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It’s important to stay warm on chilly nights as you snuggle up on your bed or couch alone or with a loved one. Blankets have served humankind well for the past couple of years. As technology progress, so did the blanket industry. Innovative ideas that can improve to bring about a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience start to kick in. Now, that we have electric blankets, our imagination became our limit.

Here at Latest Deals, you’ll find essential money-saving tips and tricks to get affordable quality blankets from various UK retailers such as Argos, Amazon, Currys & Wayfair. Our community of bargain hunters and team of money saving experts regularly verify and share voucher codes, discount codes and other special offers for your blanket purchases. Browse through our website and be amazed with the bargains and hot deals our community has compiled – all for the hopes of helping you save money.

Types of Blankets

There are various types of blankets that can be used for different seasons. There are the thicker ones for cold nights and thinner ones for warmer temperatures. Let’s tackle some of the widely known blanket types and what they specialize in individually.

  • Acrylic. This can mimic the feel wool and cashmere can bring. Acrylic can warm you up to just the right temperature. This lightweight and hypoallergenic material does not allow its colors to easily fade even after multiple washes.
  • Cotton. Once you get across the word ‘cotton’, a few things almost automatically come in to mind. Examples of which are soft, gentle, and mild. Cotton blankets are best for newborns and for those who have sensitive skin.
  • Electric. If a normal blanket cannot give you the right amount of heat you’re looking for, this can be the perfect blanket find for you. Electric blankets has its own built in heating element that can be adjusted as you wish.
  • Fleece. So what if you are allergic to wool? Fleece can be a good alternative to it. With the same softness and sense of warmth, you can get the best out of the blanket without worrying about allergies.
  • Polyester. A long lasting and affordable blanket that can keep up with years of usage, washing & drying. You are sure that you have durable and affordable blankets if you decide on settling with polyester.
  • Wool. Get the best warming experience with wool blankets. These are designed to be fire resistant and breathable.

Where Can I Find Cheap Blankets Online?

It can surely help us save a few pounds if we know where to get amazingly cheap blankets online. Good thing we have compiled a few trusted UK retailers where you can definitely get massive savings on blankets.

  • Amazon. Find blankets and throws of all kind at discounted prices at Amazon. You can also browse their featured list of throw blankets you can get under £15.
  • Argos. Browse Argos’ wide range of duvet cover sets, pillows, large throws, and blankets of all sort –including electric blankets. Check out electric blanket Argos from big brands such as DreamLand, Silent Night, Warmlite and more. Get to save more than half the price of selected blankets.
  • Currys. Get to choose the perfect electric blanket from Curry electric blanket selection starting at £19.99. Currys even offer flexible credit for orders over £99 in case you decide to set yourself loose on a blanket haul with them.
  • Ebay. Have the option to shop by material and size on their website. If you’re looking into getting a blanket for any bed size –may it be for a king size bed, single bed or any other bed sizes in between, this is the place to be. Shop fleece throw sofa blanket for as low as £6.99.
  • Wayfair. Be amazed with the amazing offers of Wayfair on cheap throws and blankets featured on their website’s Sale Department. You’ll get to see select items slashed down to up to half its price. This is the place to be if you are looking into not spending much on bedspreads, blankets & throws.

Electric blanket buying guide from Dreamland

Best Budget Blankets Below £10

Without a doubt, you can find offers on blankets online over £10. But, do you know that there are a couple of good deals below that budget line? Without compromising quality, here are some of the best deals we have found on blanket that cost us less than £10.

  • Dreamscene Throw Blanket, Bedspread, Amazon. Get that additional touch of softness and calmness to your room with this extremely soft fleece throw. This can surely help you snuggle up warmly and even add a decorative appeal to your bed, couch or sofabed. This is made of 100% polyester, making it easy to wash. Available in different colors: Chocolate Brown, Fuschia Pink.
  • ColourMatch Supersoft Throw, Argos. Turn up your sofa bed, couch or bed with a splash of texture. This ultra soft throw from ColourMatch can warm you up and keep you cozy on those chilly nights.
  • Soft Microfleece Blanket, Wayfair. Wayfair Basics offers affordable soft fleece blanket in 3 colors and 2 sizes –you get to decide! This is perfect for snuggling and for your pockets.
  • Luxury Warm Soft Large Polar Fleece Throw Blanket Sofa Bed Travel Throwover, Ebay. The perfect travel companion. This super soft throw at an amazing price can keep you warm on cold nights. This also works well for keeping you cozy on picnics, camping, cars, etc. And one more important thing –this blanket can double up as a leg warmer.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Blankets

Looking for the best blanket means more than just finding a soft piece of cloth that can keep you warm. There is a huge selection on blankets that you might want to consider. Knowing some of the facts might lead you to finding the blanket that perfectly fits your criteria.

  1. Check the bedding sizes. Knowing the accurate size of your bed is essential in finding the right blanket for you. Believe me; you won’t want a too small of a blanket or a blanket that’s too big for your bed.
  2. There are different type of blankets that provides different amount of warmth. It is important to use the type of blanket that appropriately goes with the season. For the cold and chilly nights, you can opt to go with the thick ones, such as wool, fleece, and knit blankets. As for the warmer months, choose lightweight cotton or polyester blankets.
  3. Not all blankets are easy to clean. Read the blanket tags to know the ideal ways of keeping it hygienic. Keep in mind: not all blankets can be simply tossed in to a washing machine.
  4. If you keep on having those irritating allergy attacks, it is practical to choose a blanket that can withstand hot water. Washing a blanket with hot water is one of the fastest and most effective approach to get rid of allergens.
  5. For a warmer bed, you might want to take a look at electric blanket offers. These are effective and safe blankets that often feature an auto-shut off mechanism. Conveniently, you can toss the current models of electric blankets into your washing machine for easy cleaning.
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