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Dorco Razer 98p
85% off

Dorco Razer 98p

Claim the voucher to redeem the £6 off and get it for 98p The Razor That Curves with Your Curves Are you searching for a razor that bends when and where you want it to so you can...Read moreAmazon deals
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13th Jan 2019
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DORCO Halloween Club

DORCO Halloween Club

Join the Dorco Halloween Club and get Up to 90% Discounts (This Month Only) Simply type "Halloween" in the comments section. You will receive the following offers: 1. Dorco...Read moreFacebook deals
12th Oct 2018
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Dorco: Get Closer
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Both men and women sometimes shave their chest hair, abdominal hair, leg hair, underarm hair, pubic hair, or any other body hair. Hair in a certain part of the body takes on a completely different meaning especially in women, shaving is the solution in getting rid of that unwanted hair in the skin. For men, they shave for them to look neater than with a beard. Shaving is part of a good hygiene.

Dorco is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and low-cost disposable razors, shavers, shaving systems, and shaving accessories for both men and women. They have been advancing their products for more than 60 years to develop razors that brings great comfort and control for the smoothest results.

Step into the next level of smooth with these razors by Dorco. Their razors have pivoting heads that follow the curves of your body and contours of your face. They offer effortless shaving for both men and women, that gives you that smooth after shave feels with their best blades ever. Their great blades last longer than other shaving products. They've been crafting a growing range of strong, sharp and long-lasting blades.

Dorco Products

  • Dorco Classic. Most technologically advanced razor, bringing you a close shave in timeless style.
  • Pace 6 Plus - An exceptional precision, remarkable performance, for a truly outstanding shave.
  • Pace 4 - All around performer - easy to use for whatever shaving style you want.
  • Pace 3 Plus - Perfect for daily shaving, close, clean and smooth every time.
  • Dorco EVE 6 - Dorco’s first razor for women, it follows your curves, while moisturising and soothing your skin.
  • Dorco Shave Gel - For a razor to glide effortlessly over your skin, ensuring a close and comfortable shave.
Shaving Is Art - Dorco RazorTips for a Better Shave
  • Invest in a multi blade razor - A sharp multi blade razor is the key. More blades on your razor means fewer passes to remove hair, saves you from repeatedly scraping your skin and to avoid irritation. Also choose a razor with pivoting head and its flexible, rather than fixed, so it glides easily across your body’s curves and corners.
  • Ditch blades as soon as they get dull - Razor blades are disposable. The high cost of replacing your blades makes you want to keep them for as long as possible, you should replace blades as soon as they start to get dull or worse rusty. But this depends on how thick and coarse your hair is, but Dermatologist recommends changing your razor blade after five to seven uses.
  • Use shaving gel - No razor should ever be without its sidekick: shave gel or cream. Experts say you should never shave dry, it will cause razor burn and nick to your skin.
  • Shave lightly and trim first - Trim the hair a little beforehand for better visibility. Don’t press too hard, this can irritate or even cut your skin. You’re more likely to get razor burn or an ingrown hair. Its easier to shave frequently, when you’ve got shorter hair. Expert says there's no issue shaving multiple times a week or even daily, as long as the skin isn't irritated.
  • Wait 'til the end of your shower - The best time to shave is toward the end of the shower when your skin is most hydrated, hair is softest then, and it will respond best to the razor.
How to Get Cheap Dorco Deals Online
Dorco Pace 6 offers, Amazon UK

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