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All the trendiest and classic clutch bags on sale in the UK!

It’s More Than a Trend

They were first seen on red carpets in Hollywood way back in the ‘20s and ‘30s. Now, they had find their way to existing and upcoming brands. Afterall, not all days are for totes, backpacks, crossbodies and handbags. There are occasions when they are not appropriate. On dinners and night outs, for instance - who would want to carry a big bag on these events anyway? During times like this, clutch is more fitting.

Clutches are dubbed to be a controversial kind of accessory. We may attribute it for its chicness, practicality and simplicity. Hence, explains why there is a myriad of handleless bags being offered around. It doesn't even matter what your personal style is. There are usual selections to casual and lower-key options.

While it is true that clutch bag is probably not for all, this lite pack is a must in every women’s closet for sure. If you have a collection of accessories, you should not miss it out. With it, you will be obliged to carry the important things with you like your make up. At least, your body will not be burdened to carry around heavy stuff that you probably do not need. A minimalist approach, it is.

If you already have a collection of clutches, or if you are starting to build interest in it, you will definitely enjoy your shopping because there are so many available selections waiting around.

How Can I Get Cheap Clutches in the UK?

Clutch bags on sale at Debenhams

If you’re looking for quality new clutch bags that will not bend your wallet, you’ve come to the right place. Latest Deals has all the latest cheap clutch bags and cheap handbags UK sale information. From oversized clutch bags and navy blue clutch bag to clutch bags for weddings, you are sure to find one that will go along with your day to night ensemble and budget.

Our community of bargain hunters are always on the lookout to find the best possible bargain deals, discounts, price drops, and voucher codes on cheap clutch bags. We also have a team of money-saving experts who are always sharing essential tips and tricks on you can save on your shopping both online and instore.

Most UK retailers have clearance sale events where you can get heavily discounted new clutch bag. You can take advantage of as much as 70% off on top brands. However, you can still maximise your savings by using the latest clutch voucher codes here at Latest Deals. Not only will you get additional money off on your purchases, but there are times when you can even get free gifts and free shipping.

River Island clutch bags

With that in mind, here are some of the best UK retailers where you can find the best deals on the trendiest clutches in the UK:

👝 Accessorize

👝 Amazon

👝 Debenhams,

👝 eBay

👝 House of Fraser

👝 Dorothy Perkins

👝 Selfridges

👝 River Island

👝 Matalan

👝 Topshop

👝 H&M

👝 Next

Different Types of Clutch Bags

Cheap clutch bags, Next UK

Clutches have always been the most functional and purposeful accessory that must be a part of every woman’s closet. They have the ability to hold everyday items which can shield your valuables from damage, theft and weather. For most of the time, they complete the look you definitely want to channel.

When you shop for clutches now, you are going to be faced with many available selections around. These come with their own price points which is usually based in every fabrication. In that case, here is a guide to the different kinds of clutch bags you must be acquainted with:

  • Leather Satchel. This kind is appropriate for workhorses. Not too big, nor too small neither, you can expect for this to hold everything you can think of. Just choose a particular kind which is in neutral colour leather including a black or medium to dark clutch. Furthermore, most of these are found on H&M and Kate Spade.
  • Day Clutch. If you are one who prefers a bigger bag for your work but still loves the idea of carrying a clutch around, this is the pick for you. This is a neat and tailored daytime clutch which is the best for keeping more than just your lipstick. Go for a kind that has multiple pockets and dimension so that your essentials may be with you whenever you need and want them.
  • Evening Clutch. For most of the time, women would only secure a fancy evening bag prior to the special occasion, which can be really stressful. Imagine avoiding this kind of scenario. Own a simple black satin or a metallic clutch in silver or gold without the pressure at all. This is the type of bag that is said to be seasonless. At least, you can pull it whenever necessary.
  • Iconic Bag. While the need for a designer bag is still debatable - it would not hurt to invest in a luxurious clutch from time to time, if you can. When you do so, you have to be certain that what you will choose will last for the coming years. There are classic iconic clutches that you can buy from Hermes and Chanel.

Jess, the Guardian's fashion editor, guides you through the latest trends. This week: day clutch bags

The Perks of Carrying a Clutch Bag

Some people may believe that the use of clutch purse is impractical. However, this usually starts from the people who immediately dismiss the importance of classic styling as well. While it is true that there may be slight downsides on the carrying of clutch, its benefits are more than enough to compensate those little flaws. Why should you start collecting clutches too?

  • Unique. There are contemporary women out there who prefer a convenient style versus the unusual items. However, this has been a huge mistake most especially in the improvement of a person’s individuality. Clutches can add a splash of fun in your everyday fashion. This is the truth. So, diversify the way you accesorise yourself. Afterall, it is never too late.
  • Minimalistic. Clutches are ideal for those who despise carrying around a big baggage with them. After all, doing so is like reducing your clutter too. When you go out with a clutch, you are forced to only pick the important items that you will bring along with you because of the limited space given. This is a good practice.
  • Contemporary. With the boxy feel and clean edges of clutches, you get to achieve a modern feel that is not easily attained in other purses. Moreover, clutches are the best addition to any outfit that you have, most especially if it is edgy. Include an extra oomph to your wardrobe so that you represent a modern woman even more.
  • Low maintenance. One of the advantages of clutches is that you can just grab them without trying so hard. Furthermore, you will be spared from carrying them around on your shoulder that can only hinder your enjoyment on special events. Walk and dance smoothly with them.
  • Can revamp your style. There will always come a point in the lives of ladies when they would need a new touch to their clothing. With it, you can prevent buying new clothes all the time. Even so, you can still touch up a new style with your purse. It will absolutely give you the change you are craving for in your style.
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