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About Toners
Toners sale and discount codes on top brands!

Toners play a vital role in cosmetics and skincare. They are usually lotion or wash used to cleanse the skin, most especially on the facial area. Moreover, they are said to be the answer for minimising pores.

There are several ways on how to use toners. You can damp your cotton with it, spray it on your face, or apply a tonic gauze facial mask. When shopping for a toner, you have to look at the type of skin you have on your face in order to get the one that will work best for you

There are different types of toners that you have to be familiar with. Among them are the skin bracers or fresheners, astringents, and skin tonics. Of all these, fresheners are the mildest. They only contain water and humectant including glycerin. Although it may contain a little bit of alcohol.

If you want a toner that’s quite stronger, opt for the skin tonic which contains 20% alcohol. A good example of this is the orange flower water. This is the best for combination, norma,l and oily skin.

Lastly, the astringents which are the most common and the strongest among face toner types Thus, they have a high percentage of alcohol that ranges around 20-60%t. Apart from this, it also features antiseptic ingredients such as humectant and water. Just be cautious when using it because if not used properly, it can irritate your skin.

When Should I Use a Toner?

Maybe you feel like a toner is not necessary. However, there are instances when you must have them. You must have a toner if you have a:

  • Troubled skin
  • Dehydrated or dry skin
  • Sensitive skin

Everything you need to know about facial toners

Things to Remember when Buying Facial Toners

Many people have a toner in their cabinet because it is said to be an integral part of a beauty regimen. However, it is still a good point to ask - what is a toner for? Is it a necessary step in a routine? Well, it is about time we clear the air.

A toner is a solution to large pores that have to be shrunk. It cleanses the skin so that all the debris from makeup are taken care of. Usually, it works best after a moisturiser or serum.

Traditionally, toners are bound to restore the pH balance of the skin. It is done in the old style way because soap alone does not work. It only disrupts the skin. When this happens, the skin may become even more vulnerable to microorganisms and bacteria.

Regardless, it has to be remembered that face toners are supposed to be for all types of skin. Hence, every toner can differ. They can be the key to issues which depend upon the ingredients. This is what you have to look at in buying.

Ingredients. Before anything else, look at the ingredients of your toner. Remember, your toner will touch your skin first. It is like the base of everything. Might as well be careful. This is a way to ensure that you routine becomes even more effective.

You may never know about the alcohol you use on your face. It can bring dehydration that woul only cause aging. This is the least that you would want from your toner. Hence, go for one that hydrates. This is the chance for you to make the most of the nutrients available.

The Right Toning Solution

  • Normal to Oily Skin. If you have a normal to dry skin, you can try the rosemary hydrosol. This comes with added ingredients such as aloe vera. This is responsible for hydration. Aside from this, it can also control the production of excess oil sans drying. Most of the natural antioxidants including rosmarinic acid and carnosic are shield from stressors from environment.
  • Normal to Dry Skin. If you have a normal to dry skin, you can utilise the Neroli Toning Mist. This is a floral and soothing toner that goes with amazing ingredients. Basically, the cleansing properties of this can help in minimising your pores, if you have a problem with them. On top of this, this is also ideal for sensitive skin.
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