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Cheap AA Batteries

AA Battery Deals, Discounts and Voucher Codes

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Energizer Max AA X12

Energizer Max AA X12

12-pack of Energizer Max AA batteries Alkaline Longest Lasting: Up to 50% longer lasting than an Energizer basic alkaline battery in digital cameras Trusted Power: Double A...Read moreSainsbury's deals
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GP Ultra Alkaline Battery AA

GP Ultra Alkaline Battery AA

GP Ultra Alkaline Battery AA Just bought these for my outdoor Christmas lights. 24-pack to ensure you’ve always got spare AA batteries on hand Last up to 10 times longer...Read moreToolstation deals
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AA Winter Car Kit AA3386

AA Winter Car Kit AA3386

AA Winter Car Kit AA3386 - Folding Snow Shovel LED/COB Torch, Foil Blanket, Hi-Vis Vest - Zipped Storage Bag – Suitable for Any Vehicle or Home WINTER EMERGENCY? This winter kit...Read moreAmazon deals
1st Dec
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GP Extra Alkaline Batteries AA Long Life

GP Extra Alkaline Batteries AA Long Life

AA Batteries 1.5 Volt Pack of 40. These Extra Alkaline battery is sold all over the world. One of the Top ranges of GP Batteries. These Extra Alkaline pack of GP Batteries come in...Read moreAmazon deals
1st Dec
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Duracell plus AA 12 Pack Clubcard Deal

Duracell plus AA 12 Pack Clubcard Deal

New and improved Duracell Plus AA batteries are alkaline batteries ideal for reliably powering your electronic devices. - Up to 100% Extra Life* - Ideal for powering everyday and...Read moreTesco deals
19th Nov
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Power your gadgets and everything in between with cheap AA battery deals, sale & voucher codes from top battery brands in the world!

AA batteries are first introduced in 1907 and they have been great life changers. They are the reason behind the power of various battery-operated everyday items such as remote, flashlight, toy, clock, and camera. AA batteries are commonly used in electronic devices, and may be either rechargeable or disposable.

Cheap AA Batteries

Whether it’s a set of rechargeable AA batteries you are looking for or single use packs, you are sure to find awesome bargain deals from Latest Deals. Our group of savvy bargain hunters is always on the lookout for special offers to post and share.

Take advantage of the voucher codes, discounts codes, and coupon codes our community of money-saving experts has found, verified, and shared online. Never miss out a deal on AA batteries ever again and be updated with the upcoming seasonal sales and Clearance sales where UK retailers like Argos, Amazon, Ebay, and B&M offer extraordinary savings on AA batteries and more.

Best Value AA Batteries (And Best Prices)

Duracell AA batteries price comparison, Tesco

☑️ Energizer. Energizer is a manufacturer of batteries originating in America. It is the sole producer of batteries from both brands Energizer and Eveready. Power up your devices with their #1 longest-lasting MAX AA battery, plus leaking protection.

☑️ Duracell. Smart power systems and batteries are two of the specialties of Duracell Inc. This American company started way back 1920. Included on their product line is their long lasting AA batteries. Their Duracell Ultra Power alkaline AA batteries are empowered with high-density core that works best with high draining devices.

☑️ Eveready. Eveready has been in business since the early 1900’s. They continue to define reliability and trust as they proudly holds the title of the developer of the flashlight. Eveready has AA size batteries that are widely used by families across the globe.

☑️ Panasonic. Panasonic was established in the early 1930’s, and since then, they have sold over 200 billion batteries in 120 countries. They provide AA batteries to the market and other battery types as well. In every battery that they produce, they guarantee that they are constantly in line with EU quality and environmental standards. Panasonic has a team dedicated to produce over a billion batteries from scratch (from the creation of battery cans all the way to packing) annually.

Important AA Battery Do’s and Don’ts

AA top brand deals at B&M
  • Always see to it that you have thoroughly read the instructions of the device before you install the batteries. Make sure that the type and size of the battery is written in the instructions.
  • Keep the surfaces of the battery clean with the help of cloth or a clean pencil eraser.
  • Remove old batteries from the device all at the same time and replace them with unused ones of the same type and size.
  • Keep your batteries in a cool, dry place. It is important not to store them in an area that has high temperature.
  • If you are no longer going to use the battery-operated device in long period of time, see to it that you properly switch off the device and remove the batteries.
  • Make sure that you properly insert the batteries. Follow correct positioning and pay attention to the positive and negative ends.
  • Dispose exhausted batteries properly. Never dispose them in a fire as it may cause rupture.
  • Do not place batteries with metal objects in a purse of pocket as it can potentially cause short circuit.
  • Never recharge a non-rechargeable battery. Always see to it that a battery is specifically marked as rechargeable.
  • Do not place batteries in an area easily reached by children.

Where to Find Deals on AA Batteries Online

Argos AA battery sale

👍 B&M. Find cheap batteries from brand names such as Duracell and Panasonic at B&M’s battery range. Take advantage of batteries from popular brand names at incredibly low prices. At a limited time, you can purchase Panasonic AA 10 Pack Battery for just £1 instead of it’s recommended price of £1.99 – that’s almost half the price! B&M has great deals like 2 for £6 Duracell Plus Power AA Batteries and 2 for £8 on Duracell AA Alkaline Batteries 12 Pack that you won’t want to miss out.

👍 Argos. Get affordable AA battery deals such as Duracell Plus Power Alkaline AA Batteries Pack of 4 or Energizer Eco Advanced AA Batteries Pack of 4 at just £3.99 or 2 for £5. Do not forget to check out their other surprisingly low deals at Argos Clearance. Have your best AA batteries order delivered the same day with just an additional charge of £3.95..

👍 Ebay. Check out Ebay’s huge collection of batteries and accessories. Find battery containers from £0.99, single use cheap AA batteries from top top brands such as Bosch, Sanyo, Fujicell, Macell, GE, Sony, and Power-sonic at Ebay, rechargeable batteries from Grey Pneumatic, Panasonic, and more.

👍 Amazon. This Everything Store has a wide range of batteries including AA batteries. Take advantage of their daily price reductions. Choose from top brands such as Powercell, Camellion, 7dayshop, Texcus, Amazons very own Amazon Basics, and more. Get lucky and find Duracell Plus 24 pack Alkaline AA batteries at just £10.45 instead of £12.99 or AA batteries pack of 40 from GP Batteries at just £9.85 instead of £13.99. Discover more irresistible deals like such and get massive savings on your AA battery purchase. Take advantage of other exclusive benefits and FREE shipping if you become a member of Amazon Prime.

Top 6 AA batteries

Best Budget Battery Chargers in the UK

Aside from making sure you have enough rechargeable AA batteries, it is essential to have a reliable battery charger. Here are some of the best buys we have came across online.

  • Union Linktech Smart Fast Battery Charger. This battery charger features an LCD display and sixteen slots for AAA, Ni-MH, Ni-CD, and AA rechargeable batteries. This allows you to charge multiple batteries at the same time thus saving time. So if you are a frequent battery user, it’s best to get yourself Union Linktech Smart Fast Battery Charger instead of owning multiple battery chargers.
  • Amazon Basics Ni-MH AA & AAA Battery Charger. This battery charge allows you to charge 2 AA batteries or 4 AAA Ni-MH batteries at the same time. This battery charger has features that do not allow overcharging. This power charger can cater to AA battery needs worldwide thanks to its built in switching power tech.
  • Energizer Recharge Pro Charger for Ni-MH AAA & AA Batteries. This battery charger features charge status indicator system that alerts you both audibly and visually on the charge levels of your batteries. This allows a full charge in 4 hours, and has an impressive overcharge protection that prevents damage.
  • EBL 8 Bays AA AAA Battery Charger. This battery charger can recharge the typical number of batteries at the time, which is 2 for AA batteries. It’s designed to auto shut down every time it recognizes incorrect input voltage, defective batteries, or short circuit.
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