourite UK retailers such as Debenhams, Decathlon, New Look, Sports Direct, Boots, Studio, House of Fraser, River Island, and Halfords just to name a few.

Here at Latest Deals, you will find the latest belt discounts, price drops, bargain deals, voucher codes which you can use in your purchases. Our massive community of bargain hunters are always looking out for the best possible savings on belts for men and women. While our team of money-saving experts are always sharing tips and tricks on how you can save on your online shopping.

Most retailers often have womens and mens leather belts sale and bargain deals on cheap designer belts that you can take advantage of. There are times when you can even save as much as 60% off on popular and high-end brands such as Levi’s, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Ted Baker, Under Armour, and Hugo Boss. You can further your savings and even take advantage of free delivery by using discount and voucher codes you can find here.

Keep in mind though that the special offers we have here are for a limited time only, so once you spot a fantastic deal, grab the opportunity right away before it expires;. Do not forget to bookmark this page as well so that you will not miss out on any great deals from your favourite online shops.

For those who are fond of shopping online, make sure to double check the items that you are going to buy. Check the size of the belt before you finalise your orders to avoid any problems in case you receive the actual items.

How to pick the best belt for your outfit

Different Kinds of Belts

Belts come in many forms and functions. Here are some of those:

  • Duty Belt – These kinds of belts can be inserted with pockets or holders for tools. These belts are used by police officers, repair personnel, and soldiers. These belts are generally stiffer and wider to carry heavy items such as hammers and pistols.
  • Obi – This is part of a Japanese kimono. It is usually used to secure clothing or armour. It is usually an array of several belts that are worn around the different parts of the body.
  • Studded belt – This belt is typically made from leather. Metal studs are also incorporated into the belt to give it a Goth or metal stylish look. These belts are commonly worn by teenage girls. This kind of fashionable belt can be used for any kind of season and it does not go out of style.
  • Breast Belt – These are worn by women to hold their breast up to make it appear larger. It is worn underneath the clothing and above the stomach of a woman. It is also placed right beneath the wearers’ breast.
  • Leg Belt – This is a fashionable type of accessory that is worn on the leg. It can also be worn over your shoulder or chest.
Features to Look for when Buying Belts
Cheap womens belt, Boohoo

☑️ Spring-Steel Core – When choosing belts, you can opt to buy one that has a spring-steel core. This provides maximum hold and grip. This will ensure that your pants will not fall off when you are doing various activities such as jumping or running.

☑️ Genuine Leather – If you are going to buy a belt, get one that is made from genuine leather so that you can be sure that they are durable and can last for a very long time. Quality leather belts are somewhat more expensive but they are surely worth it.

☑️ Heavy Duty Thread – Bets should be sewn using heavy duty threads to make it sturdy. Belts that are made using low-quality threads can break easily even if it is made from high-quality leather. The thread is necessary to hold the parts of the belt together.

☑️ Corrosion Resistant Hardware – Belts are locked using buckles and there are many types but the most important thing is that the buckles should be made from materials that will not rust. Having rust proof buckles will ensure that the belt will be locked smoothly.

☑️ Double Stitch Finishing – Most belts only have one stitch on their edges. If you happen to come across a belt that has two stitches, rest assured that it is of high-quality standards. Double stitching will put a more secure hold to the layers of material that your belt has.

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